Wednesday, December 27, 2006

christmas wrap up (hehehe i'm so punny!)

well i'd say santa was good to me this year:
santa was good to me.

here's my list of some of the gifts i recieved:

-a drill (woohoo!) i asked for

-a toolkit i asked for

-a bottle of parrot bay (which i finished off that same night)

-4 dvds (sandlot, friends series finale, benny & joon, and goonies)

-a sweater, scarf, and earrings (among other nice things) from jared's family

-a really pretty necklace and earrings from my future sister-in-law

-pirate stuff (for my bathroom and because, hello? it's me!)

-wheel of fortune handheld game (to keep me entertained!)

-a digital photography kit from stephen

-some moolah from daddy

-the harry potter bookset from jared

-and an amazing digital picture frame from my sweety! i love that boy.

the best part of christmas was getting to spend all day saturday with my family, and all day monday with my jared and his family.

us, christmas 2006

i still have a few gifts left to give/recieve, but the majority of christmas is over, and for once, i'm sad about it.

so i gave myself a nice little christmas present last night. actually, it's a gift from me to me and to all of you.

i gave my two weeks notice at the brush last night.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

um.. really?

Sounds like I need to check out another amazing Appalachian team. Apparently, our basketball team is kickin' butt too!

I've never been a big basketball fan, but this seems like something Katiebonk and I should check out!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Since when is Christmas less than a week away?!

Last week I was thinking my shopping was almost done and now somehow I've added 4 more people to my list. Who knew gaining a sister-in-law (in April my brother Alan is marrying his gf Wendy) means that I need to get her a little something? And Andrea (my old roomie) told me yesterday that she has a little something for me. And since I'll be staying with my sweetie's parents Christmas Eve I would like to get a little something for them, or at least his mother and sister.

Aye Aye Aye!

Oh, and what's all the crud about it being 70 degrees today? It IS DECEMBER! Hello!! Weather Gods! You're slacking on the job! Give me some snow! When I moved to Hickory from Kannapolis, I was told I'd see some snow in the winter. And? nothing. Two winters so far with no snow. Oh how I miss the Boone winters...

PS I've decided to forgo the telling of the worst day ever that I talked about at the end of my post about Chattanooga. I'll just say this: If that mean old witch ever comes back into the brush while I'm working I'll tell her where she can shove that shot of 7 and 7. :P (why would you want to make a stranger cry?)

Monday, December 18, 2006

this just in...

i've finally posted my pictures from the championship!!
just click on Richie and me!
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almost TOO much excitement for one weekend.

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So as you probably already know, Appalachian won their 2nd consecutive national championship game Friday night, beating UMASS 28-17. I think that might have been the most fun day I've had, ever.


-took a LOT of pictures.

-got to eat at the yum-diddily-umptious Mellow Mushroom in Chatanooga (that makes 6 different MMs)

-had my picture taken with my sign by at least 20 random people I don't know, and a few I did know, including Blue Ridge Blog's Marie, who I finally got to meet! She even blogged about meeting me (under 2nd picture). I'm still amazed I picked her out of the GINORMOUS crowd after never having actually seen her face.

-I got to meet and get an autograph from Richie Williams! I have a picture, which I will be posting later. What a nice guy.

-I got a cool face tattoo (fake of course) of Yosef, given by Ray the Weather Guy's wife. When I told her I had had him as a lab instructor at ASU she laughed and told me she was sorry. I wish it had been him telling me he was sorry. That class made me cry on more than one occasion. (C++ is a pain in the A++)

-I ran into so many people I know! Including my boss and his family, and a lot of people from the Hickory area! I was there with Katie, Daniel, Stephen (who I bugged into riding with me!) Alisa, Matt, Chad, Jeff, and Tracy.

-Our seats were pretty bad but it was okay because back row = nobody behind you getting mad because you stand on your seat the whole game.

-I yelled so much I lost my voice by halftime. I'm still hoarse today (3 days later).

-Skydivers brought in the game ball!

-There were fireworks (I LOVE FIREWORKS!!!) before and after the game.

-I have a crazy weird video of different points before, during, and after the game.

-The ASU Marching Mountaineers Rock.

-Armanti Edwards and Kevin Richardson and the rest of the football team rock.

-Yosef Rocks (especially when I went to give him a hug and he picked me up and twirled me around!)

-My friends rock.

Let's just sum up by saying I had a really great time! Pictures to come soon!

Also soon to come: This great day was followed by the next day, which was one of the Worst Days Ever. Look for the sordid details soon to come. :(

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Monday, December 11, 2006

going for 2! for real!

Thank Yosef for the Appalachian Mountaineers. After a long and disappointing season from my other 'Neers (the Tampa Bay Buccaneers), I am so glad for my alma mater's fantabulous football program. Watching the game on Saturday, (on HDTV!) I couldn't help but get a little nostalgiac for the days when I was a Marching Mountianeer (2000 and 2001). I wish I could find a picture for proof...

