Monday, July 31, 2006

super aweee

big pete and me at o'charlie's friday night:
he's only a liiiiiittle bit trashed


well, i didn't die from having too much fun. but i did have a pretty good weekend. friday night i went up to boone *just because*. it was beautiful.. til it started raining :P. then when i got back in town big pete called me from o'charlie's where he was having a little too much fun, so i went and picked him up. hehehe.

saturday was the big day. got to meet big pete's entire family.. all at once! scary! actually they were all really cool. his mom reminds me a lot of my mom, only less perverted. his sister reminds me a lot of myself when i was 21. and it turns out i actually used to work with his brother a LONG time ago at Park Place on campus. so that was pretty cool. they were nice, and he has a big sweet boxer doggie that gave me super sweet doggie kisses!

then we went to the shroom, (mellow mushroom). it was.. eh.. not as good as the one in boone. but it's all good. bele chere was pretty gorgeous. there were SO many people there. i took a LOT of mullet pictures. did a lot of walking around. we ran into so many of big pete's friends. then we saw train. train is a band that i would never really buy their CD because i know i wouldn't listen to it.. but they are GREAT live. i mean really good. i would have taken pictures and/or video but my camera's battery died. they ended the show with Drops of Jupiter, which is a song that got me through some MAJOR heartbreak in college. then they came back for an encore and sang 'Dream On'. it was freaking awesome. they sounded just like Led Zeppelin. REally good show. but of course by the end, i was so tired i could barely stand up!

yay for all of that!

sunday afternoon i worked at the brush, but it was all good because when i got home, adam was on the way!

NO, i didn't get the hot tub fixed. he would have been able to if only the lowes and/or home depot would have had the damn part we needed! at least, we think that's what we need! so i have to order a part, and when it comes in, i have to install it myself. unfortunately adam can't come back and install it since he's moving to columbia, sc. tomorrow.

it's all good though. it was really nice to see him. we went to backstreets for dinner and sat and talked and reminisced about the good old days for at least 2 hours. then i discovered that he is a fellow fan of the AVETT brothers! (who are definitely my favorite band) so i let him rip all my CD's! they're playing live at the verizon wireless pavilion on august 27th. i'm definitely going. wonder if i can get anyone else to go too...

anywho. so i've had a pretty darn good weekend! looking forward to this one too, even though i don't actually have any plans other than the brush on saturday and sunday! woo!

Thursday, July 27, 2006


i'm not sure why anyone would choose to make fun of my dear johnny, but damn, this is funny nonetheless..

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

i survived.

so.. i survived my surgery. yep. mom and i went to the hospital at 6 friggin a.m. on monday. at about 7 a.m. they wheeled me upstairs toward the "operating room". i was out in the hall when the anethesiologist gave me the good stuff. i remember him telling me his two favorite words were "really" and "wow" because when people wake up they and find out they're done, they always say "really? wow". and you know what? i was knocked out while still in the hall. i woke up to a nurse telling me, "you're done sweety" and i said, "really? wow". hehehe. that was it. i don't remember a damn thing. it's pretty cool being unconscious. i should have surgery more often. two times in 4 months is really not enough. i will say this though, the cramps suck. they gave me some prescription motrin, but the vikadin my mom gave me works a whole lot better. and damn i miss hickory. i've only been gone for like 40 hours, but it feels like a week. i miss my cat, i miss my house, i miss my jobs, i miss my friends, and i certainly miss big pete. *sigh* but carmen's coming to get me tomorrow. actually techinically she's coming later today. so that's good.

i talked to my ex-beau adam today, and he's coming to hickory definitely this sunday. to fix my hottub!! he was supposed to come up a few weeks ago, but he ended up being too busy. punk. but he's definitely coming this time. he has to. he's moving to columbia, s.c. in less than two weeks! it's his last chance! plus, he'll be on his way home from his momma's (who lives in va). so it's practically on the way. i wonder if i should tell him about big pete. i mean, it's not like anything will happen with adam. we're beyond all that. happily friends. but still, i wonder if he would be quite so willing to fix my hot tub if he knew i was smitten with another boy. as smitten as i used to be for him... hmm... maybe it'd be best if i didn't tell him. i mean, he's moving to s.c. to go to law school in less than two weeks. what he doesn't know won't hurt him :).

i think i'm going to go back to work thursday. i'm going stir crazy.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

pugs + bowling.

in case you don't know it already, pugs and bowling are two of my favorite things on the planet. here's yet another reason to love both.



next week is seriously creeping up on me. next week, on monday, i have to have the biopsy surgery thing. seems like every single female i talk to has had to have this same procedure. still doesn't make it any better. they also all tell me i'll be fine after 2 days. i'm still taking off the whole week. all i want is a chance to do nothing for a few days. that's all.

i know you're probably all tired of hearing me gush over big pete, but darn it i like that boy.
-i like the fact that we've made plans to go to belleshare (or however you spell it) in asheville on the 29th. this day i may or may not be meeting his entire family. all at once. *scarey*
-i like the fact that he created a flickr account so he could comment on one of my pictures, and that all the pictures he posted on his account are insanely ridiculous pictures of himself. adorable.
-i like the fact that he ended his first comment on my flickr with a "MUAH", which is the spelling of a kiss.
-i like the fact that my friends all seem to like him a lot.

last night, at sagebrush, keri kept saying "your girlfriend" this, and "your boyfriend" that when he and i were around each other. he didn't correct her by saying anything like "not girlfriend" or "not boyfriend". so i guess that means we're official or whatever :)

p.s. i want some of these shoes:
i want some of these shoes.
who's gonna buy me a pair?

