Wednesday, May 31, 2006

ah ha!

i need to get my own, don't ya think? taking up donations :)

howdy ho!

ah.. so i've been non-blogging for a few days. my long memorial day weekend consisted of a few things:
-working at the brush
-beer at el paso before working at the brush
-beer at o'charlie's after working at the brush

-working at the brush
-poker at my new crib
-spending time with big pete, who i am desperately trying not to like too much, but it's hard. i found him on myspace too! but his pictures are old and they don't do him justice. to see it yourself, go to my myspace (link to the left) and go the comments section. he's the one who says my page is really weird. :)

-working at sagebrush
-driving to durham
-cooking out some yum-diddily-umptious hotdogs on the grill
-swimming in jeans and t-shirt after 3 red stripes
-getting into an all-out wrestling match with b and eric the mexican over a lifesaver floatation device
-falling asleep with contacts in, therefore having to PEEL them from my eyeballs when i woke up after an hour

-waking up monday to b cooking me bacon and eggs and toast! oh my!
-going to put contacts in and realizing i missed with the right one and it was half shriveled up due to being half out of it's little solution cup.
-resoaking contact to see if it would come back to life
-checking contact an hour later to find it replenished, but with a big tear
-driving home from durham with no contacts in! scary.

took meatwad to the vet yesterday and they gave him a bunch of shots and drew some blood and made him cry.. i've never heard a cat make the noises he was making. it scared me... so bad..
i love my kitty! tonight we're heading over to the bugs so meatwad can meet maggie and buddha!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Thursday, May 25, 2006


so, i'm browsing around on the internet, looking for info about Pirate Week in the cayman's, (which i'm going to this year), when i came across this picture:


now, i know to most people, this just looks like your average, everyday pirate statue (the one on the right!). but to me, this pirate looks awfully familiar:
a fat free pirate

it's the exact same pirate that b and i saw in the Mutiny Bay MiniGolf in myrtle beach, s.c. wtf? i am compelled to wonder, is this in fact, the same pirate? it looks the same, but it could possibly just be a copy. if it is the same, how did it end up in south carolina from the cayman islands? weird!

i must find out the truth!

american idol

here's what i have to say about the american idol finale:

yay prince!

that's it.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


this video made me like nirvana again.

here's what i'll be wearing...

... to my wedding!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

last night

so i had a great time last night!

i went to pick up big pete around 7 pm last night. he has a car, but we just decided i'd pick him up. it makes more sense since we were eating on his side of town. we went to da vinci's for dinner and had yummy yummy italiano food. i love that place. it was nice. we laughed and talked and had a generally nice time. we even spent a good ten minutes making weird things out of our cloth napkins. i made a chicken. it was sexy.

then we went to the movie theater. we got there a little early, so we played in the arcade for a minute:

then we went into the theater. the da vinci code is a pretty decent movie. having never read the book, i had no expectations, and nothing to compare it to. i think that helps. i've heard a lot of people were disappointed because it's "not as good as the book". but since i haven't read it, i thought it was pretty darn cool. of course, it's not like i really paid that much attention through the WHOLE movie. ;) just most of it :)

then i took him home and we talked and smooched a little til it was 1.00 am and i freaked out cause i had to go home. i'm like cinderella. i turn into a pumpkin when i don't have enough sleep.

that's all the deets your gonna get here.

i work with him tonight, so we'll see what happens!

Monday, May 22, 2006

so i had another great weekend..

another good weekend! Friday night was the annual Whoopdecog puttputt tourney, with yours truly coming in last again! i rock! but i had a ton of fun trying! i actually got better the later it got! ah well! then the bugs, andrea, and stephen came back to my place to play with meatwad:

my place is SO the new party pad.

then saturday me and andrea went to blowing rock to the green park inn for laurie's (my coworker's) wedding reception! it was a great time. daniel and katie and marshall and ron and big j and little j and all sorts of people were there! we were there til about 10 when we decided it would be a good idea to ride to canyon's. not so much. they told us we weren't allowed to drink. just because i fell out of my seat (after john and ron pushed me)!! bah! so then we went to boone saloon. and had a wonderful time. we took WAY too many pictures, but it's all good. thankfully i didn't take my camera to the bars. but katie did! here's her pictures.

