Sunday, April 30, 2006

happy burfday to me.

happy burfday to me.
i'm twentyfreakinfour now.
soooo old feeling. bleh.
but it's almost may. and may is when i have a whole nother year til my next burfday.
oh well, at least i had a kick ass party!
thanks to katie, andrea, daniel, stephen, laurie, sam, eric and brian for a kickass birthday:
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check out katie's pics from the night.

Friday, April 28, 2006

for those of you who LOVED Zach Morris

i bring you, Saved by the Bell, the Rehab Years.

moved :)

last night i moved everything officially from andrea's house to my condo. i have officially moved. last night was my first night in my new crib! it was great! of course, i didn't really sleep because i had a MILLION things going on in my head. for instance: where am i going to put this box of crap? where the hell is that dvd? i can't wait to put my mattress pads on this mattress.

i have 4 mattress pads, layered as so: feather, wrap around, feather, on top. two feather mattress pads make for a great sleep. mmmm.... i want to go back to sleep right now. but instead, i'm going to get ready for the PARTAY!! booyah.

oh.. and.. shhh.. don't tell anyone this, but... wednesday night i will be back to sagebrush. i know, i know, i suck. but what can ya do? i'm broke. buying a place is expensive.

Thursday, April 27, 2006 strikes again.

hell yea! has been linked by a big UK fun website. now we're really going to be famous. and they talk about the task that I assigned!! whee! this is awesome.

kellie's gone!

yay!!! kellie's gone!! if it's at all possible to make more of an ass out of yourself AFTER you've been voted off, she totally pulled it off. ha! no more fake people in the top five. now.. who should win? i don't know. i like everyone Soooo much. i've never not hated anyone in the top five. last year it was Bo. i guess if i was really going to pull for someone, it'd be elliott. he is adorable. sure, he has messed up teeth, which is normally a good reason for me to NEVER want to like them. but come on! he's like a little toy or something. i just want to give him a big hug. Ace & TJ were comparing him to mr. tumnus, the fawn from the chronicles of narnia. i can see that.

but honestly, i'll be pretty much happy with anyone winning right now. .. except maybe paris... i don't know why.... we'll see what happens. i need to start voting!

moving day again!!!! party tomorrow night!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Monday, April 24, 2006

you know you've had a good weekend when...

you get emailed a picture like this:

I had a long and entertaining weekend. friday night's recital went great. i kick ass on the soundboard. friday night i had a dream that i almost died. i probably would have died in the dream, but the emotion of it all woke me up. then the hail really woke me up at 4 am. strange. saturday me and the soon-to-be-ex roomie got up and went furniture shopping! i got a new bed!!

then we went to the beer festival in downtown hickory. we volunteered, so we got to drink all day, for free. all we had to do was watch the gates. everyone else had to pay 30 bucks. we didn't!! then it started raining, which is how we ended up in the bus stop with the cops. that was awesome. they were really cool cops. i maintained though. i think throughout the day i had about 20 beers. of course, they were small, mini beers so really i had like 6. but that's enough to get me trashed. then to el paso for more beer! then to home depot to buy paint (still very drunk) and blockbuster, where the hiccups attacked me!! but andrea kept me from looking toooo drunk. i think..

what an awesome day that was. then sunday i was supposed to be selling my washing machine to some chick. so i drove all the way out to my storage room and waited for like half an hour and she didn't show up! this morning i got a message saying she couldn't make it. blah blah blah! i need to sell that shit. i didn't let it get me down though, cause then andrea, brian, ace, carmen, and me all painted my condo. it looks hot! and it only took like 4 hours to get three rooms done. so now all i have left to do is move in! sweet!!!

four days to move! and then friday and saturday it's party time.

Friday, April 21, 2006

I feel so special!!

Each day, hundreds, maybe thousands of photos are uploaded to Flickr. And each day, the 500 most interesting are put on a special list of interestingness. In september, my butterfly picture made number 187 or something. Yesterday I checked and my lawnmover picture was number 2 for April 16th!!! If that isn't enough, now it's number 1. That is freaking amazing. And since my lawnmower pic is so interesting, my butterfly picture was bumped up to. to number 1. hahhahaa.

