Friday, March 31, 2006

guess what!!

as of today at 5 pm, i am officially a homeowner!!!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

i got bored and played around with this picture of satterfield. you like?

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

american idol

last night no one impressed me. elliot and paris and kathryn were okay. but nobody made me want to vote. so i didn't. oh, and what the HELL was kathryn wearing? ew.

but the worst part of the whole night was chris. sorry. but i fucking HATE creed so much that i wanted to rip off my ears while he was singing. it would have still been a bad performance compared to usual even if he hadn't sang creed.

drops of jupiter has always been one of my favorite songs and ace butchered it. at least that scar is hot.

i predict lisa will be the one to go home tonight. we'll see.

can you tell it left a bad taste in my mouth?

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


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Monday, March 27, 2006

random weekend stuff

here's a few random things i did over the weekend...

*ate yummy jamaican food at the jamaican me crazy restaurant with daniel, katie, and daniel's mom. she's cool. oh, and i'm well aware that the name of the place is actually "island style restaurant", but "jamaican me crazy" sounds way cooler.

*went to an Arbonne skincare party. i'm just not as girly as i should be sometimes. they are really nice products. wish i had a rich husband. and i learned that mineral oil is terrible for your skin.

*went to Walgreen's in hickory for my assignment. Feminine products are fun when made fun of. i'm a little concerned that seth, who assigned me this one, will also be assigning my next task.

*played asshole for the first time since college with three random college student friends of Ace the Corvetter. (I just gave my friend Ace this nickname, so as not to be confused with Ace Young, the American Idol) had fun getting drunk.. and then getting sick :P for the first time in a year.

*almost lost my fourth little piggy to gauze. rewrapped my toe friday night while drunk. this task involves wrapping my pinky toe (which is kind of a dead limb right now) and my fourth little piggy together. i wrapped it a little too tight and woke up with my foot pounding... that shit hurts. had to loosen it up before i could feel my foot again.

*did NOT go out with the two people who i was really looking forward to going out with who i hadn't seen in a LONG time who had promised to come see me this weekend :( chris and elisabeth couldn't make it. :( they're still invited to my party.

*went to O'Charlie's saturday night to party a little with some brushers. while there, i saw Asshole Adrian blatantly going home with a little slutbag whore that just started. this wouldn't be a problem, but for the past month he has been commited to my good friend lindsey. i'm going to get my paycheck from the brush tonight where i will be sure to tell her about this. she'll probably jump on me for being a gossip hound. but she needs to know.

*talked to ex beau adam for an hour. :)


countdown to POTC 2 : 102 days
countdown to birthday party: 33 days
countdown to homeownership: 4 days

Friday, March 24, 2006

love from 3000 miles away

"Dearest Allison Joy,

thank you for reaching out to me. yes i am alive and my phone my phone is down. ive chosen a job here that pays less than mcdonalds. the recieving job for all the books is really easy but it pays less than i was making in boone. i went from 13.5o on my friend's couch to 7.25 in the new house. soooooooo i have had to make some changes. i stopped smoking. for a while. ill smoke again but it wont be the same. something has changed. i miss you a lot. sometimes i see my ex and she tells me i should get back together with you. she doesnt know a thing about you but my friends do. and they say so too. do you think that maybe some day you may want to come out here to americas riskiest experiment? you know now that you are a real estate mogul and all, or do you live in florida with your new boyfriend, what's floridiot? well i gotta go i just e-mailed my dad for 4 hours. no editing either, very good e-mail for me. i don't know if its gonna go right by him or if he'll get it. i think he will. i may forward them to you seee what you think. no editing. 1st thought best thought. let me know. i miss our connection. it did hurt talking to you though, but its good. i miss you. i need to sleep. i'll dream of us. snow, the way you smelled, the way you woke up. my mom's house.
im sleeping. all my love for you
Sean "


