Friday, December 30, 2005

another one bites the dust.

well if there's anyone out there who's wondering what happened with dr. boone, let's just say, he didn't take it well.
in fact, he was pretty pissed.
i got home yesterday and signed on to aim, then went to get shit out of my car. i came back to:
Adam: wow
Adam: ya know
Adam: dont hold back or anything
Adam: I am not senstive at all
Adam: sorry for pissing you off
Adam: dont even know what I did
Adam: and frankly
Adam: I think youre just upset cause you liked me way much more than I liked you
Adam: and you dont like that
Adam: so now you have to make the bad guy
Adam: so go ahead do
Adam: I give a shit

then we had a "conversation" and he basically called me a bitch, then he would apologize for being an asshole, then he would put me down, then himself.. blah blah blah.

how can someone say "i really like you, a lot. and i want to take things slow", then turn around a week later and tell you to forget about them?

lucky for him, i have.
i don't even care.
what a dick.
good thing him i'm mature enough to not actually go through with my plan of egging his car. :)

besides, i have someone else who is much better than him to spend my time with. only, i'm just now realizing it. thanks for the patience, you.

p.s. if anyone wants to read the actual whole conversation that i had with dr. boone, give me your email address... i might consider sending it to you.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

i look good today.

i'm not trying to toot my own horn.. too much! but i look good today. i love my hustler hat!

that's right, hustler hat. because i bought it at the hustler store on sunset blvd. in hollywood! but my teeth look f'ed up in this shot for some reason.. for the record i have very nice looking teeth.

and i'm in a much better mood today. not pissed off anymore. carmen and i came to the conclusion that the reason dr. boone is so weird is because he's gay. and i'm not just saying that to be bitchy, or a woman scorned or whatever, but i'm serious. it's really the only rational explanation for his weirdnes..

he still hasn't read my response to his response as of 1:50 pm on Thursday Dec. 29th.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

jesus, what is wrong with guys? i am so pissed off right now.

my message to dr. boone:
"hey there adam!
listen, i heard what my brother did with the whole blog thinggy. i'm so sorry.. he's such an ass. he had no right to do such a thing. please don't take anything he does to heart. trust me, he's just not worth getting upset over. i figured out later that that's the reason you weren't at the show.
i hope you ended up having a good christmas anyways, whether your family was there or not. my family wasn't around for christmas either.
well i know you're probably tired of hearing this from me, but i really would like to be your friend! don't forget about me!
have a nice day! "

completely innocent right? i was being totally honest.. all i wanted was friendship.
so then he sends me a response. a nice, long one. he went into detail about his christmas and everything and how bad of a time he was having.. told me all about his situation with his band.. everything was going fine until i got to the last paragraph:
"Now my problems with my mom and alan, are not related to what I mean at you. I dont have a problem with you Allison, I do like you. But you can very clearly see I am very mad at alot of people and "trying to get to know me" is not in your best intrest. I am sorry. I do consider you a friend but maybe just givng me some space could make things easier. Once agian I am sorry for everything.

Adam "

what the fuck. some space?
my response to his response:
you're right. you're right about everything in this message. but the last line, about needing space? what the fuck? it's not like i'm trying to get in your pants or anything. since when is wanting to be there for a friend a bad thing? i'm sorry you're living a fucked up life right now. i am. and i wish the best for you, but seriously. it's not like i wanted you to give me anything other than a comment now and then. it's not like i'm stalking you, calling you, or even thinking that much about you. i just wanted to be your friend. i'm surprised you even graced me with a response.

but now i officially give up on you.
because clearly that's what you want"

i feel it was the only way to respond.

"oh fuuuudddgggggeee.. only, i didn't say fudge.."

i love that movie, and i love that it comes on 24 hours STRAIGHT on TBS on Christmas. what the hell else would i be watching at Christmas?
it was a pretty good christmas break.. nothing too eventful happened. but i'll tell you all about it anyways. it began on thursday around 12.30 with the official office christmas party. we played dirty santa, where everyone brings in a ten dollar gift to exchange. daniel ended up with a 12 pack of coors light. by the end of the party it was a 5 pack! i, after fighting over it with my boss's wife, ended up with a $10 gift certificate to priscilla's. now, for those of you who don't know, priscilla's is a "lingerie" store :).
anywho! then a bunch of us went to tripp's where we had mas fun and beer!!!
j kenny is perturbed
then, after much consumption of beer, we headed to el paso, because the day wouldn't be complete without dos equis and the burrito el paso. me and katie were feeling really good by then:
Image hosted by
in the words of katie, i was "sotally tober"
hehehe. then, to top everything off, i went home and to sleep. i was out by 11 pm. sad, i know.
i worked the next night at the brush! boo! i was there til friggin midnight, but in the end went out with brian the dj/cook to this bar in downtown hickory where i got to see female mud wrestling, sang karaoke, and drank 5 malibu and cokes and 2 jager bombs, ate a ham & cheese sandwich, and danced with a girl! good times. finally got home around 4 am, where i went straight to sleep, by myself! *sigh*
then made up a rum cake in the morning (my speciality) and went BACk to the brush. but hey, at least working at sagebrush on christmas eve, we had a little fun:
hahaha asshole adrian
it says: "I will work for SEX". poor asshole adrian. he walked around with it on his back for a LONG time. everyone got a kick out of it. when the kitchen manager finally pulled it off and put it in his hand, he simply looked at it, shrugged, and put it back on his back.

then after work i headed straight home for presents!! then to alan's country music show at the irish cue in mooresville! it was really good! i don't have any live pics of alan performing, cause i was too lazy to get my camera out until after he was done, but here:
the show was good, but i was a little disappointed. i thought dr. boone was going to be there and that he would see my booby shirt and come over and beg me to talk to him! but he wasn't there, so the booby shirt was for naught. ah well.
christmas day was boring.. i watched a christmas story a few times, and then went to b's house and had fun with his family.. i got an awesome tampa bay buccaneers snowglobe with raymond james stadium inside. then b had to go home, so i went over to alan's house and we went to see king kong. good movie, but utterly too long. i liked it, but i'll never watch it again. didn't get home til 2 am! but since it was still christmas in california, i gave my ex beau a call! turns out now he's on myspace, and he needs a few friends! Add him!
and what ex beau adventure would be complete without him making me feel AWFUL for not going to see him this year. *sigh* i think the boy has delusions that we could EVER be together permanently.. don't get me wrong,i love him, but we don't work together.
anywho then monday i got up and went to pick up madelyn and elora (my nieces) from my oldest brother, scott, and took them over to alan's to drop off elora. we hung out for a while, i napped on elora's bed while they played. it was sweet. then i took madelyn home, when my mom finally got home from virginia. that's when i went to dinner! with adam! another ex beau! we went to los arcos, where, of course, alan was there with elora. can't escape family. but me and adam had a good long conversation anyways. we sat there and talked for 2 hours. i finally got up the nerve to ask him about the nickname (if you don't know it by now, there's probably a reason!). well he admitted to calling me that. he said he didn't originate it, but he didn't discourage it. which means one of his friends came up with it, which means he told all of his friends what we were doing in private. good thing this was 5 years ago or else i might get mad. grr. by the way he's on myspace now too, he hasn't added me as his friend yet though! but you can look here to see it.
but then it was time to go.. after a much heartfelt hug, i headed home. it was good. cleansing.
yesterday consisted of me hanging with my ma all day, buying lotto tickets and eating food, riding in a car and napping, and then FINALLY back to hickory at 8.30 pm, where i went straight to carmen's. we played spades. me and satterfield beat carmen and brian the dj/cook after a very tense, very close last hand. it was awesome.

so that was my big christmas break. .like i said, nothing too exciting, but it was still nice. and i have another 3 day weekend this weekend! i love new years.. i hope i get some booty :) but who knows where the wind will take me.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Monday, December 19, 2005

and my alma mater becomes "National Champions"

Image hosted by
that's football.

did ya miss me?

so i haven't blogged in like a week!
but having bronchitis will do that to ya. bronchitis!! holy shit! how does one contract bronchitis? my guess is some nasty fucker who already had it came in to eat at dillbrush even though they had fucking bronchitis! and me, being the lucky girl i am, was their server. and since i am primo pre-busser extraordinare, i picked up their nasty bronchitis infested plate after they were done eating, and took it back to the kitchen where the infection must have rubbed off on me. normally i wash my hands after each trip to and from the dish room as it is a nasty shithole of infected plates. occasionally, however, i get busy and have to run back out there, and resort to wiping my hands on my jeans. this must have been one of those times.
anywho, i worked on monday, monday night, half a day tuesday, and half a day thursday. that's it. that's all i worked last week. except i also worked saturday night, but i'll get to that in a minute.
i got so much sleep last week. it was AWESOME. i mean sure, there were times when i couldn't breath, couldn't swallow, had a terrible headache, sorethroat, deathly coughing, blah blah blah, but i got to sleep. a lot. and that rocked. i slept so much that i actually had no problem getting up early on wednesday when i went to the urgent care. i love urgent care. 20 bucks and i got to go right in, and get medicine. and then the medicine was AWESOME. i felt so loopy all day thursday and friday.
friday night was the best part of the whole week. for some magical reason i was off work, so i went to my coworker trey's pad to watch the big ASU vs. UNI national championship game. i would have gone with katie and daniel if i wasn't sick. really, i would have. i wish i had. but i really was still sick. it was an awesome game to watch. the first half sucked cause we sucked. asu looked like a high school team. but then when Williams came back in, it turned around. and Hunter's huge amazing super cool play when he picked up the fumble and ran in for a touchdown, it was like a whole new team out there. that's football. the crowd and the noise, that's football. the extreme rush of adrenaline, the hugging and screaming and passion, that's football. i love it.

