Thursday, January 31, 2008

Yesterday Meatwad made me cry.

I got home from work yesterday after a long day of my eyeballs burning from staring at the computer. I check the mail and casually walk to my front door. I pull open the storm door, which wasn't really shut, and realize my front door is open about 8 inches. I rush inside and see that the house hasn't been robbed and realize I must not have pulled the door all the way shut when I left that morning. I sigh in relief to realize no one robbed us blind, and then I suddenly remember how much Meatwad likes to escape. I look around frantically and yell out for my kitty. I run around downstairs looking in his usual spots. No kitty. I run upstairs, and yes, Beefcake is still safely shut up in the extra bedroom (or else he will bully Meatwad out of his breakfast) so I check my bedroom for Meatwad. I look under the bed, in the closets, and in the bathtub. No Meatwad.

It finally hits me that my Meatwad is gone. I run outside in tears and start calling out for him. I am so distraught that I run next door to see if Carmen and/or Jon has seen him. Jon is home and says he hasn't seen him. He tells me he will put on his coat and help me look and that I shouldn't worry. I am reminded that Meatwad has been out a few times before and has never gone far.

"But he's never been out this long before" I wimper..

So I make sure I am sane and I start at the bushes right next to my front door.

And I walk around it, and look down under the palm plant. And there he was looking up at me.

He stared at me as if to say, "What? Did I do something wrong?"

So I scoop him up and tell Jon I found him and that I was going to throw him in a tub of water for scaring me (which I didn't do).

We went inside and I had a long talk with my kitty about why he is indoors and some cats are outdoors.

That Darn Cat.
He's upside down swatting at my light saber

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I have a Bad Feeling About this..

total star wars geekdom:

At least I'm not that bad.

Tooth Paste.

I miss you blog world.. You've been good to me for like 3 years now and I feel as if I'm neglecting you lately. I promise that soon I will be back to being committed. I promise that I will stop being lazy. I know I've been working a lot more outside lately, and therefore haven't been able to blog at work, but that's just me making excuses... I know I could blog from home. *sigh*

I would like to say that I am mad at the Crest Company. I have been buying Crest toothpaste for a long time because I like the taste, but mostly because I like the twist off cap that Crest uses.

Last time I bought toothpaste however, I got home and opened it, and there was one of those awful attached bendy flip lids.

I realize this type is better for most people because you can't lose it and it's easier to manipulate.

But here's the thing: It's nasty.

After 2 weeks of use, it gets all sticky and full of toothpaste. You have to take the time to clean it off, or else next time it will be stuck shut from built up toothpaste. Ew.

I swear to you that this is the main reason why I have been buying Crest for years. Now, it appears, I'm going to have to go with another brand. One that offers twist off caps.. One that won't nasty up my life.


Friday, January 25, 2008

Hickory Daily Record

Hey, what do you know, our local newspaper finally decided to print something really newsworthy. Yes, that's right. This past Monday night at trivia, team No Love (aka Captain No Love) won first place. Booyea. The prize? A $15.00 gift certificate, and fame within Hickory. . Er.. at least with the people who read the paper... Of course, it'd be better if it was in color.. but what can you do?

Mwa ha ha ha...

The plan for this weekend? Hang out with Katie tomorrow night (as well as karaoke at McGuire's) and hang out with my man on Sunday.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The A-Train has stopped running.

My favorite football player, Mike Alstott, retired today :(

Of course, he hasn't played in a couple of years due to injury, so it's not that big of a shock, but still. I'll miss watching him plow through the Panthers Defensive Line. I need to find my #40 hat now...

Here he is at the game my brother Alan and I went to, where he gaves me the thumbs up to my marriage proposal:
malstott 1
I had a sign that said "Mike Alstott, will you marry me?"

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Meatwad's Twin

As I was reading some Popsugar the other day, I happened to notice that one of the ads featured a very handsome kitty cat. This cat could be Meatwad's twin!


Compare to my Meatwad:
awesers! sheets on my cat.

He even has the same eyegoop stuff.

Maybe it's one of Meatwad's siblings from the Catawba animal shelter.

Monday, January 21, 2008

bad kitty

So I ended up going to the memorial service. I knew I would regret it if I didn't. I was good for me to go. I got to see a lot of people I hadn't seen in forever, and I even managed to go visit my mom while I was in Kannapolis. Of course it snowed there and it was pretty. And in Hickory? It didn't snow. It rained.