sunday was kind of boring. worked... then did pretty much nothing except go over Carmen's to hang out with her for a while.

but anyways ..... TONIGHT'S the BIG NIGHT! my first official date with Big Pete (this is Jared's chosen nickname, thanks sam!)

i'm so so so excited. we're going to see the da vinci code. my guess is that since i haven't read the book, i won't be able to follow the movie. like i care! all i want to pay attention to is Big Pete. hehehe.

i'll blog you all about it tomorrow. :)

Friday, May 19, 2006


i can't wait til next friday! i love the x-men movies! now i'm not a comic book nerd or anything. i don't like the comic books or the trading cards, but these movies are just plain great. especially the second one. if the third one is half as good as the second one, it'll still be great. i love them because a: they're the only action movies that keep my attention. b: mutation is cool. c: i always wanted to be a superhero.

plus, hugh jackman looks devine in that tight leather jumpsuit :)

hey yall

so sorry i haven't blogged much this week. but, well, i haven't really had the much i deem as blog worthy. after the accident saturday night, i have been busy dealing with all that stuff. people keep telling me i should sue and get a bunch of money for "injuries". but i'm not really injured. i was a tiiiiiny bit sore on sunday. i'm a greedy person just like the next, but i feel that the offer of $300.00 for pain and suffering is just good enough for me. i may not believe in much but i do believe in karma. and i'll be damned if i'm going to take another hit below the belt just because i wanted more. i'm already getting 300 bucks more than i had. so there.

other than that the only thing going on is the latest squeeze. his name is jared, but he needs a nickname. you know i like the nicknames.

here's a list of potential bloglike nicknames:
fryguy jared
jazzy jared
hottie-too-trottie (hehehehehe)
brushy jared.
i'm also open to suggestions.

either way, i am so in like with this guy. i've been hesitant to write about this one, mostly because i actually like him and god forbid he googled and found this blog. but also because, well, do you remember dr. boone? (scroll down to sunday)
i was so so in like with him and then things turned sour for pretty much no reason.

i really don't want that to happen again. to be fair though, i think there may have been another reason things didn't work out with dr. boone. i'm not saying this to be vindictive, but i honestly think he might be gay. he definitely has the tendencies and some of the qualities. he's just a little in the closet. and i've accepted that. i just wish he would.

ah well. got a date monday night with the squeeze (jared) so we'll see how things go! i'm so nervous! but happy! there's just something about smooching in the walk-in cooler that makes me giggle like a school girl.

Monday, May 15, 2006

a crunch in the night

after a long saturday at the brush, i left work intending on getting a lot of sleep before a long sunday at the brush. my friend samantha (sam) asked for a lift home. i obliged since she's so nice to me. i was in the left lane on Mcdonald parkway, driving along minding my own business when out of nowhere comes this red honda. the road was wet as it was sprinkling. i slammed on the brakes, and so did he. i thought, 'we're not gonna hit, we're not gonna hit, we're not gonna hit'. we hit. the crunch is a killer. it's one of those noises you never forget. i remember that first crunch 11 days after i got my liscence when i totaled my first car. and that crunch a year later when i rear ended someone in my mustang. that crunch that's so loud you want to cry.

we immediately pulled over to the side, thinking it best to get out of the way on such a busy road. it was 11:30 at night, but it was still pretty busy. i couldn't stop cursing and yelling.. and shaking. my passenger called the police, she had had her phone in hand. for a minute i thought the red honda was going to drive away, but they didn't.

i was going 45. i would estimate they were going about 35. i expected my car to be crunched all to hell. i expected to be missing a headlight, and there to be a big fold in my hood. but i couldn't look. i couldn't. i was too scared to see my baby, the black pearl, all busted up. when the policemen, EMS, and firemen showed up i was really scared.

a minute after sam called the cops, she realized she had bumped her head on my seat. then she started to hurt. The EMS people checked her out and said she should go to the hospital. a fireman was asking me questions. i asked him one, "so how bad is it?" He walked around for a minutes, inspecting, checking the front and both sides. then, he came back and said "minimal at most". Really? Really?