Monday, July 17, 2006

i'm trying..

i'm trying to think of something INteresting to post about.. other than my same old weekend post. i DID have a great weekend and DID do a lot of fun things.. but these things are a lot more fun if you were there and you remember them.

i got new contacts. i'm wearing a pair of trials that i put in for the first time today. i'm thinking these are no bueno. they are off. why is it so hard to get my damn prescription right? my eyes CAN'T be that fucked up. really.

saturday night one of my durham/raliegh friends, mike, was looking through the pictures of my camera and saw a picture of big pete. he said he looked familiar. so i told him big pete grew up in canton, and i told him his name. craziness: mike knows big pete. mike went to his high school for ONE year. they even wrestled together. it's a damn small world. damn small. very soon today i will be posting pictures from the pool party/cookout and pictures of meatwad playing with bertha (carmen's dog). check em out.


Thursday, July 13, 2006

sgt. pepper's no longer lonely hearts club

so i've been "seeing" big pete for like 3 months now! that's crazy! last week i was a little drunk and i told him that when he isn't around and someone asked about him i call him my boyfriend. he didn't say anything. he still doesn't call me his girlfriend. this is all so confusing. i feel like i'm back in high school or something. maybe it's time to have "the talk". but then we've already had "the talk" like a month ago and he said he didn't really know what he wanted... so i don't know. i told him i wouldn't push him. so we'll see. i'm being patient. and honestly, i'm not known for my patience. i'm a taurus darn it.

last week when i discovered that he and i are both scheduled off for tonight, i told him it was his turn to cook for me. the other night (tuesday) at the brush we were trying to decide what he should cook for me. then he suggested we just go out to eat. works for me.. but we never decided where. yesterday katie suggested everyone go to sgt. peppers for dinner tonight. so i've decided that's where me and big pete should go. it'll give everyone else a chance to meet him. i'm looking forward to it. i really really like him and want everyone else to see how we are awesome together. plus, i like being out in public with him so other hoes can be jealous of my capture. is that weird? nah...

i haven't exactly told him where we're going tonight.. or that he'd be meeting my friends.. but he'll be okay :)


oh, and congrats to heath and michelle on the engagement!

Monday, July 10, 2006

a good time was had by all

well i've just had an action packed awesome weekend. now i'm so tired i can't hold my head up!

-friday night i went to see the newest awesomest movie ever, pirates of the caribbean: dead man's chest. this movie was totally worth the wait and the hype. is it possible to go wrong with johnny? and pirates? and the coolest part was i got to go to a midnight showing with people i know. (when the first one came out i went by myself to the 9 pm show :( ) i went with Josh and Bradley from the brush, and carmen and big pete. yay!

-saturday i got up and met katie, daniel, andrea, dave p, and the marshalls and daniel's brother and friends and we all went tubing down the green river. what a good time! three hours floating down the river drinking beer! and it was katie's birthday so we had an especially awesome time! happy birthday katie!!!
happy birthday katie!
-after tubing we all went home and then out to el paso for more beer! and yummy mexican food!

-then i went over to carmen's to dry my sheets and quilt since meatwad peed on my bed saturday morning :(

-but it's all good because then i went over to big pete's for poker! it was a big game with carmen, brian the dj/cook, jared (big pete) and justin his roomie, josh and bradley and bradley's friends (brush people). i went out rather quickly, but then so did everyone else. the game ended around 2:30 which was good because i was T.I.R.E.D.! of course, i didn't go to sleep til around 3:30 but that's nothing i want to discuss here :)

-sunday was rather uneventul..

now i'm having trouble keeping my head from bobbing..

by the way, have i said it already? johnny depp is HOT.
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Saturday, July 08, 2006

still hot even covered in kraken snot

johnny depp. need i say more? i went to see POTC earlier tonight. can i just say i was in NO way disappointed? wonderful. just wonderful. and the ending? holy shit! i did not see that coming.

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Monday, July 03, 2006

mmmm bop!

i used to have a crush on taylor hanson. yea, one of the mmmbop kids. he was cute when i was 15 darn it! now, he has a mullet. not just a mullet, but a FEmullet. *sigh* my mistake.


friday at work was just plain awful. it was dead most of the night and the tables i did have were campers. for example i had one table of four that came in at 6pm. they paid at 7.15pm. they left at 9pm. i only had a three table section. people, DON'T do this when you go to restaurants. you are in the way. your server can not make any more money until you leave. assholes. then things were normal as far as i was getting things closed down.. but then at 10.30pm a group of 15 came in. i had to take them since i was closing. can i just say that these people were NOT normal. there was something incredibly wrong with each of them.. i don't know why.. i wish i wish they hadn't come in and made a HUGE mess and acted like idiots.

big pete had left at 11 since he was in the kitchen. because he had to get up early, it was pretty much understood that i wouldn't be spending time with him that night. i had had a rough night, i was tired and dirty and instead of leaving at the usual 11.15 pm on friday night, i was STILL sweeping at 12am. i was sweeping, and it was only me and the manager, who was in the back. when you're sweeping, you've got nothing to do but think. so i was thinking about the bad night, the bad week, and the fact that i was looking at going home and sitting by myself on a friday night. i was seriously on the verge of crying.

then my pocket vibrated! a text message! from big pete! he invited me over to stay with him, even though he had to be at his brother's house at 7.30 am the next morning. he invited me over just to sleep next to him. he is so perplexingly sweet. everytime i get to thinking i might be disappointed by this boy, he surprises me.