what a good time. then i went to carmen's. to play 3 dollar poker. i did awesome too. would have won if i hadn't pooped out. i tell ya, all that sleep made me so tired.. :) i was so tired i skipped the sagebrush christmas party at 9 on saturday. i'm such a bad employee :P but at least i showed up for work saturday night.
but honestly, i shouldn't have. of course, as soon as my bronshitis started to finally clear up, i got mad cramps. so i was pretty much miserable saturday afternoon. then carmen gave me some "naproxin". well that made me numb, and loopy. so i was in a pretty good mood at the brush, for a while. we were slow but i didn't mind. i was still feeling the tired. by 8:00 i was exhausted. i begged to be volumed and left at 10:00. sad. it was carmen's last night at the brush, and there was a big party at ace's that night. but i didn't go. i wish i had felt better, good enough to go. but i felt like i had been hit by a mack truck. a mack truck carrying something heavy and awful. like seafood. yea. so on saturday night i was asleep by midnight. and slept until almost noon sunday.
i almost forgot to mention that saturday night i got a text message and a voicemail from dr. boone wondering why my brother was mad at him, and why he had asked dr. boone not to go to his christmas eve show. this is the first i have actually heard from dr. boone in a while. so i was nervous when i finally called him back that night. it turns out alan had talked to carmen, and got the impression that i was utterly mad at dr. boone and didn't want to be near him, and didn't want him to go to the show. which is totally not true. not at all. i don't even know if i'm going to the show! and i certainly am not mad at dr. boone. i'm sad for him. i had a conversation with him about why he chose to give up on me. and we're cool. i understand him. and i'm not mad. if anything, i pity him. but that's all. anyways i cleared things up with alan yesterday when i was in town for my ma's birthday.

well that brings me up to present pretty much. i may have left a few things out, but what can ya do? get over it. :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

oh yea?

you know what? i'm not sad anymore. i'm JUST FINE. i'm not lonely, i've got freinds. i don't need a boyfriend, i don't need a husband. i just need my friends. and i'm happy that way. the only time i've cried because of another person in the last 3 years has been because i threw a guy in the mix. that's not cool. fuck that. i don't think that i should live that way. what's wrong with being single?
there's just too much emotion involved in romance. and unfortunately for me, it's usually the wrong emotion..
ok, i'm deathly sick with a cold, and i'm pretty high on cold medicine, so this probably isn't making any sense. and that's ok. but that's why.

Monday, December 12, 2005

"how bout them panthers?"

well, my weekend started out "el terrible" but ended up not so bad. friday just plain out sucked.
i was in a bad mood starting out from not talking to dr. boone. then it got worse when he actually did manage to grace with me a two sentence message. nothing horrible, just nothing good. what can you do to help someone when they won't let you help? when they won't even talk to you? NOTHING. that's what you can do. just sit back and wait. well fuck that. i'm the worst person in the world when it comes to patience. i have none. none. i'm trying here though. and of course since C talked to my brother on saturday night, now she doesn't like dr. boone either. but me, i'm still torn. i think this is the point where i just keep everything bottled up inside. that works for me. definitely.

at least friday and saturday i made pretty good tips for once. and i got to hang out with friends both nights. drinking and what have you.

and app won!! yay!! i'm still working on going to the championship game friday in chatanooga!! it's a possibility for sure!!

but the best part about the whole weekend was definitely yesterday around 3:50 pm when it became apparent that the buccaneers, my team, were actually going to beat the panthers. don't get me wrong, i'm a north carolinian, therefore i'm a panthers fan. EXCEPT when they play the bucs. because after all, i'm a floridian by birth. loyalty. look it up. let me just say it feels really nice to notice that all of the people who not 2 months ago would walk past saying really annoying shit like "how bout them panthers?" are now avoiding walking past my desk at all. that set them in their smug little places. i'm glad my roommate was definitely not smug about it. or else i'd be forced to say "how bout them bucs?" to her. but she's cool, so we're cool. in fact, i didn't bring it up at all last night, and we hung out most of the night. now, when my boss eventually gets here, i'm gonna HAVE to say something.


and last night i had fun. i finished up most of my christmas shopping. and then i hung out at C's again. this time we watched the "Last Laugh '05" thing on comedy central with c, satt, brian the dj/cook, ace, lavier (my psuedo boss at the brush) and dustin. yes, dustin. it was pretty funny. i think i'm growing into a shatner fan!

*SIGH* well anyways maybe this week will turn out better and i won't cry myself to sleep like i did for the first time in years on saturday night.

Friday, December 09, 2005

family sucks.

i'm not sure, but i think my asshole brother may have said something to dr. boone to make him not want to talk to me anymore. i've only spoken to him once this week. i sent him a myspace message and a text message and an aim im and have recieved no response. maybe he's just busy. but i had a conversation with my brother on wednesday night, and i get the feeling he said something to dr. boone. you see, my brother is an asshole. and he doesn't like the idea of me seeing dr. boone. in fact, he hates it. he said bad things to me about dr. boone, trying to scare me away. but it didn't. i still like him, just as much. my brother is just an ass.

and i swear if i find out that he has been talking to dr. boone in an attempt to keep him away from me, i'll be sure to give him the silent treatment for at least 1 year. at least.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

mc chris owns. i wanna go to an mc chris show.

what did i tell you? i got mc chris to sign my boob. ok sure, it was my boob on my shirt, but i'm not going to force the girls on anyone. here ya go:
Image hosted by
and i must say, he's a really funny, nice guy. i had such an awesome time. i was inches from him, in the front the whole time! i'll have better pics tomorrow!! but here's the one b took of me and mc:
Image hosted by

more to come
word i'm out!

Monday, December 05, 2005

since you asked.

i love eggnog. carmen makes especially yummy eggnog. on saturday, i drank about 4 small cups of it. and was drunk. not just tipsy, drunk. had to catcha ride home drunk. it was a good night though. a lot of people were there! carmen and satterfield, brian the dj/cook, ace, b, mandy, erika and jessica(from the brush), mona (works with carmen), brandon and chris.. and.. let's see i know i'm forgetting someone.. hm.... who could it be... someone .... who.. oh! bertha! hahaha.. how could i forget bertha! and their new kitty cheddar who you can see pics of on my flickr...

oh and dustin was there to ;). ha! dustin has decided to come back around and be part of our group again. good for him. we even had a little joke too. mona was sending someone a text message and i made a comment about "never send drunken text messages, trust me, it's a bad idea". that had him laughing. and we were nice and civil to each other. i'm glad to be his friend again. i missed his funny youngster ass.

over all the christmas poker was pretty awesome.. of course i lost twice.. really quickly..i wasn't drunk enough when we started, so i did horribly. but it's all good. i had eggnog, rum cake, a special star christmas cookie, and lots of good times. then mandy, b, and i went back to my house and i went to sleep. like a good girl.

and then yesterday i did ABSOLUTELY nothing except watch 4 episodes of scrubs before i had to go to work at 5, where i did more of ABSOLUTELY nothing. then to carmen's to play with cheddar.

and that was my weekend.

why are you still reading?
did i forget something?

oooooooooooooooooooooooh, you want to hear about my friday night?
come on now, i don't kiss and tell! well, ok ...

i worked friday night. left at exactly 11 pm. got to ktown around 12.15 am.
we talked. we burned the candle that i brought him, that i hand made. it smelled nice.
then we decided to watch a movie. he had told me to bring a movie, anything i wanted. it was my choice whether to bring a dvd (living room, couch) or a vhs (bedroom). i brought two VHS's.. hehehe.. i brought SNatch (guy movie, but one i love) and the princess bride (one of the greatest movies ever made, and what my blog is named after). i told carmen these choices. she said if he picks the princess bride, he's a keeper.
he picked princess bride.

then we snuggled.. all through the night. it was so nice.. i'm really liking this cuddly snuggly happiness.

of course it couldn't last too long. stupid sagebrush. i had to leave at 8 am to drive an hour to be at the meeting.. sigh.. i'm like cinderella and sagebrush is midnight.

"no more rhymes now, i mean it! anybody want a peanut?"

Sunday, December 04, 2005


i've been told that i sigh a lot.. i do.. and that isn't for any reason other than me sitting back and being happy.

and i am happy.

