Friday, June 30, 2006


i told my ex-beau adam about what was going on with me and this is how he responded:
"younger women are at a pretty low risk for advanced cervical cancers. Growths, if they are abnormal, are often just a pre-cancerous dysplasia (no, i had to look it up) that can be removed easily. If the growth has become cancerous its unlikely to have spread far and can also be removed easily. Cancers in red-headed classy broads are almost unheard of. The wearing of an eye patch and going "yarrr" has been shown to be highly effective in the prevention of cancers of the cervix and of the parrot."

rather than type out AGAIN what my "results" were i'll just copy and paste from my response to him:
"wow it is so sweet of you to look all of that stuff up for me. the pre-cancerous dysplasia is pretty much what i have. HPV between levels II and III. i have to go in for a cone biopsy on july 24th. i get a week off of both jobs though! they said something about the bad cells are like right on the edge of what they took out with the leap test and they just want to make sure there aren't any more any further in. my mother had a cone biopsy in '75 which is why she had to have 3 cessarian sections. i don't know how to spell cessarian but i think that's right. anywho surgeries have improved since then so i might not have to have c-sections.. but i don't think i would mind if i had too. but i have a looooooong time before i ever have to worry about that one. "

yea.. so i'm not worried.

carmen got a new car and it is the hotness.

tonight i work with big pete! yay!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

bad mood for 2 reasons.

1) i cooked dinner last night for big pete. despite accidentally poring the first batch of noodles down the drain, the food was spectacular. it was the best chicken parmesan i've ever made. yep. things were going great. he was kissy and sweet. and then his brother called. and convinced him to come out to ham's (which is in walking distance of my house). guess who wasn't invited. i cleaned up a little (i had cooked at his house) then i went home. to sit on my couch. alone. i even hinted that i wanted to go. i would have loved to have met his brother.. but then.. his brother doesn't even know about me. nor do his parents.

2) the doctor's office called me yesterday with some "test results". and by "test results" i mean not actually tell me test results but tell me i need to go into the office to talk to the doctor about the supposed "test results" and what they mean. now my mom is taking tomorrow off to go with me to the doctor when i discuss the "test results" that they wouldn't tell me.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


this online quiz totally impressed me. it guessed me right.

Monday, June 26, 2006

weekend, etc.

well i'd say i had a pretty good weekend this time around. friday night was a no-brush night since i had called in sick the night before. apparently being a female occasionally DOES pay off. so i celebrated not brushing it up by hanging out at el paso, the best mexican restaurant this side of texas, with a bunch of whoopacog co-workers. beer is a necessary evil i do believe. dos equis just has some sort of power over me. eventually i sobered up and left to go to walmart where i bought a few things i don't need and eventually managed to get out of there and go home. talked to big pete for an hour on the phone and fell asleep around 1 am. then my body decided i needed to wake up at 10 am. stupid internal sleep clock. ah well. saturday i was back at the brush serving up a big steaming pile of bad service :). but at least i worked all night with big pete. i got finished around 10:30 pm but i waited around the brush until 12 am for big pete to get finished cleaning the kitchen! we were going to go out drinking or whatever. but by the time we got to his house (where he was going to change) we decided it would be more fun to just sit around and watch a movie. we watched eurotrip. this is an exceptionally funny movie. the best part of course, was that i was able to cuddle through the whole thing.

then sunday josh, carmen, big pete, and i went to the crawdad's game where the 'dads got their asses handed to them. sad stuff. we lost 12-2. in baseball that's just plain awful. anywho.. tomorrow night i am cooking for big pete. scarey! next thing you know my mom will need to meet him.. my dad has already requested it.. yikes! i only hope i don't screw up the recipe or something..

my california ex-boyfriend has been calling me EVERYDAY lately. i haven't talked to him in months, but i finally did on thursday. now he has been calling every. single. night. and usually it's around 1 am. when i'm asleep. he's lived in cali for 2.5 years now and STILL doesn't get the 3 hour time difference thing!! aaah!! it's not that i don't want to talk to him, because i love talking to him, but he always talks for like 2 hours and won't let me hang up. and he talks about trying to get me to move out there. and how he still loves me. and he thinks about me a lot. and how i should "stop seeing this jared guy" and be with him. oy.
no thanks.
i like big pete too much for all of that.

one last thing, check out this awesome website/video of matt, the dancing guy (no, not THAT dancing guy). this is amazing and i SO want to do this one day.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


i have had NO energy the last couple of weeks. I get enough sleep for the most part. Some people would say i get too much sleep. that's a load of squash if you ask me. i like the fact that i'm only working at the brush 3 days a week. i've got plenty of time to do whatever i need to do.. the only problem is finding the energy to do it. maybe it's because i've stopped drinking my morning coffee. but i doubt it. the coffee seemed to stop having an effect on me anyways. i cut back on soda. one a day at most. mostly a lot of water now. maybe it's the diet. i bought nutrisystem food. it's pretty decent food for diet food.

