Friday, February 25, 2011

Ginger Ale

In an approriate return to the blogging, I was inspired by Gnumoon's list of famous/hot Englishmen, and decided to make my own list.

Not a list of Englishmen, as I find my list would be almost a mirror of Gnumoon's, but my own special kind of list. 

Yesterday a coworker sent me a link to wicked rad t-shirt I would get if I wore t-shirts... Here is a picture:

You can order it here.


I took some ideas from this shirt, because I like a lot of these people, but I added some.  And I took out Lucille Ball because I will always be dissappointed that her hair color wasn't real.

People I didn't include: Julia Roberts & Nicole Kidman: because they're annoying.  Carrot Top: don't need to explain this one.  Chuck Norris: is he really a ginger?

In my ginger research, I was sad to discover the following people are not actually gingers:
-Alyson Hannigan (still love her though)
-Kate Winslet (I don't know why I thought she was)

And then there's Lindsay Lohan, who repeatedly dyes hers other colors to hide the ginger.  Sure, I did it once in high school, but that's what I would call experimentation. Plus, I wanted to see what life was like when people weren't CONSTANTLY STARING AT YOUR HAIR.

Finally, here's my list of my favorite famous gingers:

Bryce Dallas Howard

Molly Ringwald

Laura Prepon

Julianne Moore

Lauren Ambrose  (Six Feet Under, amazing show)

David Caruso (because of the f*ing sunglasses! ha!)

This guy (because he has a SOUL!!)
Tilda Swinton (because she can wear the weirdest shit and get away with it)
Susan Sarandon (because The Client)

Conan (because you would all hate me if I left him off)
Gillian Anderson

Prince Harry (because he's so Spicy)

Ronald McDonald 

Shaun White (Hot!!)
And my absolute favorite, because of those awesome faces, those Ron Weasley moments, Rupert Grint
Alright, who'd I miss?