Friday, December 02, 2005

i was a one line wonder in my own love sooooong

oh i love those avett brothers songs...

there are a few things in this world that i am REALLY good at. baking rum cakes is definitely one of those. i made one last night.. it is So good. it's just perfectly moist and mouth watering.. and i didn't boil the glaze quiiiite long enough so it's nice and potent. wasn't ready til about 11:30 last night.

myspace is ADDICTIVE. i'm on it all day at work. and yesterday i got internet at home.. so last night i was on it all night while i was at home. and instant messenger.. *sigh*

i was planning on getting a much larger longevity check (christmas bonus) than i actually recieved, and was going to go ahead and splurge on some ebay panthers/bucs tickets. good seats.. but you know what? fuck that. i can't get anyone to commit to going with me anyways.. so i guess i'm going to have to wait and see what happens. i may have more fun watching it on tv anyways, when i can snuggle up on the couch.. going would have been good, but i don't want to go if my seats are going to be shitty. i'm one of THOSE people. if i don't have good seats, i don't want to go.

i can't WAIT for tuesday night! going to see MC CHRIS in raleigh! yay! i'm going to meet that guy and get an autograph. because i can, i'm that good. watch you'll see. i'm not working the day after, but on thursday, when i come into work, i'll have mc chris's name written in marker on my boobs. (just kidding, it'll be on my cd cover!).

little nervous... tonight i may be driving down to concord for a visit with dr. boone.. i'm going to be so tired tomorrow .. we have a mandatory 9 am staff meeting at dillbrush.. where they are basically going to bitch us out for 2 hours. boo. but hey, when it's over i get to go back to sleep until 3 when i have to be BACK there for work. but then after work... it's POKER TIME! honestly i'm not that excited about the poker, i'm excited about the friends!! carmen, satt., brian the dj/cook, possibly asshole adrian (yes i changed his name, i can do that!), ace, and last but not least, Brad will be there! yay! and possibly his psuedo gf mandy..
there's going to be a shit ton of eggnog, and cookies, and yes, my rumcake.

i'm not going to be worth a damn on sunday. and i don't care.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

with their floppy little heads and their beady little eyes..

ha! take that mr. canada,
mr. "america needs some serious reorganization"
mr. "i could be making so much more money back in canada"
mr. "ooh my name's steve and i'm better than you"
mr. email me saying "i'm home now, come on over and we can cuddle" then email me saying "please ignore the last email i sent you, we'll go skiing soon"

what an ass. i know this was over a month ago, but i still feel icky when i think about canada now.

ok, ok, i still think it's a beautiful country and would love to go back and visit. but not with carmen's canadian coworker.. heheheh i love alliteration.

Monday, November 28, 2005

oh my god

oh my god! oh my god! oh my god! oh my god!

allison's thanksgiving break.. exposed!

i had a WONDERFULLY awesome break from the rigorously hard work of making maps all day.

-Wednesday night: work at the brush, drive home.. talk to Dr. Boone for approximately 1 hour, making drive really easy..
have nice conversation with brother.

-Thursday day: dinner goes well, and get this: NO DRAMA! for once a comparitively normal thanksgiving.. food: good. family: well behaved. kiddies: adorable.

-Thursday night: back to work. i swear to god sagebrush was the only restaurant open in hickory and therefore every retard that decided to go out to eat on THANKSGIVING had to come into sagebrush. it was SO FING busy. and here's the best part, there were only four servers. that's right FOUR. and it was as busy as a friday night when we have 11 servers. but i got through it.. and ended up making like 60 bucks. i didn't get out of there til 11:30 when we closed at 10 pm. but then i went to C's and we had fun with the gang, and i talked to Dr. Boone on the phone until approximately 4 a.m. when my phone died.

-Friday: get up, do NOTHING, then go help put Gulf Relief Variety Show fliers on people's cars at the crazy way too freaking busy, how the hell did anybody get anywhere parking lot at target/kohl's/best buy.

-Friday night at the brush: DEAD. since everyone came in there on thanksgiving, there was no one left to come back the next night. wtf. but it was all gravy since i was still tired from the night before. plus, i was closing with C, so at least i didn't have to be bored alone. seriously, i made like 15 bucks. on a friday. i had FIVE tables.
then over to B. W. Wings, for a few drinks. talked to dr. boone again... then home..

-Saturday was cool. got up, went to wally world. can i just say that it was the craziest damn place eveR? i was going to go friday afternoon, but remembered that i would be stepping into HELL the day after thanksgiving..
then i got all pretty for the show.
which was outstanding.. carmen and sattercrunk did an amazing job putting together a very fun night.. and they raised money for a good cause. i'm so proud to call them 2 of my best friends... and the best part was that i got to watch it all from the lighting booth with carmen. and i got to do some of the lighting. AND i got to wear a cool headset.. "red five, standing by" was all i could think of... i am such a geek.

then a bunch of people came over to my abode for a little get together. we drank, we played poker, everything was awesome. except for alex, satterfield's future brother in law. he decided to be an ass and turn into a little girl when he folded on a hand that ended up being a great one for him. too bad.. he actually THREW his chips in and said "i don't want to play anymore". what a little bitch.. i can't believe i ever contemplated dating him, and that i kissed him.. that was a LONG time ago though. oh and he's a philly eagles fan. ew.

then i talked yet again to dr. boone. that's when he told me he wouldn't be at my brother's house for football. i was distraught til he told me that i was going to be going over to HIS apartment to watch movies after the game.. this i could deal with.

-Sunday: drove to my brother's to watch football game. boring. boring. the panther's game was so boring. and the bucs lost too. *sigh*
but then.... then.... (sam, i'm sorry, you may not want to read anymore)
then i went to dr. boone's apartment. i was a little nervous considering we had only met the once, at alan's house a few weeks ago, but i've been talking to him everyday since then. i could tell he was a little nervous too. like, he wouldn't look at me.. we eventually decided to put in the amityville horror. ok movie.. could have ended more dramatically though.
during this movie, we sat the official nervous length apart, approximately 8 inches. i kept to myself, mostly, but i did catch him looking at me a few times. he talked some, and was funny. good funny.

then we put in the goonies movie. i love this movie by the way.. the pirate ship gets me. it gets me. and so does dr. boone. this time i decided to be cuddly... ish.. he got up a couple of times to adjust the volume.. each time he turned his back i would scoot a liiiiiittle bit more towards his seat (totally plotted). so by the end of the movie he had his arm around me and i was nestled on his chest.. sigh..

then it was about 8.. i didn't want to leave yet, so i asked if there was a short movie we could watch.. he said, "well, friday the 13th part four is short, but i only have it on video."
-"so?" i replied.
-"well, the only VCR is in my bedroom, so you'd have to sit on my bed, but i'll sit on the floor". puh-lease like i couldn't see through that. but lucky for him, i was game.
-"i'm not going to make you sit on the floor."

well, after about five minutes laying on my tummy next to him on the bed, i decided it was time to be aggressive. i pulled my patented allison move, waiting til he rolled onto his side to talk to me. then, i moved in for the kill-er... kiss.

wow. that's all i'm going to say. wow. this boy has no idea what is about to hit him. i hope he realizes that soon, i will be wrapped around his little finger and likewise. i kept myself innocent though, confineing the situation to only kissing. because i'm a good girl (heheheheheheehehheheheheheheehe). really though i was good.

ok.. enough of that now.. i'll stop going on about dr. boone... except to say this: i feel so good right now, like i've been slapped in the face with a truck, and at the same time drunk. that's good.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

the good of mankind

Current mood: cheerful

last night i had the most horrific headache ever.. well not ever, there was that time a few weeks ago when i woke up in the middle of the night and to force myself to throw up so i could go back to sleep.

but anyways, i took like 500 pictures of the dress rehearsal for the Gulf Relief Variety Show that the Phaups are putting on this weekend. staring at a tiny screen for 2.5 hours gave me the headache i believe.. i don't know but i wanted to die by the time i got home, even after taking the goody's powder.

anywho if you're bored this weekend and you would like to do something for the good of mankind, go to this show. it only costs like 12 bucks and it will be really really really awesome. i got to see most of the acts last night and believe me when i say this, it is going to be an OUTSTANDING show. highly entertaining. especially the singing.

plus, i'll be there, so you know it has to be cool. of course, i'm not really doing all that much.. i'm not performing, and i'm not even taking pictures.. i'm helping C with the lighting a little (even though i've no bloody clue how to handle lighting). but it's all gravy cause i'll be there.

tonight: hang around house waiting for internet guys to show up so's i can have some internet at home! yay! and maybe i'll go see harry potter or something.. i've been dying to see it, but haven't had a chance.

well anyways i suppose maybe you want to see something visually stimulating other than my beautifully typed words, so here ya go:

Image hosted by

helena will be playing a beautiful violin solo at the show.

Image hosted by

Robby and Eli will be singing a tear jerking song.

and then after the party is the after party, where i will hopefully be getting this drunk again:

Image hosted by

allison and B, circa 2004 halloween party, photo courtesy of Dr. Muffin.

man, my hair was loooong.

p.s. this is the exact same blog as on MYSPACE. so get over it.

Monday, November 21, 2005

this week.

this week = looks to be good..
i'm so excited.. only 3 days in the office!

so my brother's ex girlfriend / babymomma is dating... my EX boyfriend from 1998. i dated him when i was 15. isn't that funny? i thought it was hilarious. here's a picture:
Image hosted by
yep, that's him in all his skeezoid glory.. what's that?? fuzzstache? hahaa
this is the guy who owned a 5 foot python. one day when i was at his house, it bit him.. hahahhahaha.. that was one of the funniest moments of my life, and i had to keep it in. dork.

anywho i just wanted to blog to be cool. but i'm too lazy to write anymore.. here's a link to make your day:
this is so gross:

North Carolina's Finest.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

The rebuttal:

Katie's friend Michelle sent me this link to the guy's version of the list in the previous post. it's pretty enlightening. and i'm sure it's 100% accurate too. guys are so shallow. by the way michelle, feel free to comment if you want!
the male version.

i concur.

i agree with about 99% of this article.
50 Things Men should know about Women.

carmen says i need to blog.

carmen says i need to blog more often, but sometimes i just don't know what to say. i've been reading other people's blogs a lot, and i found a survey that seemed pretty cool.. so what the hell i'll do that.. in a minute.
tonight me and carmen are going to Value Village! the best thrift store in the piedmont. i hope to find some goodies! and we'll be going to see my brother. so that'll be good.

i've decided after hearing some things from sampie, that i won't be speaking to cookboy adrian anymore.. i decide this a week ago, but haven't written about it yet. it just ticks me off that he would actually come over to my house (ok carmen's apt. where i was dogsitting) and drink all of my friend's liquor and then try so disgustingly desperately hard to screw monica that he was actually giving sampie "hand signals" to try to get him to "keep me busy" while he tried to scrogg monica.
what a sketchzo.
what a fucking asshole.
i haven't spoken to him in a week and i'm proud of myself. it's difficult because lately he has been working a lot more hours and now for some reason he has been working EVERYDAY the same as me. ass.
ah well.
i got a NIFTY star wars watch from brian the dj/cook. i'm so happy, it's awesome.

ok here's the damn survey:
1. What color are your kitchen plates?
my roommate's plates are a lovely plain white color. i have clear glass plates in storage.

