Monday, March 31, 2008


So I found out tonight why I've been so tired lately. And why I've had trouble sleeping and all.

I really don't know how to put this soooooooooooooo....


Skyrockets in Flight..

Does anyone else have certain songs that, when you hear them, they always get stuck in your head? I have at least two of these.

One is "Yellow Submarine" by The Beatles. Not that it's terrible to have a Beatles song stuck in your head, but there are much better Beatles songs to choose from. Yet for some reason this is the one that floats around in my head.

The other is, unfortunately, "Afternoon Delight". I don't like this song, it's not my taste. No matter how many times I hear it, it will get stuck in my head for at least a week upon hearing it.

Last night I watched a portion of The Rules of Attraction, the James Van Der Beek movie. This movie has a great soundtrack, but they somehow managed to sneak in that darn song for about 20 seconds. It was long enough to be floating around in my head today. Grruf.

In other news, I totally got most of the wallpaper in my kitchen taken down... except for behind the fridge.

Also, I signed up to play in the Appalchian Alumni Band Concert on April 26th in Boone. Ya'll should come out and watch me make a fool of myself. I haven't played my clarinet in years. I practiced a little last night and I think I pulled a muscle in my bottom lip.

Anywho the show is free and it won't last but like an hour (I hope). If you're hankering for a trip to Boone and need a good excuse, come on up to see it! The Yikas should be free flowing.

Friday, March 28, 2008


Last night I attended my first bachelor party. Yes, bachelor. Justin (the one getting married in Vegas) and Jared and a few boys were going to go out and party it up last night. Jared ended up without a car so I had to drive him to Hickory Tavern.

I was completely okay with this though. I have no problem being around a bunch of boys. Of course as soon as we got there they decided to leave because that placed was PACKED with Carolina fans.

So that was when they decided it was poker time! Justin, his brother Travis, his friend James, his brother in-law Marcus, and Jared and I played Texas Hold 'em at my house last night. I went to bed at 12 after I lost all of my (Jared's) money. The boys stayed up til around 1:30. They had planned on going to a strip club when they were done playing, but by that time there would be no point. So they all went home and Jared came to bed. Shoot, that's a shame :D.

Anywho so I got to enjoy a bachelor party. With no Strippers! Yay!

This weekend I plan on tearing down the wallpaper in my kitchen. Anyone wanna help?

And on Sunday, my daddy is coming to visit and bringing one of my grandma's quilts for me.

I hope it's lovely out again.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Flickr Meme

I'm going to copy estacy here and do a really fun flickr meme!

1. Go to Flickr (don’t sign in)
2. Type your answer in the “search” box.
3. Pick an image from the first page.
4. Copy and paste your answer.

Here we go:
My first name

(by Matt Callow)

My Relationship Status
In a Relationship

(by Zero G)
I'm not sure why this was on the first page, but I'll take it, being the Star Wars Nerd that I am.

My Favorite Color

(by baboon)

My Celebrity Crush
Johnny Depp of course

(by Rag Muffin)

What I'm listening to
Jason Castro (I'm a Castronaut!)

(by Suburban Cowboy)

My Favorite Disney Princess

(by Lallisag)

My Favorite Adult Beverage
Rum and Diet Coke
(Now THAT's what I'm talking about!)

(by Agent Retro)

My Dream Vacation

(by ScottS101)

When I Grow Up, I want to be..
A Photographer

(By Sergei.y)

My Dearest Love
Jared of Course

(By Critical Thought)

One Word to Describe Me

(By jonSpot)

I was born in

(By Omnia)

I was raised in
North Carolina

(By mpd)

Blond or Brunette

(by dogseat)

My Favorite TV Show

(By This Person)

Shew! That was harder than I thought it would be. Ya'll better comment or something!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

You are the Supreme Mack Daddy.

Well I know it's Wednesday and most people post about their weekends on Monday, but I've been stuck in GPS land for the past two miserable days, so I'm posting now.

I finally got my new, right camera on Thursday. I had to work both jobs though, so I didn't get to play with it much but I did take this picture:
Finally got my new camera.. the one I actually wanted.

