Monday, February 26, 2007

Still not a Parrot Head...

You know what's great?
Working on Friday at my normal job, then NOT going to the brush. Working a second job can really suck come Fridays when everyone around me is going home to chillax on Fridays after work, and I have to go straight to bartending the night away.

This past Friday, however, I got to chillax too. Jared had the day off so since he makes my schedule, he gave me the day off too. Don't worry, I worked on Saturday to make up for it.

When I got home Friday afternoon Jared and I sat around for a little bit waiting for Carmen to be ready, then we all headed to Asheville to go to Cheeseburger in Paradise.

There, I had one of the yummiest frozen drinks ever, The Cheeseburger in Paradise. It is,

"CHEESEburgEr In ParadISE CoCktaIl
Recipient of the 2006 Cheers Award – Best Signature Drink
An Island-size drink for two that will change your attitude.
Frozen layers of Parrot Bay Rum PiƱa Colada, Myers's Rum Runner,
Margaritaville Margarita and Strawberry Daiquiri, each
prepared with fresh fruit and juice and surrounded by
an ocean of Hiram Walker Blue Curacao. Single
servings available."

Seen here with Carmen:

mmmmmm hmmm...
Then we headed to the Bier Garden, and the Wild Wing Cafe to have fun and drink and be merry. And also, to chillax. Too bad it was a loooooooong ride home later that night. Why is Asheville so far away from Hickory?

Friday, February 23, 2007


This will really get your goat:

Thursday, February 22, 2007


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Ok so, about a week ago I found a box of old pictures and decided I wanted to post them to my blog. I was being lazy and was waiting to scan them in. Then, Dooce did it. I didn't want to look like I was copying her, so I decided to not post them. But then, I decided I didn't care, so here you go. Funny old pictures of Allison.

For some reason when I was in middle school I thought I was a hippy. On the other hand, I am the person who single handedly brought bell-bottoms back in style in the mid 90's. That was me. I was the first. Me.

I also had a theory that I should have been born in the 50's instead of the 80's so that way I could have been a 'flower child". What a dreamer. Check out my awesome posters and stuff. The Garfield one was my fave.


Originally uploaded by allygirl520.
me, 4/30/1982.
5 lbs, 3 ounces.
i was a premie, 7 weeks early.

first picture ever, me and my daddy


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3 years old, with the tallest guy in south dakota. many years later there was a picture of him in the National Geographic Magazine and they talk about the tall cowboy in Deadwood, South Dakota


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me and the family on the streets of New York City (circa 1990ish) with President George H.W. Bush and Michel Gorbachev.

or, at least with the wax representations of them.
this is one of my favorite pictures ever from childhood.

Monday, February 19, 2007

attention greensboro.

So, all of you people with connections and Greensboro, and those who live in Greensboro, I've got a question for you.

Do you or anyone you know have any connections with the Greensboro traffic court people? Or do you know any not-costing an arm-and-a-leg traffic lawyers?

Let's just hypothetically say I got a speeding ticket yesterday. And hypothetically I have a mandatory court appearance in Greensboro on March 28th. Any suggestions? Anyone?

Nothing starts out a long, boring drive home from Durham like a God-awful speeding ticket.

At least my weekend before that was good. I made $127.00 bar tending at the brush on Friday night. Saturday night I got into a pellet gun fight at a pirate party in Raleigh. It was awesome to be able to pelt Foliage with little plastic balls. Those things hurt when fired point blank. I would love to show you pictures, but I forgot to recharge the batteries in my camera.

Friday, February 16, 2007

counting sheep.

This has been the LONGEST.week.ever. Maybe it's because of my weird lack of sleep this week. I am one of those people you hate who can sleep pretty much anywhere, anytime of day. I love to sleep, it makes me feel good. For some reason, Tuesday morning I was really tired. I also had cramps so I only worked a half-day and went home to relax the rest of the day. I took a 1 hour nap from 3:30 to 4:30.

When I awoke from my nap, I felt a whole lot better. Refreshed. You would think that everything would be dandy. Tuesday night, however, I could not fall asleep. Why? When I don't get a good night's sleep, it ruins my week. It's like not getting into my college of choice, or finding out I have a giant tumor growing out of my toenail or something.

I assume it has to do with the nap I took. But honestly, an hour long nap should not have kept me from sleeping. I suppose it could have had to do with the next day being Valentine's Day and I knew I would be slammed that night while bar tending after having worked all day at my other job in Lenoir.

Somehow or another I made it through Wednesday, even without having slept well. I was so tired, I took a bath and drank a beer to relax after working. I was slap worn out and could barely move by the time I laid down.

You would think I would have slept like a baby. But no, that is not the case. I had another restless night.