2. What book(s) are you reading now?
i finished my awesome pirate book and now i need to find another.. i have to go to the library soon..

3. What or who is on your mouse pad?
i have a really dinge gateway mousepad... and a dell computer. but at home i have a nifty NASA hologram space mousepad.. cause science is cool.

4. What's your favorite board game?
i like trivial pursuit even though i SUCK at it. and monopoly.. i'm more of a card game type of girl, like SPADES or texas hold em.

5. Favorite magazine?
the only one i get is National Geographic. i like to read the trashy celebrity gossip ones, but i only glance at the covers while i'm in line at the grocery store. i also love reading people.

7. Least favorite smell?
ranch dressing makes me want to throw up.

8. What's the first thing you think of in the morning?
why? why? why? why is it so early? damn me for getting a real job!! damn me!

9. Favorite color?
i love all bright colors.. easter egg green is nice..

10. Least favorite color?
brown.. but is that really a color that anyone likes?

11. How many rings before you answer the phone?
my phone doesn't ring.. it sings.. most of the time it sings golddigger.. sometimes it sings sublime, sometimes star wars, and sometimes MC chris. and it just sings a 30 second sample.. so.... that doesn't really answer the question.. i just let it go til i feel like answering it.

12. Future children's names?
luke and belle. that's the end of discussion about that.

13. What is your sign and birthday?
Taurus, April 30th

14. Do you eat the stems of broccoli?
sure, they're yummy :)

15. If you could have any job what would it be?
movie star! i would love to live the hollywood life.. i could handle it.
sometimes i wish i could be a pirate too.. but not a pirate like they have now... i'm talking about an early 18th century pirate like blackbeard.
i wouldn't mind just being a regular person who lives in a boat all year round too.

16. If you could have any color hair what would it be?
red.. like i already have.. i love my hair color and haven't wanted to change it since high school. sometimes it's annoying to have all the dirty boys and old people be like "i love redheads" but ya get over it.

17. Is the glass half full or half empty?
depends. if i pour it to the halfway point, then it's half full. if it was full but i drank half of it (or if it's beer, i spilled half of it) then it's half empty

18. Favorite movie?
these are too obvious.. pirates of the caribbean of course, star wars, alive, blah blah blah...

19. Do you type with the right fingers on the keys?
of course, i'm not a retard. hahah.. that's mean. but i took the time to take a class in high school on typing with the "home keys".. so should everyone else.

20. What's under your bed?
my bed has drawers under it. one has my receipts and tobaggans (boone alumna)... the middle one has my clarinet and music.. even though i don't play anymore.. i'm so weird.. and the one at the head of the bed, well, wouldn't you like to know. let's just say i like to be prepared.. just in case. ;)

21. What is your favorite number?
520. it stands for E.T. E is the fifth letter of the alphabet and T is the 20th letter of the alphabet. why? because in 8th grade my best freind michelle and i used code to talk about our crushes. Eric Tucker was my crush. after him i never bothered with the code thing anymore.. but i continued to use 520 cause it's a good number .. it just works for me.

22. What is your single biggest fear?
not being a mother..not getting married.... being eaten by a shark (and/or dinosaur) oh you said single biggest fear? why does it have to be just one?

23. Person(s) most likely to respond?
katie or carmen.

24. Who is least likely to respond?
sam, because he reads my blogs, but never comments. :) (don't think that means now you have to comment on all my blogs though, i know you read them and you talk to me about them anyways)

25. Favorite CD?
Beck's Odelay and Bloodhound Gang's One Fierce Beer Coaster got me through High School, Sublime's 40 oz. to freedom got me through college.
but now, i don't know it's a toss up between the killer's hot fuss and the phantom of the opera soundtrack..

26. Favorite TV show?
E.R. and Friends, and now Grey's Anatomy, and jeopardy, and i love scrubs but never get to watch it.

27. Ketchup or mustard?
Ketchup. mustard is only good in moderation.

28. Hamburgers or Hot dogs?
hm... i love hamburgers.. but sometimes a hot dog with mayo, slaw and ketchup and a liiiiiittle bit of mustard can really hit the spot.. but only if it's beef, and sliced longways and grilled on a flattop, like we used to do at the BBC.

29. Favorite soft drink?
uh, coke zero.

30. The best place you have ever been?
santa barbara was pretty neat, ireland was lovely, and the bahamas were happenin. but i could also say the back of a ford F150 on a starry night in june of 2000.

31. The most amazing sight?
this beautiful country of ours from an airplane. nothing beats seeing three mountain ranges in six hours. the vastness and variability of terrain in our country blows me away.

32. What screen saver is on your computer right now?
at work i have no screensaver.. but at home i do the pictures slide show where it goes through ALL of my pictures. sometimes i just watch in amazement of all of my past pictures that i forgot i had. :)

33. Favorite burger?
wendy's. i know that's a boring answer, but their burgers are especially yummy.

there ya go. that should tide you over for a couple days i hope.

Monday, November 14, 2005

3 words: Touchdown Tampa Bay!

Man i love football. it can be so emotional sometimes. it can make you cringe, laugh, cheer, cry, jump, yell, scream, punch, high-five and even hug.

the past two weeks my team has officially sucked ass.

but yesterday they redeemed themselves quite well.
granted, the victory was a 1 point victory. but a victory is a victory, especially when it comes in such a sweet way.

b is a redskins fan, has been since birth. since my team was playing his team yesterday, the only appropriate action was for us both to take the day off for the specific purpose of watching the game together. he drove all the way to hickory from durham with a mad hangover but with idle determination. of course, since he is B, he was an hour late. but luckily i have other friends. brian the dj/cook was at Buffalo Wild Wings at 4, so at least i didn't have to sit and drink beer by myself.

the game started at 4:15. i couldn't get anyone to change the channel to that game til about 10 seconds before mike alstott drove in the buc's first touchdown. but i saw it. and called b to let him know :). then B finally got there and emotions started to fly. his team would score, my team would score. i would cheer, then i would sulk. he would cheer, then he would sulk.

finally in the fourth quarter with about 5 minutes left, the redskins got a touchdown to take the lead, making the score 35 - 28. of course, on the next drive the bucs did nothing. but then the skins' next drive was non-producing as well. and their punt was muy terrible. this gave the bucs awesome field advantage. with a nice long 30 yard pass comes the fateful six points. (i'm cheering and standing on the rungs of my stool)

now here's the crunch time. if they kick the extra point, the game will be tied 35-35. if they go for the two point conversion, they will probably win. but the two point conversions are VERY difficult to pull off. very.

so they decided to go for the extra point. blah. but wait, what's this? the damn skins blocked the kick. (i am about to cry)....

wait, is that? no, it is!! it's a flag... and it's on the skins!!! off sides!! i guess when mr. redskin went to block the kick, he jumped a little early!! another shot at victory! (again, i'm standing.. and screaming!!)

this time, gruden decides to go for it. the two points. the game winner....
handoff to alstott (my MAN) and he runs... jumps over.. and... IT'S GOOD!!!!! the refs hold up the unmistakeable touchdown symbol!! the 2 points are golden!

i'm screaming and yelling and hugging and jumping...
and of course then there is a booth review. (stupid judges)..
but since Mr. Mike Alstott was so OBVIOUSLY in, the call stands.

and the bucs win it, 36-35.

poor B, must have been a LONG drive home.

here's a picture of that glorious Alstott, just as he is about to win the game:
Image hosted by

that's why he's my man. Don't believe me? here's a picture of me from 3 years ago wearing his hat:
Image hosted by

i love this game.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Boo on WCNC.

ok.. there are a few t.v. shows out there that i really love. E.R. is one of the top 3. i love this show. the drama is outstanding. the acting is amazing. the stories are heartfelt. When they had the "smallpox" episodes, my heart literally ached for them.

last nights episode promised to be another wonderful example of exemplary television. 15 minutes into it, however, WCNC TV (our local NBC affiliate) decided to be giant ASSHOLES and interrupt ER with a "special alert" about a "car chase" in charlotte.

a car chase. not a high speed chase. no one was speeding. no one was hurt.

no property was damaged. nobody was shot at. nobody even ran.

it wasn't even in downtown.

it was just a car with sparks flying out of the back, being followed by cop cars.

whoop. t. doo.

i was seriously pissed off. this went on for a good 15 minutes. i was cussing and yelling at the t.v. just ask my roomie. i was so pissed i tried to call the station to bitch them out, but the line was busy.

that's ok though, that's what the internet is for.

here's what i wrote:

"i love your news shows, but interrupting ER for 15 minutes last night to show a"car chase" that was in charlotte was absolutely dispicable. i realize thatmaybe a few people out there needed to know because maybe they live close towhere the "chase" occurred, but honestly the blue flashing lights probablytipped them off. Couldn't you have just had a scrolling alert at the bottom ofthe screen? I am saddenned that there is nothing i can do to get back the timeyour special alert wasted. "

here's the website: WCNC

i feel better now.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

good gravy!

i swear.. sometimes i have the most fuckedupest dreams. if you'll remember, a few months ago i had the freaky (but cool) roesthlisbrady dream. well last night i had another strange dream.. not quite as freaky, more... weird.
carmen was pregnant.... and so was i! the carmen being pregnant part is awesome.. that would rock. she wants a baby, she's married, and she is totally ready.
me? not so much. i mean, of course i want to be a mother.. one day. but not now. i'm single, young, and broke. i would have to quit my job! and move back in with my mother.. ew....
of course, i could enlist the help of the baby daddy, but honestly, the prospect of a shotgun wedding with the last guy that i.... well... let's just say i'd end up on CNN one day for spousal homicide.

although, it would be completely awesome to have a baby at the same time as carmen..

i need a cat!