Turns out it was only a scratch. very very very minor. but the way we hit and as hard as we hit, it should have been crunched. it should have been awful. my airbags should have deployed and both me and sam should be in awful pain. but somehow, that wasn't the case.

since it was the other car's fault, they got a ticket. since my car was driveable, having only sustained a scratch and a misalignment, i drove sam to the hospital myself, saving an EMS fee, even though the other car's insurance would pay for it. since we were both wearing our seatbelts, we were relatively okay. she had bad whiplash, and on sunday my back hurt a little. we left the scene at 12:15.

when we got to the hospital we didn't have to wait TOO long. the doctors did x-rays, and all that good stuff for sam. i waited til about 1:30, when my manager at sagebrush, angie, showed up to relieve me and told me to go home. she is a very caring woman. she stayed there to wait for sam. when sam was in the hospital getting cancer treatments a few months ago, she stayed with her then, too.

i got home at 1:30 am. i immediately went to bed, but obviously, couldn't sleep. it had been a long night, and with the next day promising to be the busiest day of the year at the brush (mother's day) i was anticipating awfulness.

i was right.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Caption this!

Courtesy of D*Listed.


so american idol last night was awesome!
look at chris's face, upon hearing the news:

the video is even better:

what a cocky bastard! he was so sure he was safe! sucks for him, and for NC, but i was very bored with him anyways. go elliott! all the way!

in other news...

time for another good idea bad idea.

good idea: going out for drinks with a few friends.

bad idea: going out for drinks with a few friends at buffalo wild wings on a wednesday night until midnight when you have to be at work at 8.15.

good idea: getting your kiss on with a boy who's cute, smart, and funny.

bad idea: getting your kiss on with a boy who's cute, smart, and funny until 3 am when you have to be at work at 8.15.

i'm tired. but it's a good tired.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


as far as american idol goes, for katie's sake, i think katharine will be going home tonight. elliott had his best night ever. chris was boring (again) and taylor was alright. we'll see how it goes.

i finally got a good night's sleep last night. why? because i kicked out meatwad. i love the little bugger but he refuses to let me sleep. cats are nocturnal. and even if i play with him all night until bedtime, he's just not tired. you try sleeping with a 0ne pound meatwad pouncing your head all night. i tried moving him off the bed, but he jumps right back up. i figured, maybe if i just keep putting him down, he'll eventually learn. but after 20 times, i gave up. so last night i moved his litterbox and food downstairs, along with his toys and the kitty bed he doesn't sleep in. it was lonely without him, but i know he was fine downstairs. and it wasn't that lonely since i was asleep about .02 seconds after i laid down last night. yes, it was a good sleep, but it was only 8 hours. i need about 15 more. oh, and i kept hearing a weird beeping in my dream this morning. in my slumber, i thought it was a fire alarm. then, my dream self told me it was a weird alarm that goes off once a year to honor some lady who died. i have weird dreams. turns out it was a text message. it had been beeping every 1 minute since 1 am, but i only heard it around 7.30 am because i was THAT asleep. the phone is right next to my bed!

anywho the message was from Jared (i sort of refer to him in the first paragraph here, but just know he's 23, works at sagebrush, is cute and i call him "shaggy") and it said "Just wanted to say Hi"

well isn't that sweet. i guess after i was bitchy to him every time i saw him for the past two weeks, he finally got the hint that i was pissed he never called me. the other night at work, i made him show me his hands. i inspected the fingers, and then i observed, "hey, what do you know? your fingers AREN'T broken."

had an awesome weekend. cinco de mayo was great, just like last year. went bowling and offically sucked. got so trashed i convinced stephen to try and beat me in a ketchup eating contest. i won. then saturday was the first day back at the brush. sucked. satuday night, lisbiz, chris, and nate came to see me! more drinking! and i found out that chris has officially been single for a month now. time to get back to the pursuit! ha! yea right. anyways this weekend, i'm sleeping all weekend no matter what. dammit.