On the brink of madness, and not looking forward to another two-job day, I struggled to peel out of bed yesterday morning. I told Jared I was going to call in sick last night (even though I knew I wasn't really going to). He is my boss now, so I figured maybe if I expressed how truly awfully tired I felt, he'd take pity on me. And he did. Around 5:15 p.m. yesterday, as I was laying with my cat, relaxing for the 5 minutes I had to relax between jobs, he called and rescued me, telling me I didn't need to come in.

He loves me.

And last night I slept like a baby. But I'm still tired and I'm working both jobs today. Tomorrow I'm off though, and I refuse to get out of bed before noon.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

happy valentine's day yall!

To commemorate the day, how about a little love story, from an old boyfriend? Well, maybe I should call it more of a hate story. I had just broken his heart again, so he wrote this lovely 2 paragraph story about me. When we got back together, he showed it to me. Joe F wasn't exactly the smartest guy on the planet, but he sure was fun. Well, funny. Well, fun to make fun of.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

In case you don't feel like reading it, or it's hard to read because it's small, here is the link to the big size, but here are a few exerpts that I particularly love:

"I sat here waiting for her to grace me with her, really should not say radiant, presence. Woe is me, a sad thing to be a slave to, pronounced to, and somehow addicted to."

"on the other hand, it [me] is only a somber ruse, for someone's amusement, probably Satan"

"if you remove the be... and the ve... from the word believe and what do you have? Lie. On the other hand if you remove the s and the ex from "sex" what do you have? Nothing."

And my favorite:
"She moves in these mysterious ways, usually completely just as God made her initially, the sight would intrigue even the most ancient pharoah into a state of arousal from beyond an antique grave."

Wow. Deep.

Monday, February 12, 2007

the ex-boyfriend box

Does anyone else do this? I have several "boxes" that contain mememtos from boys of the past. Yes, I know Rachel did the same thing on "Friends". What can I say, great minds think alike?

I have one metal box that has all sorts of mememtos from all the boys from middle school up until I dated Smokey. It is chock full of notes, candy wrappers, various cheap jewelry, pictures, trash, and even a lighter from a boy at a Green Day concert. A lot of the things in this box are completely lost to me now. I can hardly remember why I have so many sugar baby wrappers. I don't even like sugar babies.

I have two small heart shaped tins. One is for Brad (one of my best friends), because I had "like, such a crush" on him in 10th and 11th grade. Okay, I was desperately in high-school-love with him. But lucky for me, we stayed just friends. This works out best because now we are such great friends. I wouldn't have changed a thing. The other tin is for Smokey. It contains a few notes, candy wrappers, and a couple of drawings. Not much else to say about that one..

I have a box somewhere that has several letters from Joe F. He would write me the strangest letters.. One time he wrote this "story" poem about me and how "evil" I was. This was in between times of us dating. Sure, I probably deserved it, I did break his heart no less than 3 times. I need to find that to post here..

For some reason, I have no box for Sean. I'm not really sure why. Maybe it's because he moved in with me almost immediately after we started dating and I already knew it wasn't going to work out, so I didn't waste my time. Or maybe there was too much to keep in a box. Or maybe I was just being lazy.

Then there's the Adam box. Adam was my first love, my first serious boyfriend, and my first heartbreak. His box is a star. His contains all sorts of fun things. For example: a red towel once used as a hanky for me; a chevy hood ornament from the night he was at my house when a truck crashed into our yard; a pair of pearl earrings he gave me; a barbell from the eyebrow piercing I had while we dated; a dried up rose that he gave me; movie ticket stubs; little i love you notes; and much more.

I keep all of these boxes in a trunk full of junk I can't throw away. I know it's all junk and that I'm a huge packrat for keeping it all, but I just don't want to let these things go yet. I have a feeling if I ever get married, it will be a lot easier to throw some of this stuff away. But for now, I'll just keep all of these fun memories locked in my trunk so that the next time I get bored (like I did yesterday), I can go through them again for all the good thoughts.

And in case you're wondering, the top drawer of my dresser is where I keep all of my Jared stuff.

Friday, February 09, 2007

welcome to...

Longest Relationship Ever Land. Population: 2.

Made it! 9 months (as of tomorrow).

Now that I've broken this record, we'll see if I can make it to "First birthday ever with a boyfriend" (at age 25!!). Only 2 months and 21 days to break that one.

Wednesday will be my first Valentines Day with a boyfriend. Well, sort of. There was the one year when I was dating the firefighter. He had already decided he was going to break up with me, but wanted to wait until he saw me (he lived 2 hours away). I had baked him lemon squares and fudge and mailed them to his house.

What did he do for me? He called me at 11:50 p.m. That was it.

Needless to say, I've not been a big fan of Valentine's Day. Hopefully this year will be better. I already know it will be, just because I've actually got someone who I care about immensely and who cares about me the same.

For all those out there who don't have someone this year, hang tight. Go out with friends and get drunk. That's what I would be doing if I were single.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

mis ojos!

