Monday, September 24, 2007


This will probably be my only post this week. Wednesday I'm leaving at 5:00 a.m. to go to a "work conference" at Carolina Beach. I'm just so sad to be going away for 3 days. By the way, that was sarcastic. I think the real lowpoint will be the sunset cruise on Wednesday night. Did I mention that since I'm the only lady in the group I get my own hotel room (with an ocean view)? I only hope that since Katie won't be there to wake me up that I'll make it to the classes on time.

As a recap of the weekend:

-My beloved Mountaineers finally lost a game. It's their first loss since Sept. 2nd 2006. We all knew this day had to come, but it still hurts. I think maybe we all get a little too engrossed in our football team... I watched the first half of the game at home. Then, I went to work at the Brush and thankfully I was too busy to watch the second half. It was on TV in the bar and Jared was kind enough to keep an eye on the score for me. He was sad when he had to let me down with the bad news.

-At least since it was busy at the Brush all weekend, I made some money. Finally. I had a couple days last week when I was freaking out thinking I was going to have to take money out of my savings again, just to keep up with my checking. But somehow it worked out. I'm lucky in the sense that somehow, I always manage to get it worked out in the money department. Having two jobs really does make things a lot easier for me. That, and having Jared as a roomie/boyfriend. :)

-Tampa Bay won again! They're on a 2 game winning streak! It's a miracle that hasn't happened in a few years. I shouldn't get too excited. But it's been a LONG time since I've had a reason to celebrate my Buccaneers.

I love football way too much.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Old School Yosef.

Last night I finally got around to cleaning and organizing my under-the-stairs closet, which has previously been the catch-all junk pile. I have a literal mountain of straight-to-Goodwill junk. Going through one of my storage bins, I found an old friend I had forotten about:

This is the polo shirt I wore to my first Appalachian game. I was in the marching band. They had ordered a batch of polos with the new yosef logo, but they hadn't come in on time. So they gave us these classic beauties, which we only used for one game, and got to keep.

I didn't appreciate how cool it was back then, but I certainly do now. I'm wearing it today at my office, to show my Appalachian Pride.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

*Warning!* Gynecology in Post!

This week I have a reason to be celebratory. For the first time since last May (2006!) I got to leave the girl doctor with the intention of not going back for a year!

Since finding "bad cells" last year, I have had to go back at least every three months. Sometimes I had to go back once a month. I went three times in June, and twice in July. I've had 2 different "minor tests" and one minor surgery, where I was placed under anesthesia. It sucked. And it was expensive. And somewhere in the midst of all that I was put on Yaz.

But now? As of Monday, I don't have to go back for a year! Yay! My doctor was as excited as me, I think. Not that she's happy not to see me or anything. I really like my doctor. She never makes me feel uncomfortable, not even in the "stirrups".

It's a strange thing when going to the girl doctor doesn't phase you because you're so used to it. Bleh.

Not anymore!
(Well, of course that is depending on the results from this past test. The last 4 have been normal, so I'm assuming this one will be too.)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


It be talk like a pirate day! yarrr!! Can I shiver your timber?!

arrrr!! to celebrate, here be the ITLAP day website's top ten pirate pickup lines:
Top Ten Pickup lines for use on International Talk Like a Pirate Day
(We came up with these in an effort to interest The Other Dave (Letterman) in TLAPD. His staff liked 'em, but alas, his show was"dark" the week of Sept. 19.)

10 . Avast, me proud beauty! Wanna know why my Roger is so Jolly?

9. Have ya ever met a man with a real yardarm?

8. Come on up and see me urchins.

7. Yes, that is a hornpipe in my pocket and I am happy to see you.

6. I'd love to drop anchor in your lagoon.

5. Pardon me, but would ya mind if fired me cannon through your porthole?

4. How'd you like to scrape the barnacles off of me rudder?

3. Ya know, darlin’, I’m 97 percent chum free.

2. Well blow me down?

And the number one pickup line for use on International Talk Like a Pirate Day is …

1. Prepare to be boarded.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Finally! Other people see it too!

Some website made a list of the top 100 actors alive. My boyfriend Johnny Depp made number 12.