Monday, November 07, 2005

ready to go home and it's only 11:45 am

first of all : the_golden_age_of_piracy_returns.

second of all: chris simms is pissing me off. (tampa bay's quarterback).
how can my team lose to San Francisco, and then turn around and lose again to the panthers. i wouldn't really care except that everyone that i work with in both of my jobs likes to be assholes about it and come up and say some "funny" little remark like: "how bout them panthers?" or "what happened to your buccaneers?" gimme a break. i wouldn't be rubbing that shit in all their faces if my team had won. and that's the truth. i would simply smile to myself. not be an ass. but whatever.

so you know what happens when you fall asleep and won't wake up to go to IHOP with allison and monica? you get served:

hahaha ..

the funny part was the reaction at discovering the stuff all over his back.
he wakes up, goes in the bathroom. scratches his back.. "aw what the fuck?!"
hahahah it was funnier if you were there i guess. don't judge me, you would have laughed.
*sigh* i'm getting too old for this staying up til 7 am on friday nights nonsense.
then sat. i went to a party with monica (who is 19) and there were a lot of boys there. a lot of 20 year old boys.. i felt really old and decided not to drink. good choice i think..

i've decided to quit sagebrush after i save up 3000 bucks instead of 5000. it would take FOREVER to save up five. i've been working there for like 3 months and all i have now is 835. of course, that's because i spend money on friday nights drinking. stupid alcohol.

i'm just going to be a loner for a while. a hermit if you will. stay at home and watch t.v. and not worry about anything.. serving tables, playing poker, boys, booze, sex,.. . all put away. yea.

Friday, November 04, 2005

can't think of one

carmen: "i don't approve of your newest blog. :) i don't care about how cute your neices are...I want updates and details on your life, and funny know how you roll!"

allison: you people are SO demanding :).

funny link.. .hmmm... let's see....

ok.. found one: 50 most embarassing ways to die. hahahahhahah
i like number 2 myself.

by the way is the best source for funny websites..

so my coworker entered this contest on IMDB that i told him to enter because he has mad photoshop skillz. and the motherfucker won. he won a tv. a big, flat screen tv. i entered too, but i don't have mad photoshop skillz, nor do i have photoshop. therefore, i didn't win. bastard. i deserved at least a part of that t.v. for real.
no but seriously.. i think it's cool. i've never known anybody who won anything like this before. especially someone who won off of advice that I gave them.

i can't wait til Dec. 6th! i'm going to see MC Chris! in raliegh, with B, Maksim, and Foliage. haha foliage.. but anyways it's been a long time since i've been this excited over a concert. i mean, i had fun at cowboy mouth (katie) don't get me wrong. .but i only knew 2 songs by them.. The Killers show was awesome, but B didn't like them, so i was pretty much by myself in enjoying it.
it's gonna rock this shit straight up like a vandal. yea.

FEMALES: be warned. do not EVER associate or talk to this_guy. he is a creep and i am disturbed to think i actually went out to dinner with him a while back. i found out from one of my brother's friends (who used to work with this guy) that he actually brought in pictures of some girl who had "passed out"at his house. he had held her shirt up and took pictures showing her boobs. wtf? what a friggin creep.. when i had dinner with him he was all, "you should stay a little later", "i didn't know i was takin out a grandma"... and other shit like that.. it makes me have a mini throw up to think about it... but seriously just giving you ladies a heads up.
also, he SUCKS at spades.

oh well. today is friday which means tonight at the brush will SUCK for tips. but at least i'll be playing poker tonight. at carmen's house. without her. i'm dogsitting. my goal is to have the most people EVER attend without her even being there.. hahaha that would be funny..

*napnapnapnapnapnapnapnapnap* is all i can think...

Thursday, November 03, 2005

ok ... my niece is cute.

yea i'm making personalized calenders for my bros for xmas this year.. and i'm going through pics of my nieces for them.. man are they cute. especially madelyn.

just look!

Image hosted by


Image hosted by

one more (my future (not anytime soon) baby/babies better turn out this cute.. )
Image hosted by

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

me... lazy? yep.

ok i've decided it would take too much work to blog about my whole weekend. i'll just give you a few highlights:

*i won $11.00 friday night playing poker
*i got my star necklace back!!
*i had a super yummy steak and cheese with sprouts and pumpkin beer at the shroom.
*i drove approximately 4 hours on saturday. eckgh.
*there were FIVE people at the "costume party" friday night.
*therefore, i won the award for best costume, a check for $25.00 from b, who was so drunk when he wrote it that it says "pay to the order of ALLISON SUHI"
*i drank a little meself
*found out a little about why i thought that the foliage dissed me.
*b fell down a lot :)
*had the pleasure of seeing 60% of my family on sunday, including my mom, stepdad, both brothers, and two nieces (madelyn, and elora).
*got to watch a little FOOTBALL (hell yea)
*buccaneers lost to san francisco. god darn it.
*fantasy team lost. god darn it.
*got to dress like a pirate at the brush monday night. i called myself captain blinkey, due to the eyepatch. i didn't feel it would be appropriate to greet my tables by saying: "hello, welcome to sagebrush, my name is captain red poon and i'll be taking care of you."
*drank beer on monday night at the buff wild wings. after all, halloween is my favorite holiday.
*but have decided that staying out late on weeknights is a BAD idea.
*BOUGHT STAR WARS EPISODE III yesterday. can't wait to watch it!

*am glad i have the friends i have.

*need to start on my christmas list! i'm so f*ing lazy! it's november and i haven't even STARTED on chrimas presents!

Monday, October 31, 2005

shiver me timbers.

it was a Long weekend and i have plenty to blog about. but alas, i'm mighty busy at work today and you'll all have to wait til wednesday to get the full scoop..
but here's a preview:
Image hosted by

here arrrrrrrrrr some more.

and one more thing:

Thursday, October 27, 2005

stuff on my cat

i was browsing blogs, when a link i found brought me to this site:


i haven't laughed that hard in a while.. and it's all INNOCENT fun.. .

Appalachian State University: School of Distinction

Sometimes I'm really proud to be graduate of the fine Appalachian State University. My heart swells to think that i put forth four years of hard to work for my Bachelor of Science Degree. But pride is a sin. And here's why:


Wednesday, October 26, 2005


i'm soooooooooooo excited about this weekend. i can't wait. i can't talk too much about it either.. for fear of ruining it.. but here's a little hint:
Image hosted by

it's really going to rock. i have to work the rest of this week, but i'm going to (try) not to complain. no matter what, i'm going to have FUN this weekend. and i'm going to watch football, and drink and be merry, because that's what will rock my world.

although, i have to admit i'm a little nervous.. this party will be the one yeariversary since last year's halloween party where i got really close to crazy over foliage. if you don't know what i mean, click here. but it's alright. i'll just avoid him like the plague or something. no need to pine over him this year :). (pine.. get it... hahahahha) i'm a dork. but anyways.

haha i got b to tell me his grande plan for a costume.. he doesn't suspect a thing... but i'm going to be good and not tell anyone.. because i'm cool like that. but it does make me laugh to think that i found out his big "secret" costume. mine so kicks his's ass.. (is that proper grammar?) oh well who cares i rule.

do you think it's bad that the last TWO nights (monday and tuesday) i have arrived home partially drunk? on weeknights? i'm such a lush..

