Friday, November 04, 2005

can't think of one

carmen: "i don't approve of your newest blog. :) i don't care about how cute your neices are...I want updates and details on your life, and funny know how you roll!"

allison: you people are SO demanding :).

funny link.. .hmmm... let's see....

ok.. found one: 50 most embarassing ways to die. hahahahhahah
i like number 2 myself.

by the way is the best source for funny websites..

so my coworker entered this contest on IMDB that i told him to enter because he has mad photoshop skillz. and the motherfucker won. he won a tv. a big, flat screen tv. i entered too, but i don't have mad photoshop skillz, nor do i have photoshop. therefore, i didn't win. bastard. i deserved at least a part of that t.v. for real.
no but seriously.. i think it's cool. i've never known anybody who won anything like this before. especially someone who won off of advice that I gave them.

i can't wait til Dec. 6th! i'm going to see MC Chris! in raliegh, with B, Maksim, and Foliage. haha foliage.. but anyways it's been a long time since i've been this excited over a concert. i mean, i had fun at cowboy mouth (katie) don't get me wrong. .but i only knew 2 songs by them.. The Killers show was awesome, but B didn't like them, so i was pretty much by myself in enjoying it.
it's gonna rock this shit straight up like a vandal. yea.

FEMALES: be warned. do not EVER associate or talk to this_guy. he is a creep and i am disturbed to think i actually went out to dinner with him a while back. i found out from one of my brother's friends (who used to work with this guy) that he actually brought in pictures of some girl who had "passed out"at his house. he had held her shirt up and took pictures showing her boobs. wtf? what a friggin creep.. when i had dinner with him he was all, "you should stay a little later", "i didn't know i was takin out a grandma"... and other shit like that.. it makes me have a mini throw up to think about it... but seriously just giving you ladies a heads up.
also, he SUCKS at spades.

oh well. today is friday which means tonight at the brush will SUCK for tips. but at least i'll be playing poker tonight. at carmen's house. without her. i'm dogsitting. my goal is to have the most people EVER attend without her even being there.. hahaha that would be funny..

*napnapnapnapnapnapnapnapnap* is all i can think...


phaupster said...

That's not a very nice goal now, is it? I hope you lose if you're gonna be like that! :)

Allison said...