Friday I slept in since it was a holiday and then worked at night, no news here.
one of my favorite. I'll send it to his mom.

Saturday was awesome. I slept late and then went to Target and cleaned house. Then I hung out with Carmen, Carmen's husband Jon, and Jon's brother Thad.

We went to the park and wondered around:
Thad Carmen and Jon
The hottest park rangers ever.
Pretty spring

And then, we grilled out some yummy hamburgers with pimento cheese and big ole baked (microwaved) potatoes:
Carmen barbequeing like a mad woman.

It was a beautiful day and I always enjoy slacking off. At least I cleaned my house during the day :)

Sunday was Easter so Jared and I headed out to Canton to eat with his family and see his pretty doggie:
Jared and his OTHER girl
Sweet Jessie with her tongue out

He showed me his middle and high school yearbooks and I laughed at a lot of goofy pictures and mullets.
I find this page HiLARious

On the way back I got bored in the car and started taking neato pictures of the dash board:
Sometimes I get bored in the car

It was a great weekend. Hopefully this one will be just as good, but who knows.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Define Miracle..

1) A baby being born on a train toilet and falling through to the tracks, and surviving.

2) Appalachian beating Michigan 34-32 on Sept. 1st, 2007.
P.S. The second picture down on that page was taken by yours truly! And the fourth picture.

3) My Mother learning how to use and send text messages.

Miracles do happen.

And here's a little something to brighten your day:

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A conversation via text message...

Him: Forget cirque de soleil cause carrot top will be in vegas when we are there

Me: Jesus! get us front row!

Him: I did!

Me: Yay! now all my dreams can finally come true.

Him: Only 400 Dollars what a steal

Me: Hell Yea! i wonder if he performs wedding ceremonies?

Him: Lol

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day Ya'll

Exactly 11 years ago I was marching with my band (the South Rowan Raiders!) in the St. Patty's Day Parade in Dublin, Ireland. I also kissed the Blarney Stone but it's been more than 7 years so I guess my luck ran out ;D Actually I think things have been much better in the past 4 years.

Anywho tonight Jared and I will stop by McGuire's for Green Beer and to see Carmen who got suckered into working.

I had a great time hanging out with Carmen and Jon and some friends last night. We barbequed chicken and corn and had baked potatoes and bread, and finished it all off with desert (strawberry short cake) and a movie (No Country for Old Men). Good times.

Friday, March 14, 2008

The one with the ketchup.

To catch you up on some things:

A) My Gall Bladder is fine, apparently. The doctor said I probably just have an infection and I need to take Prilosec for 2 months.

B) I'm going to send the camera back and get a refund and get the camera I really wanted. Of course, it's going to take a while. I have to send it back, then it'll take 3-5 days to get the refund, then I have to order another one. :(

C) I'm never going to like basketball. Not even when I get an extra hour of lunch so we can all watch the ACC Tournament together. BORING.

D) I miss Jared.

E) This guy is hot (even though he makes funny faces):

Thursday, March 13, 2008

So I got my new camera.. Or did I?

First picture with new camera that finally arrived yesterday:
First picture with new camera

About 20 minutes later I was fooling around with more of the buttons and realized all of a sudden "holy shnikies, this is NOT the camera I ordered". I was very peeved.

I ordered this camera , the Fujifilm S6000fd. This is a perfectly respectable MID level camera that I thought about and really wanted.

What they sent me was this camera , the Fujifilm S7000.

Yes, it's WAY more expensive, but I didn't pay extra for it.

Here are the pros and cons of this situation:
-it's a higher-end camera
-it's more advanced
-it's worth more

-it's 4 years older than the one I wanted (it's brand new, but manufactured in 2003)
-the zoom is not as good
-it's more advanced (i'm mid level..)

I know I'll get used to it and I'll love it. But damn it, I really thought long and hard about what camera to get and I really wanted the S6000fd.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

American Idol + Beatles = NO!

I love American Idol and I love Beatles music. Last night they were combined and the Top 12 sang Beatles songs. Boo. This was a bad idea and even I knew that. If you're gonna cover a Beatles song you have to be more than just a good singer. You have to be a great singer and you have to be willing to put all of your emotions into it.