Thursday, October 20, 2005

50 things about me (because 100 is a bit much)

1. i was born in florida
2. my family and i moved to n.c. when i was 6 years old
3. i went to 4 different elementary schools:
-Palmetto Elementary in Palmetto, Florida
-Aycock Elementary in Kannapolis, NC
-Bostian Elementary in Rowan County, NC
-Landis Elementary in Landis, NC
4. i have 2 older brothers, 3 nieces, a step mother, step father, and several step siblings
5. i have a b.s. degree from appstate
6. i detest seafood (if it comes out of the water, ew.) i once accidentally ate a piece of calamari thinking it was a stray onion ring when i was working at the channel marker restaurant in atlantic beach, nc.
7. i like pirates, especially blackbeard, and especially johnny depp.
8. i also detest mushrooms and olives, and i would throw up multitudes upon multitudes of disgusting putrid chunks if i ever ingested ranch dressing.
9. i like stars. i have a star necklace that i ALWAYS wear (except when i accidentally leave it in boone, or lose it for six months in my mom's driveway). i also have a star tattoo on my inner left forearm.
10. i could watch pirates of the caribbean about 800 times without getting sick of it. i even watched it with the commentary. that's how freakin good it is.
11. i have 2 jobs, and i complain about them a lot.
12. i suck at serving tables.
13. i wish i had a kitty, but i have a roommate instead.
14. ever since i was 9 years old and saw milo & otis (the movie) i have wanted a pug. and i will have one.
15. i totaled my first car 11 days after i got my liscence. it looked a lot like this one.
16. it took me 3 tries to get my liscence.
17. my first job was at Cox's Seafood... bussing tables.
18. i was once tom petty for halloween.
19. when i was 10, my mom, dad, bros, cousin, grandparents, and me took two trucks and two campers and drove all the way to california and back over a month one summer.
20. i have been to 44 u.s. states, not including louisiana, kansas, north dakota, washington, hawaii, and alaska
21. when i was in 8th grade, i was in a pirate acting group called "the pirate troupe" which was run by my favorite teacher ever, mr. pope. my pirate name was "scarlett hatcher" and i carried a dulled hatchet.
22. i met my first love the day after graduating from high school.
23. i had my first (and only!) heartbreak in february my freshman year of college.
24. my first concert was aerosmith
25. my biggest concert was woodstock 99
26. my favorite concert was beck in 1996, and bloodhound gang in 1998
27. my favorite movies are Pirates of the Caribbean (duh) and Alive (1992).
28. my favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird, all Harry Potter books, and Alive (1973)
29. i had my first boyfriend in 6th grade and dated him again in 8th grade.
30. i recieved my first kiss at age 13 (8th grade) behind the dumpsters at Corriher Lipe Middle School from Chris Smith.
31. i have recently developed a love for photography. (tee hee.. developed)
32. i love puns.
33. i have 2 best friends, carmen, and b.
34. i met b in 10th grade, when i used to be in love with him :).
35. i met carmen when i was in 9th grade, when she used to be in love with my brother.
36. the craziest place i have ever been was in traffic in Los Angeles. but then again, i bet a lot of people can say that.
37. the most beautiful thing i can ever remember seeing is the view from the airplane when flying over this beautiful country of ours.
38. i once got so drunk i woke up in the bathroom with no pants on, hugging the toilet, with "edible body paint" all over me...
39. i don't drink jack daniel's anymore.
40. the most famous person i have ever met is vanilla ice.
41. i once saw paris hilton and nicole ritchie walking down the street.
42. i LOVE celebrity gossip... that's the girl in me.
43. i can't wait to see the rest of the world... if i could go anywhere, it'd be everywhere...
44. my biggest fear is that i will never be a mother.
45. i shall name my first born son Luke. and daughter Belle.
46. i <3 star wars
47. i have more than once waited for hours to see a good movie at a midnight premiere (i.e. star wars episodes 2 and 3)
48. i am always tired, and value sleep above life.
49. if i could go back in time and talk to anybody? blackbeard.
50. there is no 50.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

new link

i've added a new link! it's the link to the Ph**p Dance Academy, Sattertrunk's brand new dance studio, in Newton NC. they added a page for my pictures, because i take all the pics for them.. anyways check it out:

Transformers.. Robots in Disguise

I have discovered a fun sight where you can transform your face into all kinds of stuff. you can make yourself look a different race, or see what you'd look like as an old lady:
Image hosted by

i really like this one:
Image hosted by

but this one is definitely best:
Image hosted by

Here is the link: clickme.

be as cool as me.

Monday, October 17, 2005

survived another weekend... barely.

want to know how this one went?
well, it started just like every other weekend,
friday night at the brush was busy busy busy, but not as busy as the last, and people generally sucked pretty big balls on friday. all night i only made like 50 bucks in tips. usually on fridays i make at least 70. what the hell.
then off to the poker table with C, S, brian the dj/cook, and monica, my new homey:

i lost pretty quickly, and decided to stay out instead of wasting another five bucks. went to sleep at like 2.30 on the couch.. and was doing fine.. until about 5.30 when for some reason, i woke up with the "awfulest" headache ever.
now i know what your thinking, "shouldn't have drank so much"
but HA! i didn't drink that much! i had like 2 glasses of arbor mist and ONE beer. i wasn't even tipsy. how could i have been drunk? i don't know what happened. i just know this headache kept me awake for a long time before i made myself throw up. then finally fell back asleep.

had to get up at 9.30 on sat. morning so's i could meet katie at 10.30 at the COG. would have made it too, but i still had the headache, so i had to stop at target on the way. was in line and just about to FINALLY cash out, when my sunglasses decided to break again. i knew that i was going to be outside a majority of the day, so i had to leave the line and go grab the first pair of sunglasses that looked halfway decent. they were marked 20 bucks. 20!! but i was in a hurry so i figured what the hell, but luckily they only rang up for 5 dollars. i don't know why, i don't want to know, i'm just feelin lucky.
my kick ass shades that i bought for 5 bucks from target

so then me and katie made it to boone and to the mellow mushroom, where we shared a pie and embibed in scrumptious pumpkin beer. it was my first pumpkin beer experience, and i liked it. so did the yellow jacket that flew into katie's beer and drank a good amount before we could find a fork to fish him out of there.

alisa, who we met on flickr, was kind enough to buy us tickets for the game. she is really cool and we had fun hanging out, the three of us:
Image hosted by
Photo taken by katiebug

the game was pretty fun, mainly because we had minibottles and cameras. it was an anticlimactic game if ever i saw one. we beat the crap out of georgia southern:
the final score! but it was so...

and then i took katie back to her car, which was parked at the bowling center where i used to work, the boonebowling center. so i talked to them for about an hour and a half. strangely enough, athen actually talked to me. athen hasn't spoken more than two words to me since last summer when i broke his poor little heart. but i mean come on, i told him it was gonna happen. i told him. but anyways he was actually friendly to me this time around. i guess that's good. i was friendly to him too, i always am. but i hope it doesn't give him the wrong idea. damn.

anywho then i picked up nick and took him over to appsouth, or cracksouth as i affectionately call it, my old apartment complex. he went to hang out with some old friends, while i went to see chris, elisabeth, nate, and amie. things were going well, stories were being told, laughs were being shared. then chris, being the fun guy he is, decides to play a little game called, "who gets the everclear?".
this game is played by pouring 6 shot glasses full of liquor. one was a brown liquor, and the other five were different clear liquors. one being everclear. chris was the only one who knew what was what. there were only five of us, so potentially no one would have to get the everclear.
i was first into the kitchen, and went for the pretty blue hustler shot glass that i got for chris in hollywood. mistake. i took it. like a man. before it even got past my tongue i knew i had the everclear. but i took it. because i don't back down.. the next thoughts to go through my mind:
"am i gonna throw up?"
"i'm gonna be sick"
"jesus i'm gonna die"
"my mouth tastes like burn"
"i can't move my eyebrows"

now chris yells out "let's play a new game, it's called 'allison got the everclear'". i seriously couldn't move for like 10 minutes. aye aye aye. but i'm strong, and i didn't get sick. i had to wait a while before i could drive me and nick over to his apartment, but i did it. of course driving drunk in boone is like riding a bike. you never forget how.

i eventually got to sleep around 3 am. then had to get up at 8.30 to take nick to work, and then to drive back down the mountain to work at the brush.

which sucked, but it isn't worth telling the story.

stopped by the canadian's crib for a few minutes to catch up and try to convince him to come bowling... to no avail. he goes to sleep at like 9 pm...

at five i met C & S at the Green Room to take pics of Robbie, the Maitre D for their Katrina Benefit Show, who also played Lumier in Hickory Community Theater's Beauty & the Beast:

then C, S, me and Brian the dj/cook played spades. me and carmen were on a team and we lost hard core. like 500 points down. oh well. and brian, yeah, he PISSED ME OFF. there is a big difference between jokingly gloating, and PISSING ME OFF.. but that's ok, i have the upper hand. i know for a fact that brian the dj/cook has the hots for me superbad. but he will NEVER. NEVER. NEVER. touch me. :) that's mean isn't it. oh well.

at least Tampa Bay won, and my fantasy football team kicked my boss' fantasy football team's ass. i won by at least fifty points. hell yes.

sigh.. .another weekend gone by... i hope the next one is less eventful, i'm worn out..

Friday, October 14, 2005

yarr it's gettin to be that time of day.

from the poor man comes the gankstah to pirate translator:

Gangstah...................... Pirate
fo'ties .................................... bottles o' rum
bling bling ........................... booty
Yo! ....................................... Avast!
Homey ................................ Matey
Bee-atch ............................. Scurvey dog
Pop a cap in yo ass ............ Make you walk the plank
Word .................................. Arrrrrrrrr
Beat down ......................... Keel haul
Wack MC ......................... Land lubber
Playah ............................... Swashbuckler
Mack Daddy ..................... Cap'n
Jacking .............................. Plundering
Rap .................................... Sea Shanties
The joint ........................... The brig
Crew .................................. Crew

i'm so excited...
i'm going to the ASU game tomorrow!! yay!!
football beer boone football beer boone football beer boone :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


let's see...
Friday night: went to b.w.w. (buffalo wild wings) with carmen, sattercrunk, brian the dj/cook, cookboy adrian, and brittany and jessica. there i ran into an old asu geomate, matt. we talked for a minute and he bought me a beer, strictly based on the fact that i was wearing one of my few "booby shirts". but don't worry, he's happily married and lives in s.c.. then brian the dj/cook, cookboy adrian, carmen, sattercrunk and i went back to the phaups residence and played some cards. i was a liiiiiiiittle bit drunk. i had one of those drunken text message fights with dustin, who i probably won't ever talk to again. i was a little mean, but i feel like i had to be. i believe some of my exact words were "i ain't no hollaback girl".

moving on. next day i worked, what a surfuckinprise. and again the next day. sunday night i was going to play cards with carmen, satterfield, and the canadian, but the canadian's phone died before he could tell us which apartment number he lived in ( i was supposed to go pick him up, even though i had never even met him before). oh well. but carmen and the canadian came into dinner on monday night at the brush. he has absolutely no canadian accent. what a shame.
well i had 4 tables that whole night so i made a whopping twelve bucks. woo.

last night i had a grand total of six tables. i was on the phone with carmen while i was doing my money to turn in. i realized that i had lost like 20 bucks. this was no good. i was seriously getting pissed off thinking i had given someone a twenty when i meant to give them a one. i mean, i should have made like 35 bucks instead of the 14 that i had left over after counting. this put me in a FOUL mood.

but then when i went to turn my money in, the manager counted everything and said "you owe me $7.xx". WHA? i thought i owed $25.xx. somehow i had managed to completely add wrong on my shit. so i did make like 35 and i hadn't lost any money. SWEET. no more talking on the phone while i do my money.

i also forgot to clock out last night, but that's what phones are for.

tomorrow is my solitary night off this week, since i'm going to boone on saturday. i'm still not sure what i'm doing.
but i know i can't freaking wait for saturday. i'm gonna have so much fun.
boone, beer, football, and mellow mushroom. who could ask for anything more?

