Friday, October 20, 2006

50 more things (Because why the hell not)

well since it's been precisely a year since i created my list of 50 things about me (because 100 is a bit much), i've decided to go ahead and be cool and finish my list. just cause.

51. i have terrible eyesight. when i was in 3rd grade i would get sick and throw up once a week from headaches. now i have awful contacts and serious dry-eye. trying to get lasik.
52. i have autographs from almost all of my favorite musicians/bands including mc chris, the avett brothers, daniel johns (silverchair), brandon flowers (killers), and many many others including vanilla ice, green day, and bloodhound gang.
53. the one autograph i am missing is Beck's. i almost got it when i chased his tourbus through downtown charlotte.
54. in high school i made an entire 2 inch thick notebook dedicated to Beck. i went through hundreds of magazines looking for pictures of Beck, and i would cut them out and put them in there, along with drawings of him and poems and lyrics by him. i still have it :)
55. the furthest away from home i've ever been is Ireland (well technically cali, but i liked ireland better). i went in 9th grade with my high school marching band.
56. i've discovered first hand that there are very few redheads in Ireland.
57. i hate portajohns with a passion and once vowed to never use one again. i broke that vow at bele chere after one too many beers.
58. halloween is my favorite holiday.
59. i have a vow with my best friend Brad that if neither of us are married by age 30 that we will marry each other.
60. i'd really like to be married by the time i'm 30.
61. i have a lovely little cat named Meatwad. he's beautiful but incredibly mean.
62. i love gummi worms. any time i have to drive for more than an hour at a time, i always stop to buy gummi worms for the ride.
63. i'm slightly chubby :)
64. i don't have a lot of street smarts, and what i do have i learned from watching t.v. i swear t.v. raised me.
65. i think brad pitt is overrated. :o
66. my nickname at my high school job was "Troll" because i once dyed my hair purple.
67. my second car was a bonneville that was spray-painted all over with flames and drawings and friend's names. i called it "Melvin". It would have been a great candidate for Pimp My Ride.
68. i believe naming your car is good luck. but then again, i'm on car number 7 and i'm only 24. i've had the silver surfer, melvin, scout/boo radley, beteguise, white lightning, leroy, and the black pearl.
69. i always have to have a green room. in my college apartment, my bedroom was easter egg green. i painted my room at andrea's blah green. my dining area in my condo is mint chocolate chip ice cream green.
70. i'm a very happy-go-lucky type of girl, but i get frustrated very easy and get a lump in my throat any time i think something is wrong and it's my fault.
71. i'm also a very jealous person. any time a girl even looks at my man i want to scratch her eyeballs out.
72. i'm very good at hiding my emotions.
73. i've never been in a fist fight where i fought back.
74. i went to summer camp for 4 summers when i was a kid and loved every minute of it. except for that one time this girl hit me twice and i didn't fight back.
75. i'm a pacifist, always have been.
76. i believe in karma, always have.
77. i've never been religious.
78. i've never voted for george bush.
79. i hate talking about politics.
80. i would never bungi jump, but i'd love to try sky-diving.
81. i'm afraid of deep water. especially if it's dark.
82. i'm afraid of spiders and sharks. but not snakes.
83. i sing in the shower, but only when i'm alone in the house.
84. in case you didn't know it already from how much i talk about it, i hate summer.
85. i have 2 other blogs that you don't know about :)
86. for a brief period of time in college, i was big into the "meet me" section of i met several boys that way, but only one was face-to-face. we ended up hitting it off, and he introduced me to Six Feet Under, one of the greatest t.v. shows ever made.
87. i'm going to strive to eat at as many Mellow Mushrooms as possible. so far i have 5 down: boone, blowing rock, wilmington, asheville, and columbia. 40 more to go!
88. i've kissed the blarney stone.
89. i was in marching band for 6 years and i loved it. i played the clarinet, and for a while the trumpet too.
90. i have quite possibly the WORST singing voice you will ever hear. ask anyone who's ever heard me. ask my middle school chorus teacher who had the pleasure (or displeasure) of hearing me try out for chorus in 7th grade. i didn't make it.
91. i'm very into NFL. i currently have 2 fantasy football teams, who aren't doing too good...
92. i have an overactive immune system. i very rarely get sick and when i do, it's only for a very short period of time. i heal quickly too.
93. i got mono once in 10th grade and only missed 2 days of school. i got it from being on the girl's soccer team.
94. i do NOT like country music, and i don't think i ever will.
95. my favorite band plays blue-grassy type rock (the avett brothers).
96. i collect homies, decks of cards, snowglobes, anything to do with star wars, johnny depp, or maps.
97. i won this year's office NC-AA pool by picking Florida. i picked them just because i was born there. and i won $153.00! and spent it on sheets and a vacuum cleaner.
98. i own my own condo, at the ripe old age of 24.
99. i have never successfully kept a new year's resolution. but i'm thinking this year might be the year. my resolution was to be happy and be myself.
100. i am in love.*

*all items on this list are subject to change. get over it.


Katie said...

Well done. I didn't realize you were such a Beck stalker. Scary. I want to know about these 2 secret blogs...

Allison said...

don't we all.. don't we all.

sam said...

I <3 Allison!

But you forgot to mention Max Cavalera's autograph and I know how much you love Sepultura and Soulfly =P

I am also curious about these other 2 blogs.