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

"look at that pickle"

can i just say, kellie pickler is Adorable! last night she was just ravishing singing patsy cline. i kinda hope she wins. i'm now officially addicted to this season's American idol.
i saw every performance last night... except chris's. damn it. and i heard it was really good. but i was on my way from sagebrush (eating) to carmen's. damn it. that sucks. here's my analysis of everyone:

mandisa: wonderful.

bucky: how the HELL did he get this far.. and did they fix some of his teeth?? i know i'm not imagining things.. i mean, they aren't all fixed but i KNOW his front teeth weren't that straight before. it's an american idol conspiracy.

lisa: BORING. not as good as she used to be. she may be going home tonight.

paris: pretty good. loved the dress.

kevin: the best i've ever seen him perform. but i still don't like him. eat a frickin hamburger!!! gah!!

taylor: i still don't see what the appeal is with him. if he makes it to the top 5 i will seriously ponder the sanity of the country.

kathryn: AWESOME. she is such a great singer. the best in the competition as far as i'm concerned, and her personality is finally coming out here.

kellie: so cute! i'm starting to really like her. i'd vote for her too, but i like boys more :)

elliot: not his best, but i still like him for some reason.

chris: the highlight at the end that i saw was pretty damn good. wish i could have caught the whole thing.

ace: . hmm. i was intensely disappointed in his performance.. yet again. the falsetto at the end was good... but that can't win the competition. they finally did something with his hair, but a hairband would have been better. don't get me wrong, i still voted for him.. but geez, pick a better song next week, damn!!

well anywho. that's my peanut for the day. :P

oh and:
four days after having toe surgery...

on sunday night i ran over my right foot with one of my crutches. it hurt. i jokingly said to andrea "i think i just broke my toe!!"
today as i was getting ready to bathe (which is fun trying not to get left foot wet, by the way) i noticed this bruise. yay. one surgically enhanced left pinky toe, one broken right middle toe resulting from surgically enhanced left pinky toe. :)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

oot and aboot

hehehe aboot.
well folks, i made it alive. my toe surgery went pretty smoothly. they gave me two valiums to start out with, so i was feeling no pain in the Operating Room, although i could feel them scraping my bone. that is a WEIRD feeling.. *shudder***

anywhoo. then i was on crutches all weekend.. at least while i was awake. mostly i spent all weekend asleep. my mommy took care of me.. while i was there we also celebrated my niece madelyn's 2nd birthday. i'm getting old!! my youngest niece is 2 already!! i need to pop one out soon if he is to be close with his cousins.. or.. nah.. i really don't think so.

mmmm cake!!

anywho. no plans for this week other than sleeping a lot. chris and elisabeth, my homies from days of boone, may be coming to visit me friday! we'll see!!

and after having not spoken to each other for about a month, i got a random friendly message from dustin.. hmm..

oh and sunday night i talked to the ex for about an hour on the phone!! he said he was sorry he didn't get to see me this weekend.. well what he actually said was "i would have liked to have seen ya darn it". :) *sigh*

Friday, March 17, 2006

top o the mornin to ye

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happy st. patrick's day yall.
i'm having my toe cut open :(

Monday, March 13, 2006


a few more things. first, i'd like to say, i'm sooooooooooo happy because wednesday night will be my last at the brush for at least a MONTH. but i promised them i'd come back, at least for a little while, because they're giving me a nice microwave. so maybe i'll work there again one day...

i played poker saturday night and actually WON! believe it or not! then last night (sunday) at the brush i made 80 dollars! i had to work my ass off, but i did it!

lastly, i'm joining, for stephen, my coworker. i can't explain what it is, you just have to read it for yourself. start at the bottom and read up. i'm going to really really try to keep up with this for stephen. he seems to really want me to be a part of it, so i don't want to let down a friend. plus, i'll be the only girl (just like at work) which make me feel special! like kerri kenney! if you don't know who that is, click here and learn why i am the way i am.


as soon as i wake up, today will be a good day..