Thursday, October 06, 2005

yippy skippy!

last night i went to see the Corpse Bride. It was ok... not the best, but pretty good.
but the highlight was the very first trailer i saw, a full length trailer for harry potter and the goblet of fire... yay. i was all on the edge of my seat, and happy as a kid at disney land. i even shuddered at the end from sheer excitement. i wasn't this excited about the last three. of course, that was before i read any of the books. man, they're amazing.

Image hosted by

tonight: possibly spades bd with carmen and sattercrunk.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

another day another "dios mio"

friday night: the brush (blah).. hung out with cookboy adrian and drank beer. got lost trying to find liquor party.
saturday: slept til 230. work at 330: nothing going on. absolutely. went home and to sleep at midnight.

sunday: worked til 430. bd at 6 at tap room. that sucked a lot. spades, i lost. but hey, the bucs won.

monday at the brush:
Image hosted by

tuesday at the brush:
Image hosted by

. *sigh* i know this blog is a lot of rambling goobledigop. but it's all i can give for now.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

what cha gonna do with all that junk, all that junk inside your trunk?

hehe that song cracks me up for no good reason. and like katie, now i'm gonna get that song stuck in your head.

last night at the brush was awesome. and when i say awesome, what i mean is, IT SUCKED GIANT BALLS. haha. well it started out with my first table, who had to wait FIVE minutes for their coffee to brew, got pissed off and left. five minutes. coffee. brew. OH MY GOD. what is wrong with old people in this town? my grandma would have waited 3 hours if it meant she got FRESH coffee. i suppose i could have served them the coffee that was leftover from 10 am that morning, but it being 6 o clock at night, i didn't figure it would taste too yummy. frickin evil brush bullshit. haha. that's a great new term i just made up. then, things were getting a wee bit better, my next table rocked, mostly because they stayed to wait for their drinks :). plus, they were a really nice couple from maryland furniture shopping, and they tipped me 10 bucks. hells yea. but then i spilled diet pepsi right down the front of my light grey shirt. blah. so i had to get another shirt from the manager. and yep, i have to return it after i wash it. of course, two seconds after i changed, i magically got honey mustard on me. from where? who knows. i swear i came nowhere near a container of honey mustard. it just sought me out.

but that wasn't a big deal. last night was cleaning night, since our inspection is coming soon. so as i'm scrubbing the glass rack, i'm moving trays of glasses around, and one tray of glasses magically falls off the shelf. this tray had about 30 glasses in it. my first thought: fuck. luckily, only six of them broke. also, all of the servers were standing there, and quickly helped me clean up without any managers knowing the difference. i stealthily (is that a word?) took the dustpan of broken glass all the way out to the dumpster to hide it.

immediately after this, a man in a white shirt walked into the restaurant and straight back to the kitchen. so of course the assumption is "Oh my god, it's the health inspector!" shit. of course, our kitchen is one of the cleanest i've been in, so i wasn't concerned, and we hurriedly cleaned up the wait station while he was in the back.

but then a few minutes later, we realized it was just some sort of repair man. shew.

after a few more non interesting tables, my night finally ended and i left at 5 til 10. earlier than usual... that was nice. plus, i got to work with carmen, always a plus.

friday will be better. friday will rock. i will have a good night on friday.

tonight is my night off. i could be going to boone with carmen and sattercrunk. but instead, i plan on sitting on my ass all night in front of the t.v. because i can.. i don't want to do anything or go anywhere. just sit there and watch the o.c. and e.r. and not worry about a damn thing. yea.

What you gon’ do with all that junk?All that junk inside your trunk?
I’m a get, get, get, get, you drunk, Get you love drunk off my hump.
My hump, my hump, my hump, my hump, my hump,My hump, my hump, my hump, my hump, my hump, my hump, my lovely little lumps. (Check it out)

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

it's like.. whoa.

so. you ever have one of those months where all you really want is a nap? but you just have to keep going to work. even when you get off work. then you have to go to work again. this week i have only 2 nights off, thursday, and sunday night. and i could spend this time being social and hanging out with friends. carmen offered for me to go to boone with her thursday night. but you know what i'm gonna do? NOTHIN. that's right. nothing. i'm gonna sit at home and wacth t.v. that's all i really want to do. clean my room and some laundry, but no more than that. because that's what i will enjoy more than anything else. and on sunday? my plan is to go see the corpse bride. seeing as it's been out for 5 days now, and it's a johnny movie, i should have seen it already. but what can i say? work. i know, i know, i am fully aware that it was my choice to get a second job, and that i don't have to do it. but i like a challenge sometimes. plus, instead of "breaking even" all the time, now i am able to save a little. i've already saved up 300 bucks. my goal is 5 grand. of course, i'm about to spend that 300 on a new computer, b's advice. but hey, i'm getting better at serving, therefore my tips are getting better. i'll have 5 g's in no time.

oh, and i've decided to give up poker for a while. i'm sick of losing money and feeling sorry for my lacking poker skillz.

what a pretty day it is outside. ah hickory. you know what i could really use? a full body massage. i've never had one. i think i would enjoy it. yea. by a nice swedish boy...........


Wednesday, September 21, 2005

old "school"

my friend liz found this awesome picture of us (the asu geography club, circa 2004 ish) on the internet today.
a.s.u. geography

go here to see it live:

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

digital digital get down

so here's a big surprise: the brush is starting to seriously blow. haha. friday two people were fired, including my favorite flirt buddy at the brush.. but now he's gone so the brush is boring as shit. saturday another server was fired. so of course i was asked to work all day on sunday. on football day. this seriously blows. as if that wasn't enough, today (tuesday) my first day off in forever, the manager called to ask if i could come in tonight and work, since they now only had 2 people to work. Crikey. i told her i would think about it and call her back. but honestly, i already feel like dying. so that's gonna be a no.
well, one good thing is that dustin (who has decided to wait until january to go to the army (YAY!!!)) is possibly coming back to work at sagebrush. at least that would be great cause i'd actually get to see the boy once in a blue moon. woohoo!
i'm ready to go back to sleep now. i'm already getting burnt out on the brush.. is that bad?
fuck it.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

totally sucks

dustin left TODAY. * sigh *
and he told me that when he gets out of bootcamp & infantry school (in JANUARY!!) that he will immediately be moving to Tennessee to go to school.. Boo on that. who needs school? that's ridiculous. oh well.. i guess one day i'll be ok :). he'll come back and visit, i know he will..

Image hosted by

farewell dustin!! don't kill too many people over there.

Friday, September 09, 2005

visions of the future?

so last night i had a strange, yet awesome dream.. Ben Roethlisberger was my boyfriend. Except, he had Tom Brady's pretty head. and he was all mine... and we went to a Beck concert where barely anyone was there, so i got to talk to Beck. and my boyfriend Ben/Tom got all drunk. he was hot. tom's head on ben's body... yikes.

must be football season.

Image hosted by

imagine a much less crude photoshopping job. :)

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

i love this picture.

and i don't care how many times you've seen it (because i've posted it everywhere, i'm so happy i made it)... so here it is again!!!
Image hosted by
yes, i took that on the Blue Ridge Parkway at Cone Mountain, near Blowing Rock NC

pretty damn good weekend

well what can i say, i live a pretty lucky life.. granted, i have to work 2 jobs to stay afloat, but hey, i have great friends, and i'm happy with my life.. friday night was pretty awesome.. work kinda sucked a little cause one of my tables stiffed me on a tip. but that happens. some people just suck for no reason whatsoever.

doesn't matter cause after work i went to play poker with carmen and sattercrunk, brian, and dustin. i lost of course, but this due to the fact that i didn't want to be up all night and at a certain point i just gave up and decided to go all in with a king and seven. i would have won too, since another seven came up, but then a six came up (on the river of course) which made carmen's pocket six's a nice 3 of a kind. whore. at least she gave me five dolla back. that rocked. and then i went home...... and eventually went to sleep.

saturday i got 2 wow cards at work because i fucking rock.. wow cards are given to employees at the brush who show extra enthusiasm and are awesome.. yep. and then after work i went to el paso with daniel and katie and drank a big ass beer.

which led to a kick ass day on sunday, when katie, daniel, and i drove up to boone for the day. we went hiking on the parkway, took some pictures. then to howard's knob to see the lovely boone from up high. and to mellow mushroom again, where i had the greatest sandwich in the world AGAIN. except they fucked up and put mushrooms on it the first time. ew. so i told them i was allergic and they made me a new one. kick ass.

beer, and good times always happen with the bugs. went back down the mountain after picking up some free milkshakes from arby's (i have connections). and to the bug house for MORE BEER!

good times. and then monday it was back to the grind.. partly anyways.. the brush...
which was fine until i got FIVE tables at the same time. I am new. this is a lot for a girl to handle when she is new.. i even messed up and forgot to put in an appetizer order until after i'd already put in their food order. the manager had to give it to them for free. but apparently i impressed tim, since i stayed calm or something, because he gave ANOTHER wow card. i kick ass.
finished the fifth harry potter book and am 1/3 of the way through the sixth. she better publish the seventh one in the next week or i'm gonna be PISSED. ha.

