Friday, September 29, 2006


i think i'm getting sick.
i'm in a funky mood..

want to go back to sleep. not like i haven't gotten enough this week.

Rudy? Great movie.

Pumpkin Ale? Rules.

Tampa Bay? Not doing so good. Hopefully the new QB will change that.

Jared? Still Awesome. His birthday is next Wednesday and I got him the coolest thing ever. Wanna know what it is? click here


Monday, September 25, 2006

smorgasbord.. (how do you spell that?)

I'm coming off of another great weekend.. i really do have the life..

friday night after the brush, jared and i and a bunch of brushers partied old-school style at the hickory tavern to celebrate my friend sam's 30th birthday. if you feel like looking a bunch of drunken pictures, click here. they're really not anything special though. there is one of me kissing a girl, but i chose not to put that one on the internet, as it is too incriminating.
whiskey sour

anywho.. then saturday was a busy busy busy busy night at the brush (for once!) i pretty much fell asleep immediately after getting home from work. but it was worth it.. and it was a damn good sleep.

sunday was the best though. after work (at 4 pm) i went to pick up jared and we headed down to my mom's house where he met: mom, will (my step-dad), my brother alan, my brother scott, my niece elora, my niece madelyn, my ex-sister in law heather, and my brother's friend ian. yea i'm sure it was a little overwhelming, but jared handled it very well. my family can be kind of loud, but they were well behaved last night. i'm just happy my brother wasn't drunk already when we got there. then the boys were kind enough to include jared in the football throwing time! that was pretty hot. and then we played some pool on my step-dad's pool table. and i beat jared.. twice. the only reason i lost one game was because i scratched on the 8 ball. i think he was letting me win! what a sweety!

overall i think my family really liked him. which is good. because i do.

tonight i'm scheduled to work, but they called and told me i didn't have to if i didn't want to.. so instead: TARGET!! WOOHOO!!

p.s. yea, the bucs lost to the friggin panthers. but with this awfulness come hope as chris simms is out for a while. new qb time!

Friday, September 22, 2006

so i called my mom today....

so i called my mom today....and she's all, "how come you took jared up to the mountains to meet your dad? when do i get to meet him? i never get to meet your boyfriends. do you love your dad more than you love me?" ok maybe i'm paraphrashing a little.. but still. my mom exaggerates a lot. it scares me to think that one day, i'll be just like her. because you know, you always turn out like your mother, whether you realize it or not. maybe i'll be more like my dad though. at this stage in my life, i'm definitely leaning towards my dad's personality. he's a glass-is-half-full type of guy, and i'm pretty much optimistic all the time. my mother? not so much. in fact, there were a couple years right after my parents got divorced when i wasn't sure my mom wasn't going to kill herself. luckily, paxil or zoloft one cured her of that and made home livable again.

i look a lot like her.. sort of. in the face i do. when she was my age, she was anorexic-looking skinny. heh. but then in her 30's she weighed around 300 pounds. it's strange. now she's just normal though. i hope to god i never let myself get like that. i think if i were to ever even hit 200 pounds i may have to resort to an eating disorder. and i'm not kidding.

me and mommy

i look nothing like my dad.. but i know he's my dad. i mean, we're both incredible geeks. we would both KILL to go on a vacation to egypt. my ideal day would be to spend most of my time walking around a museum of wicked-cool mummy artifacts. we both have degrees in geography. in fact, i didn't even know he had a geography degree and when i told him i was going to switch to geography, he thought it was sweet that i was copying my daddy. hehehe.


so maybe i'll be more like my dad when i get older. i wouldn't mind. not that there's anything wrong with being like my mother. but i mean, come on. what girl wants to be just like her mother when she gets old?

on a side note: jared, my mom wants us to come down for dinner sunday night. :) what do ya say?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

to blaaaaaaaaaave....

if you don't know what the title means, that sounds like a personal problem.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

well blow me down!

arrrrrrr it be international talk like a pirate day me hearties!

time for some rum!
shiver me timbers!
I'd love to drop anchor in your lagoon.
I've crushed seventeen men's skulls between me thighs!

