Monday, August 29, 2005

holy crap for crap

i couldn't think of anything else for a title, so there you go.. katie said it was my turn to blog, so i'm blogging..
sagebrush is going well so far... i'm meeting a lot of new people, and getting better aquainted with some people. tomorrow (tuesday, 30th of August) is my last day of training then i actually get to start making tips. YAY. i guess i like it so far, even though it's hot, and i don't move as fast as i used to. plus, covering up my tattoo sucks. but i don't care. can't wait to make some cash, because i just found out that next october (2006) i may be going to the Cayman Islands for Dress like a pirate week! all i have to pay for is the plane ticket.. and food of course. that's gonna friggin rock....

but on friday night i found out some sad news.. dustin is leaving for the army on sept. 14th.
*sigh* that'll probably be the last i ever see or hear of him.... since apparently when he comes back, he's moving to tennessee. go army and all, but damn. i'll miss you, you ass.

in other news, saturday was pretty cool because i went to BOONE with katie and daniel and had the best sandwich in the world at Mellow Mushroom, the philly steak and cheese with sprouts. It's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good. and i hadn't had one since i lived in boone. i miss that place! it was also really cool to reminisce with katie and daniel about good times in the highlands.

sunday was cool as well, since i got to hang out with b and eric during the day. and at around 730 carmen called me to the tap room, where Satterfield was tapping the night away to a jazz band. that was AWESOME. he is so good, he could win So you think you can dance.

so anyways.. one bit of bad news, but the rest of the weekend was pretty cool.. we'll see how this sagebrush thing works out...

Thursday, August 18, 2005

part time job....

so i've been casually looking for a part time job for a couple months now.. and by casually, i mean i filled out 1 application at the bowling alley a month and a half ago. i actually wanted to work there, but i didn't call them bugging them or anything. that's not my style. so after a while i gave up on them calling me back. "whatever, i have a day job, so i'm ok" is what i told myself.

then last week i started out the week with $123.00 in my bank account. this is not good considering i still had a week to go before payday and one of my written checks had not been cashed yet. so i freaked out and did something stupid. i finally gave into carmen's beggings and told her i would get a job with her at sagebrush. she's been working at sagebrush forever now, and has constantly told me i should get a job with her. i laughed at her and made fun off all sagebrushers. they are bad, gossipy, high school dramaesque people. "i'm above that" is what i told myself. i really didn't want to work there. but last week i got desperate. so i figured what the hell. i mean, hey, carmen and satterfield work there, so it can't be all bad. i hate the food, so i won't get fat eating all the time. tim, lavere and brian, who i would consider friends, all work there, so at least i'd be among friends. plus, who knows, maybe i'll make some tips. i've never had a job as a server before. maybe it'll be fun.

so anyways i go in there on sunday, after carmen had already hyped me up to her bosses, and fill out an application. talked to two managers, patty and eric. they both like me for some reason (thanks carmen). and then tuesday i went back for my final interview. so of course i got the job. i mean, come on, look at me. i'm an employer's dream (shhh). i go in for training starting on sunday. carmen will be my trainer, which rocks, since she's the best server they've got. unfortunately, i have to cover up my tattoo with a bandaid. but hey, at least i'll be makin some extra cash.

so things are looking up.
but then.

today at like 3:30 i got a phone call. from the bowling alley. asking if i was still interested in the job.


i told her i reeeeeaaaaaally wish she had called a week ago. damn it.

Monday, August 15, 2005

testing.. testing...

just wanted to see if this would work...


this is my adorabley adorable yet completely incorrigable neice madelyn.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

sweet swedish mullet

watch this video (at home or when your boss isn't looking).
it's disturbing..

i happened upon it while surfing my new group on flickr:

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

six feet under

rarely would i ever describe a t.v. show as art.. but this weeks episode of six feet under was art. i watched it last night at carmen's.. we both cried the whole time... everything was just so REAL.. and beautiful.. after watching this, now we're both considering having "green" funerals. that's where they don't embalm you and they bury in a biodegradable shroud in a national park somewhere.. it was really cool.. i think the women on this show all deserve emmy's. the girl who plays claire has never really impressed me before, but this show she reallly brought it all to the table.. SO good. i'm so sad that there's only like 2 episodes left.. what am i gonna watch now?

Image hosted by

Monday, August 08, 2005

fry master of the 29th birthday.

so today is my california dreamboat's 29th bday. sean, a.k.a. the fry master of all that is meat, lives in santa barbara, CA. we dated for 5 months and lived together for 3 months. then he decided boone was too fuckin cold for him, so he moved away to california. he has a friend who had moved out there, and santa barbara is like 70 degrees all year round, so he decided it was the perfect place for him. nevermind the fact that i LOVED him. nevermind the fact that i had let him live with me rent free.. i fed him and took care of him.. blah blah blah... anyways.. we didn't actually break up, it was just kinda obvious. but last year i went to santa barbara to see him for his bday. it was a great closure. sure, he was a big loser pothead who worked at mickey d's 3rd shift. but we had fun. and he was sweet. and he gave it up all the time. but now, he's gone. and this is all the birthday message he gets this year. (by the way he doesn't have internet).
so happy bday fry master.

turns out i missed my blog.

ok so i guess my weekend was pretty uneventful. .
friday night i went to longhorn with the rents, had a mack daddy ass ny strip, med rare with asparagus.. mmmm..... then went with my brother to tremont to see his friend eddy's band. the drummer happenned to be a guy i went to high school with, scott jenkins. i told him he needed to eat a hamburger cause he looked like he was a crackhead. i don't think he liked that too much. i can't help i don't like skinny boys. while i was there, a guy came up to me and said, "hey, is your name allison?" i was like, yea.. (looking at him... trying to figure out who the hell this guy is).
he said "do you know who i am?"
my mind was racing, who is this? i thought, is this that guy i made out with months ago at the cowboy mouth concert? i take off his hat, brown hair. nope.
"i don't know!" i say.
"you and michelle used to go to my church!!"
oh yeah!! jonathan mills! michelle (who was my bf from 7th through 11th grade) had a crush on him and so we used to go to church and annoy him into being our friend. i lived with michelle for a while in 10th grade and we actually went twice a week. which was weird for me since i've always been agnostic. oh well.. it didn't ruin me too much.
then my bro and i went to a party at his friend nick's house. i used to have a MAJOR crush on nick, back in ninth grade when he moved here from michigan.. and i didn't know his name. my brother knew this. so he told me one day that he found out his name which was josh leaves. so i was all "I love josh leaves" blah blah blah. then i called him josh once in the hall. he looked at me with a very bewildered look. his name wasn't josh. it was nick. what a dick i have for a brother. so anyways. we're cool now, and he's one of my brother's best friends. and friday night they told me they were gonna start a band called Josh Leaves. great. fantastic. i'm ecstatic to hear that 8 years later they're still pickin on me for that. assholes. but i also ran into my friend elizabeth at the party, who i havn't seen in like 3 years. that was cool, except she's a dirty vegetarian now. but i still love her.
saturday was uneventful.. watchin babies, wishin i had one ( but not really). eatin steak.. mmm.. steak .. ran into more people i know in the grocery store...
sunday i went to the pool all day with elora and madelyn and my mom.. of course elora went too deep and went under the water and i had to jump in and pull her out. i swear i love that child like she was my own.. but she's so damn hardheaded... babies.

haven't heard form the boy....

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

i'm in a much better mood today...

mostly because of this:

(my new phone, as of yesterday)

and also because of this:

(used for text messaging). (it's a finger)

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


by the way my phone died. in case anyone out there has tried to call me or whatever. i'm getting a new one tonight.