That other guy, Brad Pitt, who people love for some reason? Yea, he's number 54!

Full list here.

Great things that happened this weekend:

Friday night: It was busy at the Brush, in a good way! I was even offered a job by the manager of another restaurant who is looking for a "good bartender". When I told him I was flattered but that I couldn't leave just yet, he asked if there were any other bartenders at the Brush. I told him about Sam (the girl who started the rumors), he said "yea I've seen her. I guess I'll just look somewhere else." Ha! That means he thought I was better than her :D

Saturday: The Apps beat Northern Arizona, and are now 3-0. Woo! I spy a 3-peat! Too bad I wasn't there. It was Carmen's birthday, and we had some cooking out and partying to do. I made a few of the loveliest layered shots you've ever seen. I tried a Yosef (or as they call it, a "Black Gold") which is Jagermeister and Goldschlagger. It was.. well.. gross. Oh well. I only had about 4 drinks anyways but that was definitely the strongest!

Sunday: My Buccaneers finally won a game. For the first time in years, they actually DOMINATED the game. Of course, for some strange reason they let the Saints score twice in the second half, but they still won 31 to 14. WOO HOO!

Oh and of course the most awesome thing of all, it's finally getting cold again!! It was 60 degrees at 11:00 on Saturday night! Yay! That's when I get happy!

Let's hope the rest of this week is just as nice.

It's good to be in a great mood.

Friday, September 14, 2007

A Good Way to Spend My Next Tax Refund.

So guess where Jared and I will be staying in April?

That's right, the Imperial Palace in Las Vegas. His best friend and our General Manager at the Brush is getting married in Vegas in April. Since Jared is a groomsman, we will be there too.

Last night we finally got around to reserving our room. The Imperial Palace is right next door to Harrah's, where the bride and groom are staying. Their Luv Tub room has a big old hot tub and is fairly inexpensive (for Vegas) so that's what we went with!

I'm excited! Now if we could just get a cheap flight!

I'm Tired of Seeing Britney on my Blog.

After going through my blogroll this morning I had had enough of seeing Britney, so I made this for your viewing pleasure, using BIGHUGELABS!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Few Random Things

First off, and I know I'm a little late with this, but really, why can't people leave Britney's VMA performance alone? I understand that she's a "train wreck" and possibly a "bad mother" and that she needs to wear underwear, but WHY do we have to call her fat?

Seriously, would you call this fat?

I mean really? I think it's ridiculous the standards people hold to female celebrities these days. Sure, she's not as skinny as she used to be, but she's definitely not fat. I'm not defending her music, her lifestyle, or her crazy wardrobe, but it just bothers me the way people think scrawny is hot.


Last Saturday I went up to Boone with Stephen, Katie, Daniel, Jeff & Tracy (all Appalachian alumni) and we tailgated for the ASU vs. Lenoir-Rhyne game. I had a lot of fun tailgating, but the actual game part was not fun. ASU has gotten itself so hyped up with promoting our awesome football team that now things are out of hand! To even see the field, my friend and I had to sit on the hill BEHIND the visitor's seats and hold on to a tree so we wouldn't slip down the hill in the dirt. It sucked. After the 1st quarter, when App was up 21 to 0, I decided to go find Katie and try to sit somewhere else. I found Katie but we didn't watch anymore of the game. I really hope that the next game I go to won't be as crowded, but I know it will :(. I'm also hoping that at the Western Carolina vs. Appalachian game (Western is our "rival"), that Jared, my Dad, and I will be able to actually watch the game. That would be fabulous.

I've already asked off for December 14th, which is the date of the I-AA (FCS)National Championship in Chattanooga. I know it's a bit early and I could be jinxing things, but I did the same thing last year and I actually got to go. So ha!

Let's see.. what else...
This weekend is Carmen's birthday, WOO! I will probably be working through her cookout, but hopefully I can get off from the Brush early enough to party a little bit.