Thursday, September 01, 2005


ok i'll get it out of the way, hickory is going to run out of gas.. i'm not just saying that...they really are. but you know what, i'm not gonna panic. i filled up last night. it'll last me about a week if i don't go anywhere. i'm not gonna panic. i'm not gonna let it get me down. even if we do run out, we'll have more in a week. and if we don't? i guess i won't be going to work... nobody else will be there either, so no harm no foul. i'm not afraid of paying high gas prices.. nothing to be done about that..
i donated 20 bucks to the american red cross this morning... i know it's not much, but i figure if a whole lot of people donate 20 bucks, that's at least something.

in other news: NORTH CAROLINA IS GETTING A LOTTERY!!! this makes allison muy happy as i'm tired of having to wait for oppurtunities to go to south carolina to get a powerball ticket. they have taken a lot of my money. i know that the lottery is really a waste of time, and i won't win. but hey, it contributes to the public education system, doesn't it? so ha! all yall skeptics out there who won't be gettin any of my winnings. ha!

first thing i'm gonna buy with my winnings? EDUCATION. (pay off my student loans). therefore, this lottery is a great thing. Easley is the shit. i don't care what anyone says.

random picture for the day:
Image hosted by

Monday, August 29, 2005

holy crap for crap

i couldn't think of anything else for a title, so there you go.. katie said it was my turn to blog, so i'm blogging..
sagebrush is going well so far... i'm meeting a lot of new people, and getting better aquainted with some people. tomorrow (tuesday, 30th of August) is my last day of training then i actually get to start making tips. YAY. i guess i like it so far, even though it's hot, and i don't move as fast as i used to. plus, covering up my tattoo sucks. but i don't care. can't wait to make some cash, because i just found out that next october (2006) i may be going to the Cayman Islands for Dress like a pirate week! all i have to pay for is the plane ticket.. and food of course. that's gonna friggin rock....

but on friday night i found out some sad news.. dustin is leaving for the army on sept. 14th.
*sigh* that'll probably be the last i ever see or hear of him.... since apparently when he comes back, he's moving to tennessee. go army and all, but damn. i'll miss you, you ass.

in other news, saturday was pretty cool because i went to BOONE with katie and daniel and had the best sandwich in the world at Mellow Mushroom, the philly steak and cheese with sprouts. It's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good. and i hadn't had one since i lived in boone. i miss that place! it was also really cool to reminisce with katie and daniel about good times in the highlands.

sunday was cool as well, since i got to hang out with b and eric during the day. and at around 730 carmen called me to the tap room, where Satterfield was tapping the night away to a jazz band. that was AWESOME. he is so good, he could win So you think you can dance.

so anyways.. one bit of bad news, but the rest of the weekend was pretty cool.. we'll see how this sagebrush thing works out...

Thursday, August 18, 2005

part time job....

so i've been casually looking for a part time job for a couple months now.. and by casually, i mean i filled out 1 application at the bowling alley a month and a half ago. i actually wanted to work there, but i didn't call them bugging them or anything. that's not my style. so after a while i gave up on them calling me back. "whatever, i have a day job, so i'm ok" is what i told myself.

then last week i started out the week with $123.00 in my bank account. this is not good considering i still had a week to go before payday and one of my written checks had not been cashed yet. so i freaked out and did something stupid. i finally gave into carmen's beggings and told her i would get a job with her at sagebrush. she's been working at sagebrush forever now, and has constantly told me i should get a job with her. i laughed at her and made fun off all sagebrushers. they are bad, gossipy, high school dramaesque people. "i'm above that" is what i told myself. i really didn't want to work there. but last week i got desperate. so i figured what the hell. i mean, hey, carmen and satterfield work there, so it can't be all bad. i hate the food, so i won't get fat eating all the time. tim, lavere and brian, who i would consider friends, all work there, so at least i'd be among friends. plus, who knows, maybe i'll make some tips. i've never had a job as a server before. maybe it'll be fun.

so anyways i go in there on sunday, after carmen had already hyped me up to her bosses, and fill out an application. talked to two managers, patty and eric. they both like me for some reason (thanks carmen). and then tuesday i went back for my final interview. so of course i got the job. i mean, come on, look at me. i'm an employer's dream (shhh). i go in for training starting on sunday. carmen will be my trainer, which rocks, since she's the best server they've got. unfortunately, i have to cover up my tattoo with a bandaid. but hey, at least i'll be makin some extra cash.

so things are looking up.
but then.

today at like 3:30 i got a phone call. from the bowling alley. asking if i was still interested in the job.


i told her i reeeeeaaaaaally wish she had called a week ago. damn it.

Monday, August 15, 2005

testing.. testing...

just wanted to see if this would work...


this is my adorabley adorable yet completely incorrigable neice madelyn.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

sweet swedish mullet

watch this video (at home or when your boss isn't looking).
it's disturbing..

i happened upon it while surfing my new group on flickr:

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

six feet under

rarely would i ever describe a t.v. show as art.. but this weeks episode of six feet under was art. i watched it last night at carmen's.. we both cried the whole time... everything was just so REAL.. and beautiful.. after watching this, now we're both considering having "green" funerals. that's where they don't embalm you and they bury in a biodegradable shroud in a national park somewhere.. it was really cool.. i think the women on this show all deserve emmy's. the girl who plays claire has never really impressed me before, but this show she reallly brought it all to the table.. SO good. i'm so sad that there's only like 2 episodes left.. what am i gonna watch now?

Image hosted by

Monday, August 08, 2005

fry master of the 29th birthday.

so today is my california dreamboat's 29th bday. sean, a.k.a. the fry master of all that is meat, lives in santa barbara, CA. we dated for 5 months and lived together for 3 months. then he decided boone was too fuckin cold for him, so he moved away to california. he has a friend who had moved out there, and santa barbara is like 70 degrees all year round, so he decided it was the perfect place for him. nevermind the fact that i LOVED him. nevermind the fact that i had let him live with me rent free.. i fed him and took care of him.. blah blah blah... anyways.. we didn't actually break up, it was just kinda obvious. but last year i went to santa barbara to see him for his bday. it was a great closure. sure, he was a big loser pothead who worked at mickey d's 3rd shift. but we had fun. and he was sweet. and he gave it up all the time. but now, he's gone. and this is all the birthday message he gets this year. (by the way he doesn't have internet).
so happy bday fry master.

turns out i missed my blog.

ok so i guess my weekend was pretty uneventful. .
friday night i went to longhorn with the rents, had a mack daddy ass ny strip, med rare with asparagus.. mmmm..... then went with my brother to tremont to see his friend eddy's band. the drummer happenned to be a guy i went to high school with, scott jenkins. i told him he needed to eat a hamburger cause he looked like he was a crackhead. i don't think he liked that too much. i can't help i don't like skinny boys. while i was there, a guy came up to me and said, "hey, is your name allison?" i was like, yea.. (looking at him... trying to figure out who the hell this guy is).
he said "do you know who i am?"
my mind was racing, who is this? i thought, is this that guy i made out with months ago at the cowboy mouth concert? i take off his hat, brown hair. nope.
"i don't know!" i say.
"you and michelle used to go to my church!!"
oh yeah!! jonathan mills! michelle (who was my bf from 7th through 11th grade) had a crush on him and so we used to go to church and annoy him into being our friend. i lived with michelle for a while in 10th grade and we actually went twice a week. which was weird for me since i've always been agnostic. oh well.. it didn't ruin me too much.
then my bro and i went to a party at his friend nick's house. i used to have a MAJOR crush on nick, back in ninth grade when he moved here from michigan.. and i didn't know his name. my brother knew this. so he told me one day that he found out his name which was josh leaves. so i was all "I love josh leaves" blah blah blah. then i called him josh once in the hall. he looked at me with a very bewildered look. his name wasn't josh. it was nick. what a dick i have for a brother. so anyways. we're cool now, and he's one of my brother's best friends. and friday night they told me they were gonna start a band called Josh Leaves. great. fantastic. i'm ecstatic to hear that 8 years later they're still pickin on me for that. assholes. but i also ran into my friend elizabeth at the party, who i havn't seen in like 3 years. that was cool, except she's a dirty vegetarian now. but i still love her.
saturday was uneventful.. watchin babies, wishin i had one ( but not really). eatin steak.. mmm.. steak .. ran into more people i know in the grocery store...
sunday i went to the pool all day with elora and madelyn and my mom.. of course elora went too deep and went under the water and i had to jump in and pull her out. i swear i love that child like she was my own.. but she's so damn hardheaded... babies.

haven't heard form the boy....