Calender view of Lawnmower (the 16th)

Day view

Calender view of Butterfly

Day view

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Bo er... Blow Bice

I told you he was a caveman.

And look, he's doing commercials now too!!

Elliott all the way!

Who you Gonna Call?


Wednesday, April 19, 2006


ok first things first, i was impressed by EVERYONE's American Idol performances last night (except kellie). it was definitely the best show all season (except kellie). i really loved everyone after the show (except kellie). Chris was awesome. Katharine was absolutely superb. everyone else was great (except kellie). i wish this was the bottom three: Kellie Paris and well, i guess ace because he still can't sing. but this is who will really be in the bottom three: ace, elliote and katharine. and this is only because america sucks at voting. i voted last night. oh yea i did. but i don't think it'll make any difference.

i also hung out with an old friend last night. someone i haven't seen for a while. don't worry, nothing "happened". we just hung out, and i showed him the condo and we talked for a long time. it was nice. :)


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

blogging for the sake of blogging

last night i had a conversation with my ex (the good one) on aim. our conversations are always so weird and we usually end up mentioning things like poo or shotput or some other off the wall thing. last night he told me that all of the paint he was using to paint the floor of his wood shop had made him high and he swore a buzzard spoke to him. "what'd it say?" i asked. "vhpit" .. "is that really a word?" then he called me a buzzard repressor. like i said, our coversations are never normal. in august, he's moving to campbell university. it's near goldsboro, nc. it is at least a 4 hour drive from hickory. this is too far. waaaaaaaay to far. i mean, i'm all gung ho him getting a law degree, cause that's amazing. but it's ssooooo far away. by the time he graduates in 3 years, he'll have probably found some chickadee to marry and will move somewhere else far away. this would make me muy sad. but maybe instead he'll just move back to the area and open up his own law firm! then when i get charged with homicide for killing some asshole who never called me back, he can be my defense attorney!! woohoo! he's pretty smart, i bet he could get me out of it.

um. in other news, my 28 year old brother is dating the 17 year old best friend of my step sister. now that's just weird. my family used to be normal.. well.. comparitively. even when he was a crackhead, he was normal compared to this. how does a 28 year old father of a 2 year old end up dating a 17 year old high school student. that's just ickey. i guess it's due to lack of options. this is Ashe County we're talking about. speaking from first hand experience (retard joe, i will tell you about him sometime) dating anyone from ashe county is like pronouncing "hey, i'm a backwoods country bumpkin. you're not my sister, but i'll date you anyways. i may not have all my teeth, but i do have a pickup truck with an extra big cab!"


oh, and he also did the thing where he had both of their names put in writing in the truck's back window.

i don't know how my brother scott ended up so different from my brother Alan and me. and my mom.. and my dad for that matter. oh well.

the easter holiday was fun none-the-less, except when elora decided to act up:
yes, it's my brother trying to run over my dear sweet neice elora with a lawnmower.
please, click on it and view the large size.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

killer queen

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so i went home for lunch and watched last night's american idol. i know i should have watched it last night. but i was having fun ;), more fun than i would have had sitting on the couch by myself. so bite me.

let me preface this by saying I LOVE QUEEN. i definitely had to put in a Queen CD when i got in my car to come back from lunch. last week when they announced they would be performing Queen songs, i got VERY excited. VERY. BUT.....

ok. Bucky? Just officially ruined one of my faves, "fat bottom girls". i don't understand why he's still on the show. he's Awful.

Ace. you know what? for the first time in weeks, he ROcked! i really really enjoyed his performance. and fuck those judges if they didn't. i'm sorry but i loved his version of "we will rock you". his clothes were really.. um.. off.. but he sounded great. wish i could have voted. (but still, i had fun last night, so it's ok i didn't vote)

kellie. she has lost all appeal to me. "bohemian rhapsody" is a hard song to sing. i feel like she picked it because she wants to take over the whole damn competition and she's an evil, conniving little skank. but that's just my personal opinion. and what the fuck was up with her bangs? ew.