I hate it when they predict snow and we get nothing! Saturday night I went to Carmen's karaoke. Then Sunday Jared and I went to lunch and then sat around all day watching football, movies, and counting change. It was a nice day.

Then last night we had a bad night's sleep. Big Mac figured out how to get on the roof right outside my 2nd story bedroom. He figured out how to get in my window, and climb on the screen right outside my bedroom and meow all night. BAD KITTY. I had to open the window and squirt him with the water gun. I hate to do it when it's cold outside, but nothing else seemed to work.

Of course a few minutes later, he was at it again.. What to do...

Today I went to see Cloverfield. That is a GOOD movie. I really liked it. GO see it, if you don't mind scary movies.

Friday, January 18, 2008


Yesterday my office was closed due to the "snow" and since the Brush had pretty much no customers, I didn't go to work at night either. I feel so lazy. I didn't do anything yesterday except buy groceries. I did cook 2 meals, though. Other than that I just slept, ate, and watched tv. I'm such a couch potato!

Tomorrow I have a dilemma. Joan from Southern Suburbia has offered to give me her tickets to the Champions Day at the App basketball game, where I could go and meet a lot of the football players, and get autographs and pictures and such. This would be great, and I'm not sure I'd get another oppurtunity.
The only thing is, they scheduled the Memorial service for my friend for tomorrow from 2 to 4. I have to decide whether I should be a good friend or a good fan.

And now they're saying it's supposed to snow again tomorrow, and it'll be more than this past snow. If that happens, I might not go anywhere. I guess we'll have to see.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Outside Right Now...

It's SNOWING! yay!


It still amazes me when people I know die of a drug overdose.
I'm still amazed that people are stupid enough to overdose on drugs.
I'm still amazed that people are stupid enough to do drugs that can easily kill you.

Cocaine, Oxycontin and alcohol. Who would be stupid enough to do these all together? There are still these people.

For me, it was a childhood friend. My first best friend's little brother. He was 22. Old enough to know better. Perhaps being in a very popular local band with his brother and 2 of his best friends made him think he was a god. Perhaps he was depressed. Who knows.

I can still remember his first day of Kindergarten. He cried on the bus the whole way to school and the whole way home. For a week. We made fun of him. I don't regret it.

He was pot-bellied as a child and I remember my Nana remarking that he looked like one of those starving African babies.

He loved Ghostbusters and worshipped his brother Zach. You should have seen his hammer dance. It was top shelf, even when he was only a kid.

I hadn't seen him in years and then back in 2004 my brother convinced me to go see his and his brother's band play a show in Cornelius. It was like a little family reunion or something.

He was so sweet and I got no "druggie" vibe off of him.

What a waste. On Saturday night he OD'd and they took him to the hospital and resusitated him and he was in a brain-dead coma until last night.

It makes me sad, even though I barely knew him anymore.
jesse myers of "people"

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Repeater. Yea.. The Repeater.

Have you ever worked with that guy? You know the one. The guy who repeats everything he says, sometimes more than once?

In one of my many offices I work with a guy, and we'll call him Bobby. On a certain day every week I am subjected to Bobby all day. As in, I walk in the office, and we head out to spend the day side by side working, until time to leave.

Bobby is a repeater. This bothers me to no end.

Here are a few examples of how Bobby speaks to me:
"Yea, the wind almost knocked me over yesterday."
-I don't reply because I'm waiting to see.. and sure enough:
"Yea, that wind almost knocked me over."

"Sometimes I just don't have the energy"
"Yea... I just don't have the energy"

"I had to call the city to come pick me up because I ran out of gas yesterday."
-me: "Oh yea?"
"Yea, I ran out of gas and had to call the city."

He doesn't repeat exactly what was said in the first sentence, but the point is repeated nonetheless.

Seriously, Bobby? I got it. Okay? When you told me the first time? I heard you. Then, the second time, I nodded. The third time? Okay, enough already.

Have you ever known a repeating Bobby?

I guess it's better than having to listen to Van Halen.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Originally uploaded by allygirl520
The new kitty in my life.
Saturday night Carmen and I were sitting in the hot tub relaxing after painting my dresser. We heard a "meow"coming from between the hot tub and the brick wall. We assumed at first that it was Cheddar, Carmen's kitty. This is where she likes to hang out, since it's a small space that stays warm due to the hot tub.

