Thursday, July 28, 2005

this is the end

i am formally ending my blog now. this is the last one. i have enjoyed having a blog, but now this blog is no longer able to offer me the one thing that blogs are supposed to be able to offer, freedom. freedom to write whatever i want about whatever i want, how i'm feeling and such, without having to worry about pissing anyone off. i know i only have one, maybe two readers. but one of my possible readers is someone who i have something to say about, and since i'd rather them not read about it (i'd rather tell them straight to their face how i really fuckin feel about them right now), i'm just not going to write about it. i'd like to, but i don't want to take any chances. i'd like to write about how incredibly pissed off i am at this person for doing what they've been doing, but i can't. if i don't get the oppurtunity to tell them to their face, then i may write about it. eventually. but not here.

thanks for the few months of outlet that you've provided, but now it's time to say goodbye.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

i want my $5.50 back.

= Worst Movie EVER!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 25, 2005

guess what i did saturday night!

i thought it was going to be really gay and stupid, but i actually had a lot of fun... two times in the hot spot with the host and the one from charlotte (second from left, standing).. he was HOT!!!!
the girl i'm sitting on is april, one of my girls from raliegh..

we dressed like "hoochie mamas", supposedly. i hate that term, but we had fun none the less.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

good morning starshine, the earth says hello

i love this movie. everything about it. especially the colors.
Image hosted by

go see it. don't be all "but he's not gene wilder, and i'm an f'ing hippy who refuses to ever try anything new because i'm an asshole". seriously. go see it.

i had chocolate cake on friday, and i was trying to get my coworker to eat some of it, so i described it by saying, "if willy wonka was to throw up in my mouth, this is what it would taste like."

Monday, July 18, 2005

cool weekend.

i had an awesome weekend, so i feel like sharing.

friday: charlie and the chocolate factory with katie.
AWESOME movie. johnny is outstanding!!
the chocolate was beautiful, the colors were beautiful!
i loved it!!
then to kohl's to try and find katie's slingblade-esque appstate friend. no good, he was off.
then to tap room, for beers with andrea. i thought i saw trey at the bar, so katie called him, no good, he was in asheville drunk. but he told katie that we were welcome to go to his apartment and hang out and drink his beer.. he even told katie that he left a key on the porch .. hehe...
so we decided we should pull a prank and go to his apartment and take a bunch of pictures inside with some random object from my car, and then leave it in some obscure place in his apartment. we figured since he was drunk, he wouldn't remember telling us to go to his apartment.. then we were gonna have random people email the pictures to him.. heheh..
BRILLIANT!! but then we got to his house and couldn't find the damn key!! oh well. it WAS a great idea...
so then i went over to carmen's for Poker. put in five dollars and almost immediately lost it.. dustin got upset over some unsavory advice on satterfield's part.. so then he went out and we went to the WAHO. good food, retarded waitress.. i really don't care about your dogs lady.. if i did, i would ask.
so then we went back and hung out for a little bit........................not much else ;)

got home at 3 am!!

got up at 8 am! and andrea, katie, cathy, and i headed for carowinds and had an awesome time!! see pictures in my flickr.. of course right before we left that morning, i stepped on a piece of glass, so all day long i'm having to be careful walking.. and i got sunburnt all to hell, and SOOOOOOO bloody tired. but hey, it was worth it! definitely had fun.. we rode SOOOOO many rides... the new BORG Assimilator ride kicks so much ass. you lay down and go upside down. the hour long wait was completely worth it..
but then we rode some water rides, which were super cool.. definitely the best way to end the day..
stopped at shoney's on the way home. and saw cathy's super cute dog.. bought a lotto ticket in south carolina, so i can get out of debt :)
the plan was for me to then go to a party in charlotte, to see some friends i hadn't seen in years.. but by the time i took a shower, i was so bloody tired and in so much pain (foot and burn) that all i could do was go to sleep.. *sigh* i suck.