Now that I've had some real bartender training from the Brush, I am anxious to make some fun layered drinks. We are getting a new drink menu but it doesn't start until sometime next week.

I can't wait to make (and try) a Dragon's Breath. It is a layered shot with Creme de Almond, Jager, and Bailey's. I know it sounds gross, but it's pretty and I want to try one. Also, we will have one called Black Gold that is Jager and Goldschlagger. I want to rename it Yosef. :)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Stuff on MY cat!

After a year and a half of trying to get Meatwad onto my favorite website, I looked on Sunday and he is finally a member of the elite Stuff on My Cat cats!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Non-Football Related Post.. well, mostly.

Getting away from App football for today.

I'm going to take a page from one of my favorite blogger's book (literally!) and copy Mighty Girl today.

My Timeline:

1982: I was born 7 weeks early and almost killed my mom. I was a pretty sleepy baby and the parents and brothers didn't have to do much to make me happy.

Age 2: Still a perfect angel of a child, until I cut a hole in my bed skirt to let the kittens crawl under my bed. I also cut my bangs. And then I decided to give the big cat a haircut, and I cut off half of his ear.

Age 3: Begin Wee World preschool in Palmetto, Florida, discover boys. Paul Herback was my first crush.

Age 5: Start Kindergarten and discover more boys, but being a Ginger Kid can not actually catch boys.

Age 6: Family moves to North Carolina. I cried for a year about missing Florida. North Carolina is not as pretty, I thought. But then realized there were boys here too (Steve Coleman, at Aycock Elem)

Age 7: Get in trouble in 2nd grade. The boys in class convinced me to draw a picture of a naked lady. My teacher was not impressed. My mother was.

Age 11: 6th grade, first boyfriend. Chris Smith. For Christmas, I gave him a Carolina Panthers hat (it was their first year of playing) and he gave me a Green Jelly VHS.

Age 13: First Kiss, same boy, behind the dumpsters at Corriher Lipe Middle School. It wasn't what I expected. Nice, but, wet.

Age 14: Threw my first boy/girl party and played my first game of Spin the Bottle, where I had my first french kiss with Rory Miller. I inquired about his braces, which scratched my lips. Then I realized he didn't have braces, those were mine!

Age 15: Went through 3 different loser boyfriends and decide not to date boys anymore for a while and instead dress like a boy, with JNCOs and ugly t-shirts. Man was I irresistible to the lesbian world. Too bad.

Age 16: Fail driver's license test. Twice. NC DMV finally gives in after 3 tries and allows me to "legally drive". The DMV officer told me she still didn't want me to drive alone though. I probably should have listened since I totalled my first car 11 days later.

Age 17: Went to Woodstock 99 with B-rad. Realized after all the years of going to concerts and spending lots of money to get sweaty and smooshed and beat up by strangers, that I honestly don't enjoy concerts that much. Or maybe that's because I didn't drink at 17.

Age 18: Discover love the day after high school graduation. Discover college and alcohol. Discover real adulthood and independence. Discover life without Mom and brothers. Discover my Dad's helping hand. Discover serious, gut-wrenching heartache. Discover life goes on.

Age 25: Have real job, real car, real home, and real love.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Worth It?

Today: My face is peeling. The burn-your-retinas-bright sunburn I got at the Applachian vs. Michigan game is one of the worst I've had. Where it is peeling, the skin underneath is bright red, just like the burn was. The only spot on my face that isn't red is where I had a rub-on "A" tattoo on my cheek. It looked kind of cool on Saturday night after I took it off.

I just got my voice back yesterday. Now my glands on my neck are hurting like crazy. I guess from the screaming?

My bottom lip is swollen and so so so sore from being burnt. It hurts to eat or drink.

My head is killing me along with everything else.

And I'm so tired. Even though I went to bed earlier last night (only 1/2 an hour).

Was the biggest upset of college football history worth all this suffering?

Hell Yes.

Me at the Tailgate.

Monday, September 03, 2007

The Best 6 Seconds of My Life. So far..

Except, I was there...

Click below for my pictures!!!
Allison, Katie, Jeff, Tracy and the winning score