My eyes suck. (Is mis ojos Spanish for my eyes??)
I went to the eye doctor today. A few weeks ago I developed a bump on my eyelid in the same eye where I have a severe case of dry eye. I freaked and went to the eye doctor. He told me it was a stye that had healed itself, and that the bump would eventually go away. I was okay with this. He also ordered me some new contacts that are supposedly going to help with the dry eye.

A couple of weeks ago, another bump came up on the same eye. A bigger bump. A scary bump. So when they called me to come get the new contacts, I also made an appointment to see him again about the new bump.

SO. Today he tells me that it's really nothing to worry about and it's just coincidental that it's the same eye. His advice for me? Use baby shampoo daily on my eyelid. Apparently, I'm not getting all of the mascara and stuff off with my eye makeup remover pads.

Well that sucks. I was hoping to get a clear answer as to why this is happening. Oh well.

So on my way out of the eye doctor's, I put in my new trial contacts. Then I remembered that he didn't actually give me a new prescription. Last time he gave me trial lenses, they didn't quite work, and things were blurry, but I never told him and never ordered any contacts. So this time he used the same prescription. While so far (it's only been 30 minutes) they seem to feel alright, I can barely see.

Stupid eyes. Stupid astigmatism. Stupid corneas. Stupid dry eye. Stupid styes. Stupid eyes. Grrrr.

Monday, February 05, 2007

an oldie but a goodie?

As I was browsing my hotmail inbox, I found an email from 2001 that had the link to quiz I made. It's kind of funny to me, so I thought I'd share it with you. See how you do and tell me your results! Remember, this quiz is 6 years old so some things may have changed!

Ally's Know Me Quiz

Also, there was another email with the link to a quiz I made about Adam shortly after he broke my heart. It was pretty harsh and some time ago I forgave him and erased the quiz. Too bad, I bet it would be funny now, even to him :)

super yay!

I was kind of disappointed by last night's Superbowl commercials. Most of them were pretty lame compared to years past. But if you want to see them all, click here. The ads are broken up by quarter. The Bud Light ads are pretty funny. And I love that this website has a "boss button" just in case.

Go Colts!

Oh, and I almost forgot. The Garmin Maposaurus ad from the 2nd quarter is my favorite. Garmin!

Friday, February 02, 2007

what i want to be when i grow up.

I don't know about you, but I definitely didn't end up in the career I had chosen as a child. I mean, what 9 year old says, "hey, I want to be a GIS Technician when I grow up"?

At that age, what I really wanted to be was a nurse.
When I was in middle school, I decided to be an actress.
At 17, I was convinced I would be a high school band director.


On being a nurse:
a) I get queesy watching gory movies.
b) I get queesy when ANYTHING touches my wrists, and the thought of touching other peoples wrists makes me antsy too.
c) Too much school. And studying. And old people.

On being an actress:
a) I'm just not that interested in plastic surgery.
b) I hate hot weather and to really be a (movie) actress, you have to live in LA.
c) I'm not enough of a bitch to make it in that world.
Truthfully, I'd still be interested in being an actress if I had just gotten that part I tried out for in high school. But I lost out to Carmen, who is a much better actress than me. And I give up easy :)

On being a band director:
a) I didn't pass the Hayes School of Music's (at Appalachian) entrance audition, but I didn't want to go to any other schools.
b) I would have had to go to 30 different classes a semester, and only get 15 credit hours.
c) Music majors at ASU are really 'clicky'
d) High School students (who I would have been teaching) suck.
e) Teaching sucks (to me).
f) There is a LOT more to music than all of the music I had growing up originally put on my plate.

So when I got to college, having failed to make it into the ASU's music program, I decided it wasn't my thing (but I did join the marching band for 2 years and it kicked ass). So I went with my second most loved subject in school, history.

History is a great major except for 2 major downsides:
1) you pretty much have to use it for teaching. There just isn't much you can do with a history major.
2) you have to write a LOT of big papers for history classes at App. I'm talking 20 page papers for each class. Anyone who knows me knows I hate writing papers. There really isn't any other way to pass these classes though. Although, on a side note, I did take a Pirate History class and got perfect scores on all of the tests but since I didn't feel like writing a 10 page paper about some Chinese pirate I've never heard of, I got a C in the class, which I was ok with.

For a major in history at Appalachian, you have to take geography classes to go along with them. After taking my 2 required geography classes, I fell in love with geography. History education was put on the back burner and then completely pushed off the stove.

That is how I ended up in geography. And since the best way to make money with a geography degree is to be a GIS Techinician, here I am.

Am I happy? Sure. I would be happier if there was more females in my profession. It is definitely a man's world. And sometimes I get superbored. But I always think to myself, that if I wanted to, I could go to night classes and learn to be a photographer. That is what I want to be now when I grow up.