Carmen soon realized that it wasn't Cheddar, due to the voice of the "meow". We got to looking, which was difficult because it's dark, and realized it was a new kitty. We coaxed him out and I realized it was a very pretty young Siamese kitty. It skittered back behind the hot tub and I really didn't think much else about it, since the tub is outside and sometimes random kitties like to hang out on my back porch area.

The next day I checked and he was still there, so I brought out some dry cat food and shook the container a bit and out he came. He was skiddish at first, but then he let me pet him. He is so so sweet and he'll let you pet him as long as you want to. He'll rub and you and wind between your legs. What a sweet heart.

Sometime that day, Carmen found a collar behind the bushes next to our condos and thought it might be his, so she called the number on the tag. The lady said that yes, the Siamese was her kitty but that he was kind of mean so don't try to put the collar back on. She told Carmen to just leave the collar on her door knob and to shoo the cat away.

I can't believe anyone would think this adorable, sweet cat is mean. The lady came by and got the collar but I didn't bother to shoo him away. He's a sweety and as far as I'm concerned he can live on my back porch forever. I've been giving him dry food and water.

His name is Max according to the lady, but I may rename him to fit in with Meatwad and Beefcake. Any suggestions?

What I've been up to the past few days..

I've been so unmotivated to blog, but I am doing it now!!

Let's see.. last Thursday and Friday I worked all day at both my jobs.
Saturday I spent the day painting my dresser black, with a lot of help from Carmen. We had to sand it, spray paint it (yes, spray paint!), and then polyurethane it. It looks good though. Now my dresser and bed match! Yay!

Saturday night Carmen and I went out to a few different bars to see what the karaoke scene is like, since she'll be hosting karaoke at McGuire's Pub on Saturdays now. We started out at McGuire's, then went over to Randolph's, where all I heard all night was country music. Carmen sang a few songs, and then her, me, and this girl named Bonnie got up and sang "Bohemian Rhapsody". It was uber-melodious (in a not-so-much sort of way). After that we headed over to Fandango's, a little bar in Longview. Once we got there, they told us it was a $5.00 cover charge, so we left. Despite all these complaints, it was a really fun girl's night out. I drank 4 Rum & Diet Cokes. Just 4 little bitty drinks. Wasn't even that drunk. But still....

... I spent all day on Sunday with a hangover. Sheesh. I can't even drink 4 little drinks anymore without getting hungover. I'm old. And also, my Buccaneers lost their playoff game, meaning this is their 6th straight season with no playoff wins. :(

Sunday night I drove down to my mom's and Monday I spent all day at the hospital with her and in the waiting room while she had shoulder surgery. I got a lot of reading done and was exhausted by the time I headed home at 9:00. Her surgery went well though.

Tuesday I put my GPS skills to work and then last night was date night. We went to Carrabba's (YUMMY) and watched a movie at home.

And here's the big news:

I sewed a button on my pants last night with very very little help from anyone (Jared threaded the needle for me).

Yay me!

I will blogging later about the new cat in my life.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Meatwad posing for me.

Meatwad posing for me.
Originally uploaded by allygirl520
I love this cat. He has learned to pose for me. When he sees me pointing a camera at him he sits still. Now if only Beefcake could learn...

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year

We were supposed to play poker Monday night. Brian, my old roomie, was going to come over and bring a guy or two and we were all going to play poker. So I call him Monday, and he was at work. Gah! Then Carmen has to go to some party with all these theater geeks. So Jared and I decide we're gonna have a psuedo date-night. As we were sitting on the couch relaxing deciding where we wanted to go to eat, we get a phone call.

From the Brush.

Begging us to come in and work. They were getting their figurative asses handed to them and needed us desperately to help out. Supposedly with 60 people on a wait.

So we went into work. I bartended and Jared manager-hosted. *sigh*. At least I made some moolah and got some needed excercise. But Still.

We got out of there around 11:15 and we were still hungry. So we went to Hooters. It was the least busy place and I wanted junk food. So we had a couple of drinks and wings and watched the ball drop at Hooters.

It really was pretty nice. There were only about 10 other customers in there and everybody was celebrating. I got my New Year's Kiss from my Jared.

Then we went home and drank some champagne in the hot tub. Good stuff.

And New Year's Day? I did nothing. Slept until 1:00. Went to the bank, and ate pizza delivery for dinner.

I love being lazy.

Tonight, my other old roomie Andrea is in town and we are going to El Paso! Ole!