i'm thinking what i need to do is get up in the morning and go to the gym. but damn, that doesn't sound appealing. i'd have to get up at like, 6:30. ew. i promised myself a long time ago that i'd never have a job where i had to get up earlier than 7. yea, i know that sounds stupid. but i think sleep is the most important thing in life. more important than boys. did i really just say that? weird.

this weekend: tonight i may or may not be going to a crawdad's game, depending on how i feel after visiting the doctor. tomorrow i work both jobs. saturday i work again *surprise*. but sunday, big pete, carmen, josh and i are going to the crawdad's game on a double date. ;0 i'm excited about this. tuesday i may or may not be cooking big pete dinner. he better watch out. if he's not careful, i might just be falling for him. wonder if it would freak him out if i told him that....

hmm.. taking things slow is difficult when i think about him about 300 times a day.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Monday, June 19, 2006


well it was another long and fun weekend (Mostly) but now i'm soooooooooooooooo tired and worn out. i would have to say my weekend started thursday with the carowinds trip with katie! that was awesome. the best part was when katie told me they served BEER at carowinds. after i drank 2 beers, we rode the BORG assimilator. that couldn't have been more fun.. especially doing the 'superman' upsidedown.. good stuff! that ride really does rock. after leaving carowinds, we headed back to hickory to catch the rest of the crawdad's game with a whole bunch of COG people. thirsty thursdays really are the best. then for even MORE fun we all headed to ham's afterwards.

friday was a long day of working two jobs, but it ended well with jared (big pete), me and B (who drove in from durham) going to O'charlie's and then back to my place. good times :).

sunday B and i went to a wedding in jamestown, nc at this castle place. that was pretty fun. i really like going to weddings with B. we always have fun dancing the night away. as soon as the photographer puts the pictures on the internet, i'll show you some pictures of us dancing. the most awesome part was my dress. we went to jcpenney that day (last minute, thanks to brad) to buy him a pair of dress pants. while we there i figured i'd look around, and i found this awesome dress, for $30.00! woohoo! i LOVE it. makes me feel purty! had so much fun wearing it to the wedding, that when we got back to hickory at 11:00 i made brad go to Splassh, a nightclub in hickory, so we could go dancing. that may not have been the best idea as i was the worst dancer there. i never said i was good! but it's also hard to do that kind of dancing in a dress. note to self: next time i want to go hiphop dancing, wear some f'ing jeans already!

ah well! then yesterday i worked a double! that sucked. except i made decent money. AND i got to hang out all day with big pete. we even ate lunch together on our little break :) awe. starting to really dig this one.. ok i already did really dig him. but now i'm starting to reaaaaaaaaaaaaally dig him.

me at the wedding:
that suit of armor was a perv!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

dear brush patrons...

To all the potential patrons of the brush, a list of dos and don'ts:

1. DO make reservations to come in after your daughter's high school graduation with 30 of your closest friends at 10:00 p.m. when you know the restaurant closes at 11:00, but be sure to only ACTUALLY bring 19 people who straggle in one at a time until 10:30 when you are finally ready to order.

2. DON'T simply take your drink that the bartender has made for you. DO complain many times to your server that it tastes like water and needs more alcohol.

3. DO order about 17 DIFFERENT items so that the kitchen has to dirty every single dish that they've already had washed once that night.

4. DON'T watch your kids to make sure they aren't running all over the restaurant acting like assholes. After all, the servers are also getting paid to babysit.

5. DO spill a drink.

6. DO smoke in the non-smoking section since "no one else is around, ya'll"

7. DON'T clean up your wrapping paper and card envelopes from your gifts.

8. DEFINITELY DON'T tip your server more than the standard 15%.

9. DO jokingly tell your server you wanted to go to IHOP while giving her your exact 15%.

10. DO wait until 11:45 (45 minutes after restaurant closes) to leave.

11. DO call in an hour later to ask if someone has found the car title and $400.00 you misplaced.

12. DO show up at the restaurant at 8 am the next morning to dig through our dumpster after you've already made three cooks dig through it the night before looking for the car title and $400.00 you misplaced. And then DO claim that you found a TOGO box with the car title sitting on top of the dumpster with NO $400.00 in it.

13. DO call the regional brush manager that day and tell him you want Allison, the other waitress that was helping her, AND the hostess who helped clean up all fired for stealing your $400.00.

14. DON'T listen when the regional manager tells you there's no way in hell he'll be firing us because you lost your $400.00.


Where we're going, we don't need Roads.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

big ben's helmet found!

someone found Ben Roethlisberger's helmet!

roethlisberger + motorcycle - helmet = sad allison

no word yet on whether or not he'll be able to play next year, but Big Ben had a 7 hour surgery yesterday to repair a broken jaw and nose. he also lost teeth? he'll still be beautiful to me. i'll still marry his busted up face and give him 25 kids. i bet they had to put steel plates in his head. maybe that will make him more badass on the field. how can anyone ride a motorcycle without a helmet? stupid! i'm never going to ride one again, i'll tell you that much. when you start out like this:

and end up like this:
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that's just not cool. oh roethlisbaby, why can't you just play by the rules, you rebel!? i guess it's because he's 24. being 24 myself, i know and understand the need to hold on that youth. i just hope he'll grow up now.

