Monday, May 30, 2005

my week off

Wow. I've had the greatest week off..
Friday was fun-kick ass cookout with the coworkers, cocktail party, and even got to see carmen.

Saturday was fun2- saw star wars again with corey and beth, drove to raliegh to see maksim and momji, then to naveen & ambers for a birthday party for maksim, with brad, cynthia, and kelly as well, then back to durham to hang out with b and maksim. i gave maksim his SUPER cool lightsaber that changes color.

Sunday i just hung out all day with maksim and b watching movies and gettin drunk! WOOHOO! it was maksim's bday.

Monday was more movies and then to lunch with b before heading to the beach . YAY beach.. straight to morehead city (hehe) to see my old roomies, jennifer and florian (i love those guys).. and then to harker's island to my new great roomie's family's beach house.

Tuesday kicked ass cause i got to see my old co-workers at the IMS (chapel hill's institute for marine science). went to the beach too, but it was cold... then to the channel marker with jen and florian and megan to see my old CM coworkers and then Nathan (HOT) and Jay (sort of Hot) showed up.. i had like 12 beers and too much fun...

which gave me a mad hangover the next day, which sucked cause i was on a boat for 9 hours.. 9! but that rocked anyways cause i got to help and be there when the archaeologists brought up some artifacts from the Queen Anne's Revenge. See my Flickr for pics. then i went to see star wars again (3rd time) because i am that much of a geek

thursday i headed to wilmington to see Liz Penley and Mark Bratcher, my fellow GIS techs and college drinkin buddies. we went to mellow mushroom (not as good as boone's by any stretch of the imagination) and there was this CRAPPY band playing.. so then we went and walked around downtown. went into this cool bar and were about to order drinks when.... the same band from mellow mushroom showed up! we got out of there in a hurry.. and went somewhere else to drink..

friday i went to the beach again.. which was much better... nice and sandy, warm, and free parking! go fort fisher! then back inland :( but i did stop in durham to see b and maksim again for dinner. i love those two, can ya tell? then to my brother's house in kannapolis to watch team america world police.. is there anything more disturbing and funny than marionettes having hard core sex? i don't think so.

saturday was marginal.. got my oil changed, cost me 45 bucks cause salisbury blows. but hung out with eric the mexican so it was all good.. saw my brother and emma and elora (my two lovely neices). then home... but here's the craziest part of my whole week.... i was on the internet on aim... and i saw my ex-boyfriend's screen name on line. i have seen him on there many times but have not had the shimmys to talk to him.. i havn't talked to him in 3 years.. hurt too bad... but i was in a good mood saturday night... and well, i just got up the nerve and imed him... it was so cool, he was so cool. we had a 2 hour conversation and he invited me to lunch with him the next day.. i couldn't believe how cool he was being and how great of a conversation we had.

then sunday i met him for lunch at waffle house.... don't laugh, it's tradition. it's where he took me on our first date because we both worked second shift all the time.. it was cool though.. after a 2 hour lunch and conversation he invited me to see his new house, and i bit. i followed him to his house and we had 3 more hours of conversation and hanging out.. playing with his dog and sittin on a rock.. it was so weird and yet so NOt weird.. i really had a great time. i hope i get to hang out with him again soon, but i'm not holding my breath.. i did see him for 5 hours and i'm really glad i got to be friends with him again.. i'm just so surprised that it went so well.. he even apologized (sort of) for being such an asshole to me before..
it felt really good.

but... after 5 hours i left because i just had too. i couldn't be there too long. i didn't want it to get to be weird. so then i went to eat with mark.. and played a five hour game of spades and lost but it's ok.. i can't help my partner lost 300 points with 3 busted nils!! dah!!! oh well i still love mark i guess :) . but anywho

that was my awesome week off.. i couldn't have beat it if i tried.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

star wars

i am sooooooooo tired. and so sick.. but you know what? it was worth it. george lucas is a friggin genius. now i feel complete and whole inside. now i can die happy.. hehe..
in the words of Abe Lincoln on april 6, 1865 (four days before he died):

"Thank God I lived to see this day." -upon seeing Richmond fall to the Union

-How ironic is that?

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

oh my god

9 hours to go...!!!

put me out of my misery

ok so now i have this RAgin cold. katie swears i didn't get it from her. but i refuse to believe that. being outside all day yesterday didn't help... allergies on top of cold = sick allison. what really sucks is that star wars opens tonight, and i've got a ticket, but i know i'm gonna be coughin through the whole thing... pooey.

Friday, May 13, 2005


i think i'm just gonna give up on boys. i mean i like em and all, but they suck. does anyone out there play spades? i need a new spades partner. my old one is startin really piss me off. he doesn't know how to cover a nil, he doesn't know how to bust a nil.. "i didn't think you'd go nil with only two clubs, one being a 10!!" well, i didn't think you'd try to cover my nil by laying a nine instead of the KING you had in your hand!
see, the thing is i really could care less, i play spades to have fun.
i can't help it when my partner gets pissed off.
congrats to carmen and satterpunk for kickin our asses for the third time in a row!
i hate you guys.
no i don't.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

funny stuff

i made a map yo

i made a map yo
Originally uploaded by allygirl520.
i make maps for a living.. i'm so lucky. here's a cool one that i made for carmen, showing catawba county, nc, where i live. the green near the center is hickory.
please, i know you're jealous of my mad skills and all, but don't go hatin. go appreciatin. cause a jedi's gotta do what a jedi's gotta do.

Monday, May 09, 2005


wanna know how much sleep i got this weekend? about 8 hours. all weekend. and then last night i was all "i'm gonna go to bed at ten and get plenty of sleep."
didn't happen. i was "so tired that i couldn't even sleep" (soul asylum). so now i've been up since like yesterday at 8 am.. i think i could legally kill somebody and claim insanity due to lack of sleep. so watch out.

Friday, May 06, 2005


"if you don't move, nobody will see you"-Dustin Hill, 5-5-05

such a simple phrase that wasn't meant to be so deep, but philosophically, that's just awesome..

Allison the Pirate!

Allison the Pirate!
Originally uploaded by Katie Bug.
i had a great time at cinco de mayo at el paso's.. me and katie and andrea and daniel and trey and carmen and satterfield and dustin... .happinness... to see the pics go to my flickr and then to katie's from my friends list.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Plans for this weekend:
cinco de mayo thursday
small gathering at carmens friday night.. drinking...
saturday morning to my dad's for his birthday
saturday night to boone for drinking
sunday morning CHRIS is graduating! yay!

can't wait.

Monday, May 02, 2005


What a great birthday weekend i had. Friday night i drove to durham where me and 7 of my friends went to see the premiere of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Pretty good Special Effects, ok movie. Then i drank. Then Saturday we went to Adventure Landing in Raliegh where I kicked everyone's Ass at Lazer Tag, cheated at putt-putt and lost horribly at go karts. I was never any good at go karts. Then we went to Macaroni Grill for dinner (i'm going there every year on my bday from now on), where a hot guy sang happy birthday in italian to me, and i drank. Then we went bowling and i drank. then we went to b's house and i drank and we had an awesome water balloon fight. Thanks to B, Eric, Maksim, Naveen, Amber, Sam, Cynthia, Colin, April, Mike and Jody for a kick ass birthday.
The following people are awesome for calling me on my bday: Andrea, Katie (sweet song ;)), Carmen, Satterfield, and Dustin, Sean (the Fry Master of all that is meat), My mom, Mark Taylor, and Chrisexy.

you guys rock.

Tonight: SPADES!!!!!!