One of the most horrific things I've ever seen was Kristy Lee Cook singing the square dance version of "8 Days a Week" last night. I wanted to vomit while watching it. I really really really hated it. Really.

In case you missed it:

And if that doesn't work, it's here

I have to say though, I love me some Jason Castro, and I thought he did great last night, but he makes some funny faces on stage. Here is my favorite ever, as he hits his last note last night:

Monday, March 10, 2008

I know 2 very bad kitties who will be celebrating a birthday soon.

So on Sunday I decided it would be a perfect day to take Meatwad and Beefcake to PetSmart to get their nails clipped. It was a gorgeous day, and the cats seemed to be in good moods. I packed them up in their carriers and we headed on out.

When we got in the pet salon area, two of the women there immediately recognized me, and I assume it was because of Meatwad. Here's why:

Meatwad basically attacked the poor woman who got stuck clipping his nails. It was like an all out brawl before she put the cone on. It looked a lot like this:

And also a bit like this:

Except, imagine the lion is Meatwad and the tiger is the PetSmart lady.

I went out to pay while she was finishing him up, and there were people outside the salon staring saying "Look at that crazy cat!". The woman who rang me up asked, "is that your cat everyone is talking about?". YEA. That's my Meatwad.

So then she trims Beefcake's nails and I can see he behaves... but when she brings him back over to me in his carrier, she says, "I just want you to know, he's peed all over the inside of the carrier and himself."

Great. One mean cat and one pee-covered cat. That poor lady. I tipped her for being so calm about it.

Then I sadly took my two bad kitties home and gave poor Beefcake a bath. I would have taken a picture but it takes both hands to handle that.

Friday, March 07, 2008


You know what I love? Wachovia's new Way to Save Program.

I signed up like 2 months ago. Every time I use my atm card to buy anything, it transfers $1.00 from my checking into this savings account (with interest!). I don't even pay attention to it. After 2 months I already have $50.00! Woo! Maybe by the end of the year I'll be rich from my own money!

I've finally decided to buy a camera. Carmen's husband Jon showed me a couple of really nice cameras yesterday and I really liked the Nikon D40. I thought a lot about it, but it's more than I want to spend, and it's more than I need right now. It's a great camera, but a little too advanced for me, I feel.

So I'm going to go ahead and buy the Fuji from yesterday's post. If I don't like it, I can return it, no big deal! Yay! I'm so excited!

UPDATE!!- I just did it! I bought a new camera finally! And I got a package that comes with a case and 1G xd card.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Fujifilm S6000fd

This is the camera I really want:

But the cheapest I can find it is $350.00 (with shipping). That's too much for me! Maybe I can convince someone to help me out with it as an early birhtday present :D......

Stud Muffin.

I'm getting better with my Grandma's old 35mm camera. But I need digital!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Blah2@! Did you know...

Trying to decide on a new camera sucks.

I can't decide whether I want something big or small.
I can't decide whether I want something I can use easily or something more advanced.
I can't decide whether I should rip my hair out or kill someone.

Narrowing down between:
Fujifilm S5700/S700

Fujifilm S6000fd

Fujifilm S5600

I like my Fujis. And I don't like looking at the Amazon reviews because they blow me away.

I wish I could afford the 6000fd and also a small camera for fun times. BUT I can't.

Do You Know a Yawn-Gleeter?

Almost every single time I yawn, I gleet.

Urban Dictionary defines gleet as: The ejection of saliva directly out of ones salvatory glands and out of his/her mouth. (I won't go into the other definitions (ew!!))

I don't do it on purpose, but when I yawn, a small amount of spit comes out and lands on whatever is near me. It has been happening ever since I remember. It's not gross, and most of the time I cover my mouth. I do remember in 4th grade when the hottie who sat in front of me made fun of me for it.
Jared finds it endearing.

The other day it occurred to me that I don't know anyone else who does this. Am I the only one?

Maybe I'm special. I'm like, the Yawn-Gleeting Queen or something.