cinco de mayo:
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katie bug's cinco pics.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Thursday, May 04, 2006

a few random things, because i'm random

could katie's birthday come any sooner!!!! gooosh!!! july 7th will be an awesome day. not only is it katie's, stephen's, and beck's birthdays, but it's also the day that Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest comes out! 64 More days!!

here's the longer, leaked trailor (may not last).

next, American Idol, Paris is gone. did i call it or what? next will either be elliott ( :( ) or kat, even though these are the two best. oh well. at least the ford commercial they had last night ended kind of funny with a pimps and hoes theme:

hahaha taylor's shoulder pads crack me up.

i didn't watch Lost last night. but i sure wish i had:

apparently, Sawyer (pant! drool! swoon!) got freaky with some girl. honestly i've only watched this show a handful of times. i always mean to. but i never understand a damn thing that's going on. if they would just show sawyer (pant! drool! swoon!) and jack (rowr!) shirtless the whole time, that would make me remember to watch every week. *sigh* i'm a simple creature.

i'm not the only crazy person to name my kitty kitty after meatwad:
so did this guy.

oh and if you still haven't figured out what the hell a meatwad is, here is a picture:

here's a meatwad explanation.

if you still don't understand.. then i'm terribly sorry. it's a cartoon character from Aqua Teen Hunger Force (a cartoon) on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. Good stuff. got me through college.

that is all. for now.

california here we come

not really, but i LOVED last week's OC .. which i finally watched last night.

anywho, i got another crazy email from my california dreamboat. but it's short and sweet. it made me laugh though because he's just, so.... darn.. cute! too bad.. too bad.

"Hey Lovely
Miss you. E-Me.
Forever Yours ( Ohhhhhh He went there !! )
Seany Depp"

teehee! seany depp. hahaha.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

baby love

me and meatwad, May 2nd, 2006.

I took him to the vet this morning and they said he was a perfectly healthy baby boy, other than his cold that he picked up at the shelter. they gave me antibiotics for him. this should clear up the wheeezy/snorty/sneezy noises he constantly makes. poor thing. last night he figured out how to climb up into my bed. then he decided it was play time. on my head. little booger. as a result i got about 3 hours of sleep last night. and when i did fall asleep, i rolled over on top of him twice. nothing wakes you up like a "roew! hiss!" from your five week old kitten. poor thing. :)

american idol sucked last night. it has gotten boring. i'm still loving elliott and taylor somewhat. chris was so boring i got up to use the potty while he was on. kat was ok .. the second song was definitely better. paris .. i missed the prince song, which i had wanted to see because i love me some prince. but i heard it wasn't great. and i saw her mary j. blige "performance". bleh!
paris will go home tonight. yep. that is all.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

i'm in love.

last night i met the boy of my dreams. i knew the moment i saw him that he would love me, and i would love him, forever and always, for the rest of our lives.

instant love.

Monday, May 01, 2006

my birthday weekend.

well my birthday weekend was pretty kick ass i'd say. friday night i was joined by b-rad, carmen, brian the dj/cook and ace. we didn't do much, other than play drunken scrabble and watch movies, but i still had a blast. saturday eric the mexican came up from the grove, and we went to outback, then a bunch of COG people and black sam cash were all kind enough to help me skelebrate the big 2-4. i had a great time saturday! i guess the drinks probably helped, though. i had 4 honey brown beers, 3 pina coladas, 2 incredible hulks, 1 whiskey sour, 1 shot of hennessey and 1 shot of soco. and i didn't throw up :) that's probably the most important thing of all.
the coolest i think also was the fact that most of the time we hung out in my new bedroom! i'll be putting up a few of my own pics very soon. i got some great birthday presents too..

now i have a huge problem though. the panthers/bucs game in charlotte is monday, november 13th. this falls right in the middle of pirate week in the caymans. hmm... what to do what to do what to do.