chris. i love him, but he was B-O-R-I-N-G last night. sure, he has a good voice, but it did nothing to make the song interesting. it was so boring that now, an hour later, i don't even remember what song it was. the song is boring when queen sings it, but a karaoke version makes it worse.

katharine. well.. i don't know. i liked it but i didn't. this song is a reallllly tough one.. but i think it was better than if she would have sang the other one she wanted to sing. can't remember what that was though..

elliot. "somebody to love" is definitely on my absolute loved songs from Queen. Freddie Mercury's voice made you FEel his emotions when he sang this song. Elliot tried. of course, i was a little disappointed when he said he had never even heard the song before. but i'll give him this, he made it his own. it wasn't great, but i still like him a lot. a lot. i hope it's enough for him to stay another week.

paris. eh, it was alright. definitely my favorite of her performances lately. that is all.

taylor. i left taylor for last because i just want to say one thing: Wow!! okay, i finally reallly really liked him. this is the only time i've ever clapped out loud for him while sitting at home. he definitely rocked it. i was hoping somebody would sing this song ("crazy little thing called love"). it was definitely the perfect song for him. if i had voted last night, i might have voted a couple times for him. him and ace.

but alas, i did not vote, and therefore i shouldn't really be saying anything. but i think i have a pretty damn good excuse. of course, i'm not going to tell you what that excuse is. :)

i wish someone had sang "killer queen" as it is the favorite Queen song of mine. but oh well. i would have like to see .. hmm... well no one could really sing this song like Freddie, so i guess i'm glad no one tried.

my prediction as to who will be going home tonight: well, i WISH it would be Bucky. but i'm stumped here. according to past weeks it could be katharine.. or ace. but i hope not.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


i wish i wish i wish that this was a real movie:
Titanic 2

Monday, April 10, 2006

my weekend.

well all in all i'd say i had a pretty damn good weekend.
friday night me and the soon-to-be-ex roomie took down some mo' wallpaper. we got one and a half walls down from my bedroom.. but i've got a LONG way to go. good thing i have a three day weekend this weekend!!
then at about 12 B showed up from durham! and since he finally broke up with his skank ho of girlfriend who was cheating on him, we decided it would be a good idea to drink a LOT of rum:
Image hosting by Photobucket

only thing is.. i had a little too much. hey, what better way to break in my new condo then by throwing up there? at least i made it outside. and i don't mean to be gross, but coconut rum doesn't taste all that bad the second time around.

then saturday we headed to asheville to see b's friend, ms baranski. she was showing her senior project for UNCA, which was a photography showing in the library. it was really cool. i'd never been to asheville before. very cute town. it's like a BIG boone. with more hippies. i still like boone better though.

and then it was 5 oclock and we didn't have anything to do the rest of the night..
well.. we're in asheville.. we've got all night.. b's got a lot of money to blow from his tax refund... .hey!! let's go to cherokee and go gambling!!
so we ended up in cherokee. i only spent $16.00 since i took out 60 bucks but won back $44. i'm timid when it comes to gambling. especially since it's all slot machines and video poker. B, however, is not shy. he spent $200. but he won back $100:
Image hosting by Photobucket
yep, that's triple sevens.
lucky bastard.

well anywho we got home to hickory around 2 am. b had to be up at 8 to drive to durham to be at work at 11. sucks for him. but we had a great time. i miss him.

then sunday, i did nothing.. oh.. except go on a "date" with louis aka rick moranis. yikes. i hate to be cynical, but i'm starting to doubt my skillz. maybe it's because he was from morganton.. hehe. but not every boy from morganton is a dork.
*sigh* glad that's over.
man, i'm ready to go back to sleep.

countdown to my bday: 20 days
countdown to POTC2: 88 days
countdown to esplosion: about 2 hours.