Monday, September 18, 2006


well i'd say i had a pretty darn awesome weekend.

friday, josh, carmen, and i had a blast at mcguire's celebrating her bday!
i was in disguise, as seen below:
how do i look with black hair?

i even got hit on hard core by one of carmen's theater friends. too bad for him, at midnight i left to go see my squeeze... still in costume. i looked like a different person because carmen did my makeup and i had black hair.

jared even said "it's like i'm making out with a completely different person". i'm not sure whether that was a good thing or a bad thing. :p

saturday was another ho hummer which basically just involved me and the jayrod going to the mall, and then to work. oh, after work we went to hooters.. it was my idea though. he loves that place and i figured i may as well embrace it. it wasn't bad though. it's basically just a restaurant. that's it. nothing to be concerned about. and it was good for us to go together i think.

sunday we went up to my dad's for a 'meet the parents' day. jared didn't say much, since he's so shy when he's around new people. but i don't think that mattered. my dad pretty much gets along with anybody i bring around, and i'm pretty sure he liked jared, since he knows how much i like him. but most of the day was just me and my dad talking, as always. then we came back to hickory for a lazy night of football and family guy.

boo buccaneers.
yay mountaineers.
and so on.

oh, and, HI JARED! welcome to my blog.

Friday, September 15, 2006

oh yea... and...


I know I told you happy birthday when you woke me up at 7:15(!!!!!)a.m. this morning, but again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY)

Tonight at McGuire's Pub:

Come Join Us!!

i'm definitely swept away


the avett brothers.
and bob.

that show was AWESOME.
can i just say, i had soooooooooooooooooooooo much fun last night!? they really put on an entertaining show! they played a lot of songs, most of which i knew, about 2 or 3 that i didn't. they played a loooong set of foot-stompin, body shaking, heart pounding music. i LOVED it. i'm pretty sure stephen the fox had fun too. when they were done with the main set, they came back on, one by one, and each played a solo song. then, they came out at once and played their most rockin song of all, talk on indolescence. if you don't know that song, go to their myspace profile and listen to it. now imagine it played live, with the bassline poppin, and 300 screaming college students jumping up and down to it. yea. it's that good.

then they finished, and then came back for ANOTHER encore. crazy! and awesome. of course, i forgot my camera in my car, so i have no pictures. stephen took a couple with his camera phone, and even took a video. as soon as he gets to work, i'll make him put it on the internet for ya so you can understand the madness.

after everything was done, i got to talk to bob (the bassist) and scott (the hot, even with the scraggly beard, banjo player). they signed my CD cover. awesome. i would have waited around for seth because i wanted to give him my brother's phone number (they used to be friends), but by that point it was 12:15 and i had an idea it would be a while before seth came out. we didn't get back to hickory til 1:20!! aarrh!! sooooo tired.
and i'm pretty sure stephen has some permanent hearing damage. but like i told stephen, if you're going to lose hearing, at least lose it doing something cool. like seeing the avett brothers.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Gettin my Avett On

"Well you send my life a whirling
darling when you're twirling
on the floor

Who cares about tomorrow
What more is tomorrow
than another day

When you swept me away
Yeah you swept me away"

Today is a great day! I found out yesterday that The Avett Brothers, my favoritest band, are going to be playing in Boone at Legends tonight! And since I'm not working, I can go! I haven't seen them play in so long. I honestly believe I haven't seen them perform since maybe 2002, if not earlier. When I did see them, I had barely heard of them and did not know any of their songs. Tonight, I will know 90% of their songs! I will be able to sing along! I will be so close! I am going to have a grande olde time! I'm making Stephen the Fox go with me, since he's the only person I know who could actually appreciate them, other than my brother. I may try to convince Katie to go. She doesn't know their music, but since it's in Boone, you never know.

Seth and Scott and Bob are so fine

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

i'm better now.

i'm feeling a lot better now. the plan is to enjoy the time together we have, and then see what happens down the line. maybe he'll hate boone.. doubtful, but it could happen.

in other news, i went to see the boy at the brush last night, and check out the stylishness that they're making us wear over our uniforms until oct. 1:

i think i'd rather just quit than wear that thing.

friday is carmen's birthday! yay! we'll be skelebrating all night at mcguire's pub. come join us! and sunday is the day i'm taking jared up to see my dad.. woohooo!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


looks like i'm finally going to break my new years resolution (be happy).

jared has accepted the management job in boone and will be moving in february, if not sooner.

i've never felt more awful about feeling awful in my life. i should be happy for him for getting a better job where he will be making great money and living in boone. but instead i can't stop crying.