here's the crazy part. well not really, i don't consider it crazy but some might..
i went to charlotte to meet. .... a boy!! yes, i met a boy, a boy that i've been talking to on the internet for a while.. i know, "the internet" is decieving, i could get abducted, it never works out.. all that shit, but i don't care. i had fun, and he is really nice..
he took me to this parking deck (haha, don't judge) in charlotte, the 7th street station. it's really cool, you walk around outside and there are these panels that you push on and it plays sounds.. it's so awesome... there is even a riddle posted outside and we SOLVED it.! yay! when you solve the riddle, it plays you a song and lights up all pretty! it was so oooooooo cool. i would love to post pics of it, but my stupid camera wouldn't work. that's what i get for leaving my good one at home. oh well. then we went to eat, had some good conversation and pizza, and beer. then we went to the movies to see war of the worlds.. which is a weird movie.. it's REALLY good until the end, when you're just like.. "wait a minute. that doesn't make any sense. none at all"... oh well.
so anyways i had a really good time.. and i hugged him good night.. cause it was a proper date..
had fun..
got home at 11 and went immediately to sleep after a good long weekend..
now, if only i could go back to sleep.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

drivin sure is fun when your prescription ain't quite right.

so i go to the eye doctor today.. and they give me some contacts.. i can tell right away that something isn't quite right. he does the eye exam and everything.. and then he tells me that they're a little off, so they'll have to order some more. i figured then they would tell me to go ahead and take out the ones i have in, since they're not right. but no, he tells me to go ahead and wear these if i want, since they're still better than no corrective lenses.
let me just say now, these are OFF. my perception is wrong, and looking at this computer screen requires work.. i may have to switch back to my glasses until the goodn's come in, cause this is freaky.. well, ten more days... i hope the next pair fits better.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

fastest mullet in france

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best mullet i've seen in weeks.. although yesterday i definitely saw a skullet while GPSn.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Riley as a puppy

Riley as a puppy
Originally uploaded by laserone.
oh my god this dog is so friggin cute.. i want a pug so bad.. i can't wait til i have my own house and my own pug.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

you swept me away

ok, so everyone in the hick-o-ry area knows all of this but so what.. it's been raining all day and everyone's all talking about the hurricane comin through NC.. well up here in Catawba County we definitely got to see it. i went to the gym for lunch, and it was all rainy and shit, but not bad. then, as i was walking on the treadmill, i noticed the rain start to get heavier, and heavier.. and the sky get darker and darker... then one of the Yployees went to one of the tvs and turned up the volume (which NEVER happens) .. so i turned off my ipod and listened: tornado warning in effect for catawba county, nc til 1:30 pm. Great. for those of you who don't remember weather class in 7th grade, warning means that there has actually been a sighting of a funnel cloud. so then they made all of us leave the workout room and go into the spinner room and sit there for like 20 minutes. being the genius that i am, i noticed the big radio in the room and found a local station, so we could listen to the weather report. "well, from our cameras on the water tower in lenoir, we can see the funnel cloud moving over northwest catawba county (hickory). it appears to be moving through downtown (where the Y is) and now up towards NE hickory (where my house is)... " etc. etc. etc. that's friggin crazy.. luckily, it did very minimal damage to hickory, at least the parts i saw coming back in from lunch. when the finally let us leave, the little creek that runs past the Y was definitely breaching the normal banks and over the little footbridge..
argh!! my house is going to blow away!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

whoopty doo.

i love the fourth of july. it makes me sooo happy. it's like one big firework all day long.. the loud noises and the colors just make me feel cozy for some reason..

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i also love the mountains.. especially boone. i think if i were to choose one place to live forever, it'd be boone. every time i go back to visit, all i can think about is how awesome it was to live in such a beautiful place.

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i love my best friend, B. he's got a way of always being there for me..

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these are just a few things that make me happy.. i have many loves.. what makes you really happy?

Friday, July 01, 2005

uh oh, i'm gonna be broke............. more broke

holy shit, look what i bought!! myprecious

don't judge! i'm only paying 9 bucks a month for it.. ok i'll probably pay more than that a month.. i'll try and pay it off quickly.. but it's so pretty and i like taking pics a lot, so maybe one day with this, i'll actually be good at it.. i hope.