Thank God

Thursday, March 09, 2006

ace of hearts

hehehe i'm so girlie.. but seriously that ace guy made me SWOON last night. swoon. i was literally thinking of licking the tv screen.. but it was carmen's tv, and satterfield and brian the dj/cook walked in as i was just about to move closer. i did pronounce my undying love for him. sure, he doesn't have the best voice on the show, but he still has a great voice. plus, when you look like that, and you have a decent voice, you're gonna get all the punani you can handle. i mean LOOK:
Image hosting by Photobucket

hello, i'm panting here.

you know how i love those buttchins. he was asked which previous idol contestant he most identified with. his answer? Constantine :). i don't care what anyone says i loved constantine. and i maintain that bo bice is a caveman. there.

and chris was good last night too. not as good as the week before, but good. bucky looks rough. the scarey thing is that there are two of them. his twin has even worse teeth than him... *shudder*

the guy that can't hear, he's not pretty, but he has a really nice voice. i think i may actually pull for him on the off chance that ace and chris are taken out (which won't happen). ok ok enough american idol talk.

last night i went to buffalo wild wings with carmen and we had a LOT of fun. we ran into our old neighbor, crazy dave, and we sang karaoke. i sang "sweet child o' mine". carmen sang "what i got". i was awful. although, i did do my patented axl dance, so i had fun. and some nasty old man said i was pretty. gee thanks. but crazy dave was fun. he was so sloshed, i bet he won't even remember seeing us. we used to fear him.. living next door to him was like living next door to a time bomb. but he was cool last night, again, cause he was sloshed. i think he may have even been drunkenly flirting with me. too bad he's such a nutjob.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


my subject lines never make much sense, do they?

i had a great time in florida, but there is just WAY too much to blog about. elora is beautiful but an intense brat. but after having spent a week with her at her worst, and not bursting into tears at any point (unlike the time i babysat her as a 2 year old), i think i can handle a kid pretty well. my patience didn't really run out on her at all. if anything, i was sad because she can be really mean when she wants to be. a 5 year old that can make you feel bad about yourself is just dangerous. i will make a good mom one day. but not anytime soon, sorry mom.

oh and seeing my grandpa was actually really good. he wasn't near as bad as everyone said he would be. apparently some new medicine he's taking is really helping him out. i mean sure he was a lot slower and quieter and sadder than i remember him, but he seemed to know who we were the whole time we were around. so that's good. that's the best way i could have hoped for possibly the last time i get to see him.

that's enough about the vaca. here are the pictures.

the house stuff is going great right now. the home inspector found a few things wrong with it. most were minor things like doors that wouldn't latch, but there were two big things. first, the dishwasher was rusty and wouldn't drain. also, the upstairs bathroom used to have a leaky tub (which has since been replaced) and the floor has a weak spot from the water seapage. these are bad. but i found out monday that the owner has agreed to fix EVERYTHING, including putting in a new dishwasher. that's so awesome.

my step dad doesn't seem to think that the pugs will be mating anytime soon, so it looks like it'll be a while before i get a puppy. so, katie, i'm thinking when i move in, i will maybe be cool and adopt a kitty from the shelter. yea, i know i could just take lucifer, my kitty at my mom's house, but i wouldn't want to seperate him from his fellow feline friends. plus, at 10 years old, he still occasionally pees in the house. but then again, he also somehow taught himself to pee in the toilet...

anywho that's what's up. no new guy news. i don't talk to dustin anymore, it's just easier that way. i saw ryan (the last blind date) at the gym the other night and talked to him. and i haven't really talked to the ex other than the occasional myspace message.

tonight: american idol boys. i think ace is beautiful, but maybe he doesn't have a great enough voice to get him all the way. i'm starting to lean towards chris. partly because he's from NC, and partly because he's just so darn cool. i mean, marrying a woman and adopting her kids before you're even 30 and loving them like your own? that's just sweet. plus, he has a cool voice.

ah well.