Monday, June 12, 2006

OH NO!! not roethlisberger!

According to this article, Ben Roethlisberger was in a bad motorcycle accident today and is the hospital! It says he'll be okay, but what if this is the end of his NFL days? No more Roethlisbrady dreams? I.. I.. love him... :( *sigh* I hope he'll be okay.

good stuff

i got the soundtrack to dirty dancing in the mail the other day. i can't stop listening to it. especially the "don't you feel like crying" song. it's the one that's playing in the movie when baby and johnny are dancing alone in his cabin. man... good song. and good movie. my mother and i watched it yesterday with elora. she's five so we figured it was about time to introduce her to one of the best movies ever made. is it weird that i got emotional just looking at the pictures from the movie in the cd booklet?

Friday, June 09, 2006


yesterday i was GPS'n and some kid walks by with his bicycle. he asked if there was some kind of construction going on (i wear an orange vest while GPS'n). I told him what i was doing, and he said "oh okay, i thought you were in high school and was wondering why a high school girl would be doing construction". then i told him no, that i was a liiiiiiiitle older than high school.

then i thought about what he would have thought if i had told him my age. i'm 24. he would have thought, 'hey, that's 10 years older than me'. then i thought about the fact that it has been 10 years since i started high school. eugh.
getting old sucks. ;(

carmen and i looked through ALL of my photo albums from high school and college last night. i have about 20 of them. the memories! i need to scan some of the better ones.. but who's got time really? oh, and of course we came across a lot of ex-boyfriend pics. but for the first time in a long time, i didn't long for those days. i didn't think 'awe... wish i could be with xxxx again.' know why? because i thought of big pete. he makes me uber-happy these days. he even invited me to go see him last night.

alright anyways who knows what today is?!?!?!

it's JOHNNY's Birthday!!
Happy Birthday Johnny Depp! (he's 43)

i have a black and white poster of the second picture.. does that make me weird? it's not like i have it up anywhere... i just have it in storage.. :)

come on, admit it, he's the most beautiful man on the planet..
anywho here's the toast!

everyone raise a glass!
and stick out your ass!
A toast to us all tonight!
now blow off the foam!
there's no going home!
So drink to your heart's delight!

there we go! celebration time!

28 days til POTC2!!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

*666* The Omen

Last night Carmen, Brian the dj/cook and I went to see The Omen. Yep, that's right, on 6/6/06. It was the 9:40 showing that ended right before midnight. I read some reviews that said they didn't like it because it was too much like the original, which is funny because most remakes get bad reviews for being nothing like the originals. Since I've never seen the original, I didn't have any problems. This was actually a pretty decent scary movie! We got some of the LAST tickets for the show so Brian didn't get to sit with us girls, but he was right behind us.

Very seldom does a movie actually make me scared. There were 3 times during this movie that I literally jumped out of my seat and involuntarily screamed out "JESUS!". Why? I'm not religious, so I don't understand why that is what I screamed. Ah, well. Carmen said my screaming scared her more than the movie. I don't know why these things scared me. Overall, for making me jump, I liked it. I won't be buying the DVD or anything, but I wasn't disappointed.

I was so afraid I was going to have nightmares last night. Luckily, since I've stopped drinking caffiene after 5 p.m., I fall asleep really easily and I sleep like a log. No nightmares for me!

Happy June 7th!

Guess what Friday is!!!
Oh, and 30 more days til POTC2!!

Oh and for those of you paying attention, yes, I have been using capitalization in this post. Don't get used to it.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

tee hee!!

*insert girly happy giggle now*
Big Pete is oh so sweet

"everytime we touch, i get this feeling"

edit: ok i did have a really cute video of Meatwad playing.. but it was too big and made my blog look all funky so i took it down.. i think this is the link.. but if not, i'll have to fix it when i get home since my youtube is blocked at my office. damn the beaver man!

please ignore the obnoxious giggle near the end.. i never realized before that that's what i sound like. ech. no more giggling for me.. i think..

not in a funk anymore. had too good of a weekend for that. nothing really special happened over the weekend, it was just good. i've decided that snuggly/gigglyness is my new favorite activity. yea. snuggly/gigglyness.

so has anyone heard this song "everytime we touch" by cascada? it's this techno-y poppy song i keep hearing places.. and now.. i'm addicted to it. i could.not.stop. singing it last night. i even downloaded it on itunes. it's so not my normal type of song. but i LIKE it! maybe it'll be my new theme song.. well, maybe i shouldn't go that far! we'll just say i like it very much!

Thursday, June 01, 2006