Friday, April 07, 2006

take me out to the memories...

wow i had an awesome time at the game last night. sure, we lost. and sure, the beer was funk nasty. but that didn't change a thing!! a good time was had by all. the hooters girls were there, to keep the boys from getting bored. and me and katie and andrea were there to keep each other occupied. i got a free tshirt!! i saw plenty of mullets and even got a picture of one!! i saw a saturn sky for the first time in person!! they even drove it around the field. it was so beautiful! i can't wait to get one!
but the best part about the whole night was the fireworks. anyone that really knows me knows i LOVE fireworks. they are the reason why the 4th of july is one of my favorite holidays. nothing makes me happier than staring at the sky and seeing bursts of light in beautiful patterns dotted all over. i know it's cheesy but i get all misty eyed watching fireworks. the best fireworks i ever saw were at disney world.
but the best fireworks i ever sat through were on july 4th 2000. yep, i got nostalgic last night thinking about a boy. THE boy, to be more specific. that fourth of july was wonderful. he was a volunteer firefighter, so he had to be at the fireworks show at the Piedmont Bollweevil's (now Kannapolis Intimidator's) Stadium. That means he brought me along. we sat up on top of his truck and watched the whole show from the roof. it had rained earlier, so there weren't many people there. honestly i don't even remember if the fireworks were great in the sky, but sitting on his truck leaning into his arms was the best fireworks i've ever had. again, i know that sounds incredibly cheesy, but i really did love that boy. and damnit, being at another baseball stadium watching fireworks really made me remember that moment. *sigh*.

anyways.. here are all the pictures from the game.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


well i heard that mandisa is a gay basher. if that's true, than i'm glad she went home. if it's not true, then something is seriously messed up. how the hell was elliot in the bottom 2? i need to get off my lazy ass and vote next week i guess. but not for ace. i've given up on him. he's pretty but he's no american idol. and i'm still perplexed as to how bucky is still in it..

and kellie. she's just.. annoyingly fake. that's what i think.


in other news i got my dishwasher fixed today AND i found out that i have a working garbage disposal!!

Baseball tonight!! 1 dollar beers!! pretty boys to look at!! does it get ANY better? i don't think so.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


last night's american idol was INFINITELy better than last week's 90's mess. i am not a country music fan and i didn't know half the songs, but they were still WAY better than last week. ace did better, but still not great. everyone impressed me really, but again, Elliot impressed me the most. if my phone had not died, i would have voted for him.

chris was okay.. but not great. taylor was blah. kellie was kellie. katharine was interesting.. paris was good. mandisa was good. bucky was bucky.. ok i missed bucky because i forgot and had it on another channel. he really is that boring. did i miss anyone?

ah well.

and my brand new dishwasher at the condo isn't draining.. something es no bueno. i gotta call the people today!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

holy crap.

coolest dog ever.
and it's not even a pug.

it's going to be a good week.

how do i know?

-last night i went to get rid of the wasps that have nested in my back patio, and they were all gone, making the nest real easy to get rid of.

-last night the florida gators won their basketball game, and i was the only one out of 67 people that picked them to win, so i won $153.00. i don't even like basketball, i just picked florida because that's where i'm from. :)

-last night B called and said instead of me driving out there this weekend and risk hurting my toesy, he's going to come out here friday night!! yay!!

could my week BE any better?

oh yea, i've also got a date for sunday night. but this is not so much good as scarey..

Monday, April 03, 2006


man i'm tirrrred. friday was awesome, since i finally closed on my condo!!! it's all mine!!! i'm a homeowner now. my. own. place. i will be moving in within a couple of weeks. all my peeps with trucks are going to *LOVE* me after this :). so far i have spent approximately $600.00 on stuff for the pad, not including paint. paint will come later. first i have to tear down oodles of ugly wallpaper. and let me just say, there are OODles. it took 5 people all day saturday to get 3/4 of the way done with one room. one room. but me and sam went back on sunday and finished it up in a couple of hours. we figured out the easiest way to do it. i won't bore you with the details though.
i still have to unpaper my bedroom, the bathrooms and the kitchen. i think i will definitely wait on the bathrooms and kitchen though. they will be a pain!

and just in case you wanted to know how much fun we had:
make me.
sam, about to stab me with the scraper because he has been forced to do this shit.
thanks sam.. and also brian the dj/cook, and carmen and sattercrunk.

what an icky mess.

good times.

today i am not allowed to use my cell phone. according to rutless i am not allowed to use my cell phone until 7 pm. if you know my digits you should call and listen the recording i left.
hehehe. i am having a fun day so far. i'm tired.