Wednesday, February 24, 2010

kitteh and wedding. What else do i blog about?

I haz mus-tacsshh
moar funny pictures

Meatwad playing around with his tail.  He is so weird.  When I feed him now, his tail gets really really thick and he acts like he's on acid or something.  Jared and I were going to videotape it last night, but we had technical difficulties (he was drunk).

I am going today to look at another place for a possible wedding location.  I would really like to hurry up and find a place. Once that's done, I can do everything else, I think!

Friday, February 19, 2010


We live in a technologically advanced world.  We have machines that do all kinds of crazy things. Like fly.  And clean.  And make us happy.  We have machines that make us see better, hear better, hairless and smooth.  We have machines that collide atoms.  We have machines that go into outer space and send back pictures of far away planets.

My question is: how is it that with all of this technology, no one has created a calorie free, fat free, delicious chocolate snack? WTF is taking so long?  Is it because science is a male dominated field?  Let's get on the ball people!

In other words, I'm still hungry.  I've lost 10 pounds since January 1, but for some reason none this week.  :(

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

stuff v 18.0

Not feeling like anything is blog worthy lately.

I've been watching American Idol this season and not really connecting with anyone.  I guess that's okay since it's a pseudo reality show.  And we all know reality shows are the devil. 

Meatwad has calmed down since Super Bowl Sunday, except when it's feeding time.  At feeding time he FREAKS THE F*CK OUT and his tail gets really really thick (HOW is that possible?) and he practically screams at me.  I have to hold him back while I put the food dish on the floor else he gets so excited he knocks it out of my hands and it goes all over the place.  And that prescription food isn't cheap (in other words, you're licking it up off the floor, A-hole).   And Beefcake, ah, Beefcake.  Bcake has been his usual happy-go-lucky self lately, but I fear he may just go crazy one day due to Meatwad's incessant whining.  We shall see.

I have a potential wedding venue, but it's in Motown (25 minutes from here) and it's going to be work getting it pretty.  But I think I like it.  Just have to get Jared to decide.  I am, however, going to keep looking.  I have a crazy idea which would involve a lot of help from Carmen, and I haven't even run it by her yet.  Methinks trivia tonight is a perfect opportunity to bring that up. 

Jared got moved back to the Brush in Lenoir (only 30 minutes away instead of the hour commute he did have).  I thought this was going to be great for him and I'd see him more. WRONG.  He is working so hard and constantly on his feet.  He doesn't get the opportunity to eat most days, and he is staying late every time he works.  Yesterday he was there for 15 hours.  *GRRR*   

Life moves from one crappy deal to the next it seems.  I just have to keep our heads above water. :)

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Originally uploaded by allygirl520
Demonstrating a cat's love of small spaces? I just thought it was funny that the whole bed was free, but he chose to sit on the pillow.

This is one of those LOL Cat rules, right?  IF there is one thing taking up a small space on the bed, your cat will be sitting on it.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Soupa Bowl.

I had a few people over to my house last night to watch the Super Bowl.  We were all cheering for the Saints, so that was a nice ending.  Except I don't really remember much of the game.   I decided to drink because it was at my house and I hadn't drank in a while.  And man, I LOVE being hungover at work. At least, that must be what I was telling myself last night. Why else would I have had that Irish Car Bomb?!

It was a good time until Meatwad escaped and went psycho kitty on everyone.  He used to be a sweet kitty when people came to visit. But ever since he got sick, he does not like visitors. Not at all.  He hissed, growled, swatted and scared everyone at my party.  I tried to keep him shut up in my bedroom so he wouldn't be bothered by everyone, but he wasn't having any of that either.  As evidence, here is my hand this morning:

And here is a video that my coworker Emily uploaded.  Crazy kitty.

Here are some pics from last night.

There was also some great video of my Jared shotgunning a beer because the Saints won their two-point conversion.  I'll have to show you that when I can.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Fall down, go boom.

I went skiing this past Sunday with my brother, my niece, and my coworker, Emily.  We decided to go to Appalachian Ski Mountain in Blowing Rock, NC.  We chose AppSki because it's close to us, it's cheaper, and to me, it's comforting.   When I was a student at ASU, I took the ski class offered by the University through AppSki Mountain.  I have to say, it was one of the best choices I've made.  It was only five classes, and it cost $100 extra, but it was worth it.  Learning to ski was a great triumph for me, as I am a)clumsy and b)lazy.

The point is, I was supposed to have a great time on Sunday with my family and friend, but then I had to go and be cheap.  I hate the fact that you have to rent skis and boots on top of paying for a lift ticket.  So when another coworker offered to loan me her skis, I took her up on it.  Bad mistake.  See, I tried on the boots at her house, but didn't bother with buckling them.  Turns out, when I put them on Sunday, they wouldn't buckle. Would. Not. Buckle.  They were still semi-tight, so I skied with them anyways.  About 2 hours in I was ready to die from the pain of having non-buckled skis.  So, at lunchtime I went and rented boots (only $5.00, whee).

Now, in a normal person's life, this one little fix would have worked, and their day would have returned to normal.  But have you met me???  Shit doesn't work for me.

With my fancy rental boots and my borrowed skis, I went back up to the big mountain for a good, long run.  About 1/4 of the way down, my skis pop off and I fall.  I put them back on and they immediately pop off again.  And again.  Turns out the boots are smaller than the ones I was wearing earlier.  So, I picked up my skis and walked ALLLLL the way back down the mountain.  Here's where you say, "well I'm sure you could just get them adjusted in the lodge".  Sure, in a normal person's life.

All of the cute little ski lodge boys tried to adjust the ski bindings.  Turns out, they are a brand most used out west (where my coworker bought them) and they can not adjust them.  So, cute ski lodge boy is generous enough to give me some rental skis.  He grabs some that are the same length as the ones I already had.

Again, this right here would fix it for normal people.

The skis I had borrowed from my friend were extra-long skis.  I hadn't noticed before because the boots I had borrowed were longer, and then the rental boots didn't work at all.  Turns out, extra-long skis are for people who are advanced and want to go faster.  Not for people like me, who prefer to glide slowly, back and forth.

In the end, I have realized, it would do me good to stop being a cheap asshole.  Next time, I'm just going to rent it all up front. Dammit.

Overall it was still a good time, and a helluva work out.

Here are Emily and I on top of a ski hill:

Can you tell which one is me?