Monday, September 11, 2006

ho hum...

i haven't had a lot to blog about lately, as i've been doing pretty much the same thing week after week! but i'm perfectly happy with that. this weekend was another weekend like most, spent at the brush and then o charlie's for drinks and such. yesterday i did go to BOB's to watch my team, tampa bay, suck it up big time and lose to the baltimore ravens 27 to 0. owch. put me in a foul mood when i had to be at the brush at 4 pm. and the brush last night?
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

we didn't get a single table after 7:30 pm. that means tonight will be hella busy. at least tonight i'll have jared with me.

saturday night was the first time i got to work with Telisha. Telisha is a girl who just started at the brush. jared was her trainer. everyone has been telling me that she is obsessed with jared and that she has a crush on him. i believed this, as she added him on myspace and has already put comments on his page and stuff. i am mature, so i pretend to not care and tell jared i'm not listening to the hype and it doesn't bother me if she likes him, hell i'm not the jealous type.

but that's just not true. i am the jealous type. i get hella jealous. all i could think when i heard about this girl was 'step off bitch/that's my man'. but i kept those thoughts to myself.

and good thing.

because saturday night we all three worked together and i realized that she does like jared, but not as much as everyone had me to believe. she's actually a nice, young (18), girl who probably just thinks jared is cute and wants to be his friend. but she knows he's mine. jared was actually especially lovey that night, being sure to be super sweet to me in front of her all night long. that made me feel like a million bucks. i love that boy.

and last night i worked with her without jared and i think we could actually be friends.. although i do have to say she talks way too much. but at least she does her work.

just goes to show that the drama at the brush never ends and thank god i'm smart enough to not listen to the hype and to form my own opinions of people.

also, jared's still not sure he's taking the boone position. i hope to god he doesn't because i would miss him so much.. but i can't tell him not to take it. but honestly i also think that the job would kill him. he already works way too hard there and way too many hours.

i have a bad feeling about this.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


there is a management position opening at the brush in boone. jared is 90% sure he is going to take it. which means in december and january he will be commuting to boone. and in february, he will be moving to boone.

which means i won't be able to see him every day. or even talk to him every day. i'm so afraid of what's going to happen...

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

go apps! fight apps! kick ass!

well i had a long and exciting(?) weekend. saturday was exciting since katie and i went to the appalachian (pronounced app-a-lach(like apple)-ian) versus nc state game. sure, we lost, but we're still fans. i have to say, i've rarely felt so school spirit-y. even when i was in the marching band for app, i always cheered, but i never really felt like they needed me to cheer for them. this game, they definitely needed as many of us there to cheer for them as possible. the stupid red wolf-calls made me want to throw up. and not because of the 12 mini bottles of malibu i drank. i lost my voice from screaming so much. thank god for the plastic bullhorn thinggies that they were passing out at the alumni tent. they did a great job of amplifying all of our "goooooooooo appalachian"s.

gold better than red

it really felt cool to be a part of this small crowd. i felt sooooo lucky to be there. thank god for katie! woo!

the rest of the weekend was cool too! we got to stay with andrea's parents, who are so very nice.

i worked sunday and last night at the brush and actually made some money. i got to see jared a lot (of course). and he was sweet enough to tell me he missed me since saturday was the first time in forever that i didn't see him in a full 24 hours. after the state game, katie and i and a few others were at the bar and some random state guy started talking to me. he was nice, so i was nice back. but when we were about to leave, he kept pawing at me and trying to get my phone number. i was like, if i didn't have jared, i would have given him the chance. but i didn't! it just proves how i've still got it, but i don't need it :) here's a picture of the dork:
this dude wanted me soooooo bad.

anywho! tonight i'm off. i'm going to CLEAN my home. it needs it soooooo bad!!!

yay for cleaning!