None of that matters now though, because Friday I, along with 20,000 or so other Mountaineer fans, will be in Chatanooga to cheer on Armanti Edwards, Kevin Richardson, and the rest of the most amazing football team in the country. 27 straight wins at home, and now we're going for 2 straight NCAA championships!

I'm bringing with me a UNCC graduate who will be a transplant on Friday. I've already told him he better wear some black and gold Friday, or he's being left behind!

Remember this from last year?

Expect something equally amazing this Friday night.

It really is great to be a Mountaineer.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

"joe waple is hot"

i'm going to tell you about the one and only trend i ever started.

i'm still not sure why i did it. maybe it was the thrill of anonymous graffiti. maybe it was because i thought he'd know it was me and then we'd be together and live out the rest of our days in harmonious bliss that all started with those four words.
or maybe i was under the influence of some illegal substance. who knows.

but 3 years ago, i wrote "joe waple is hot" on the wall of the rankin science elevator.


at age 21.

the next day everyone on 4th floor rankin was discussing it, making jokes, and asking around "who did it?"

i heard that one of the funnier geography professors even went up to him to feel his forehead, then said, "you feeling okay? i heard you were hot."

within two days everyone and their mother decided to write about who they felt was hot in the elevator. i even read one that said "mike mayfield is hot" (mike mayfield is one of the friendlier (and in his 40s) geography professors.

'ye olde ozone flyer' (as it is called) had never seen so much action.

of course the next week one of the senior staff members brought in a can of paint and decided to end everyone's fun. each time he rode the elevator he brought the can of paint with him to make sure he was covering up every single piece of graffiti.

it was fun while it lasted.

did joe know it was me? i don't know. he jokingly said "it had to be you" to me one day, so maybe.

wherever joe is now (i heard wilmington, nc) i hope every once in a while he thinks back to that elevator and says to himself, "i was hot."


so, here's my latest dilemma:

next friday i am going to go to chatanooga for the ncaa division 1-AA championship game to watch appalachian go for 2 (that is, IF we beat youngstown st this saturday). my dilemma is that i reaaaaaaaaaaaaally don't want to drive 4 hours by myself. so, who wants to take off friday afternoon and go with me (IF we win on saturday)????

we'll come back friday night or we could find a hotel somewheres and come back saturday morning!

i don't care what it takes, i'm GOING to chatanooga (IF we win on saturday). if i have to go by myself i will.. but sheesh that's a long way by myself..

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


well i finally found something for jared, something that i can wrap. it's really not that big of a deal, but i think it's cool. if you want to know what it is, ask me and i'll email you. :)

oh and i'm kind of afraid because yesterday brad called and asked for jared's number, and then they talked and now jared knows what brad's getting me for christmas.. which probably means brad knows what jared is getting me.. i have no clue for either of them. i do know that now i need to get something ELSE for brad since he spent more than the $20.00 i told him he was allowed to spend on mine (which is all i spent on his). hmm. oh well.

and i'm also excited because it's secret santa time at the brush. and for once, i have no idea who my secret santa is!

i'm in a much better mood this christmas than last year. thank goodness.

Monday, December 04, 2006

21 days til christmas.... :O!!!!

jared got my xmas present yesterday. i have no idea what it is but i'm excited to say the least.. and now i'm really freaking because i still would like to get him something i can wrap to go along with his duke ticket. nothing huge, but something i can wrap damn it! aaaaaaaaaa and i still have to put up my christmas tree but i'm waiting for the fish to move next door.

we are doing secret santa at the brush and OF COURSE i drew the boss' name out of the basket. wee. responsibility! and speaking of responsibility i will soon begin training in the bar! yep! i will be the official thursday night bartender. that is, of course, if my background check comes out clean :)

my christmas plans are starting to shape up-ish. saturday the 23rd i will go to my ma's for christmas there. then i work christmas eve (where i will make tons of mad cash). and then on xmas day i'm going to canton to hang with jared and his family.

then waaaaaaaaay down the line on the 30th i'm going to my daddy's up in the mountains for that christmas. oh, and then of course later that night is my new years eve squared party. yall better show up!

oh yea and goooooooooo appalachian! hell yea 2 more games to go to be 2 time champions!!

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(i didn't take this)

Friday, December 01, 2006


i'm in an awful mood.
i hate it when i get drunk and say stupid stuff. and then that spirals into way-too-real conversations that leave you feeling like you've been hit by an eighteen-wheeler truck. and then all you feel is numb. i feel numb today.
but as is my tradition, i'll be ok by tomorrow because i'll push the numb feeling back down.

and i don't want to talk about it.. so then why'd i bring it up? because it's my blog and i'm supposed to be able to do that here.