Thursday, October 20, 2005

50 things about me (because 100 is a bit much)

1. i was born in florida
2. my family and i moved to n.c. when i was 6 years old
3. i went to 4 different elementary schools:
-Palmetto Elementary in Palmetto, Florida
-Aycock Elementary in Kannapolis, NC
-Bostian Elementary in Rowan County, NC
-Landis Elementary in Landis, NC
4. i have 2 older brothers, 3 nieces, a step mother, step father, and several step siblings
5. i have a b.s. degree from appstate
6. i detest seafood (if it comes out of the water, ew.) i once accidentally ate a piece of calamari thinking it was a stray onion ring when i was working at the channel marker restaurant in atlantic beach, nc.
7. i like pirates, especially blackbeard, and especially johnny depp.
8. i also detest mushrooms and olives, and i would throw up multitudes upon multitudes of disgusting putrid chunks if i ever ingested ranch dressing.
9. i like stars. i have a star necklace that i ALWAYS wear (except when i accidentally leave it in boone, or lose it for six months in my mom's driveway). i also have a star tattoo on my inner left forearm.
10. i could watch pirates of the caribbean about 800 times without getting sick of it. i even watched it with the commentary. that's how freakin good it is.
11. i have 2 jobs, and i complain about them a lot.
12. i suck at serving tables.
13. i wish i had a kitty, but i have a roommate instead.
14. ever since i was 9 years old and saw milo & otis (the movie) i have wanted a pug. and i will have one.
15. i totaled my first car 11 days after i got my liscence. it looked a lot like this one.
16. it took me 3 tries to get my liscence.
17. my first job was at Cox's Seafood... bussing tables.
18. i was once tom petty for halloween.
19. when i was 10, my mom, dad, bros, cousin, grandparents, and me took two trucks and two campers and drove all the way to california and back over a month one summer.
20. i have been to 44 u.s. states, not including louisiana, kansas, north dakota, washington, hawaii, and alaska
21. when i was in 8th grade, i was in a pirate acting group called "the pirate troupe" which was run by my favorite teacher ever, mr. pope. my pirate name was "scarlett hatcher" and i carried a dulled hatchet.
22. i met my first love the day after graduating from high school.
23. i had my first (and only!) heartbreak in february my freshman year of college.
24. my first concert was aerosmith
25. my biggest concert was woodstock 99
26. my favorite concert was beck in 1996, and bloodhound gang in 1998
27. my favorite movies are Pirates of the Caribbean (duh) and Alive (1992).
28. my favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird, all Harry Potter books, and Alive (1973)
29. i had my first boyfriend in 6th grade and dated him again in 8th grade.
30. i recieved my first kiss at age 13 (8th grade) behind the dumpsters at Corriher Lipe Middle School from Chris Smith.
31. i have recently developed a love for photography. (tee hee.. developed)
32. i love puns.
33. i have 2 best friends, carmen, and b.
34. i met b in 10th grade, when i used to be in love with him :).
35. i met carmen when i was in 9th grade, when she used to be in love with my brother.
36. the craziest place i have ever been was in traffic in Los Angeles. but then again, i bet a lot of people can say that.
37. the most beautiful thing i can ever remember seeing is the view from the airplane when flying over this beautiful country of ours.
38. i once got so drunk i woke up in the bathroom with no pants on, hugging the toilet, with "edible body paint" all over me...
39. i don't drink jack daniel's anymore.
40. the most famous person i have ever met is vanilla ice.
41. i once saw paris hilton and nicole ritchie walking down the street.
42. i LOVE celebrity gossip... that's the girl in me.
43. i can't wait to see the rest of the world... if i could go anywhere, it'd be everywhere...
44. my biggest fear is that i will never be a mother.
45. i shall name my first born son Luke. and daughter Belle.
46. i <3 star wars
47. i have more than once waited for hours to see a good movie at a midnight premiere (i.e. star wars episodes 2 and 3)
48. i am always tired, and value sleep above life.
49. if i could go back in time and talk to anybody? blackbeard.
50. there is no 50.


Katie said...

Good job Allison! I have considered doing the 100 things thing, but never got around to it. Beautimous feet too!

Allison said...

awe, thank you katie...