Thursday, November 30, 2006


carmen closes on her condo today! she will officially be my next door neighbor now!! yay! she's just glad she doesn't have to live with meatwad anymore. i love that cat. but he is definitely mean.

anywho wish carmen congrats.

i made an awesome rum cake last night that you'll all be jealous about.

Monday, November 27, 2006


well i survived thanksgiving.. barely. it was a long 6 days (well 5 and a half days) without jared. it was the longest we've been apart ever. but somehow we made it. the text messaging (somewhere around 400 texts were thrown around) was my only means to keep sane. but i still had a good time in virginia with my momma. it was good to do that whole mother/daughter quality time thing. but now i'm uber-tired. and i have to work both jobs today and tomorrow. but at least at i get to see jared tonight!
i took tons of pictures and i'll eventually put them up on the flickr. i need a nap and drink first though...

the coolest thing i saw while on vaca? Robert E. Lee's Angels, which are explained here.

the coolest thing i bought? a new painting for over my couch, of the statue of david. i bought it for $18.75 and it's original price tag was for $250.00. sweet deal.

what i'm excited about now?
christmas music! the music is pretty much the only thing i LOVE about christmas (other than nostalgia). the brush has switched it's music to strictly holiday music. and i found a radio station that only plays christmas music! yay! and, AND i'm almost DONE with my christmas shopping. all i have left are my step siblings, and jared :)

how come nobody had any suggestions for me for a gift for him? grr!! i'm getting him a duke basketball ticket, but i'd like to get him something else to go along with it!! hello people!! anybody?

um.. in other news, i sure do ramble a lot...

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


ethan hawke was my first celebrity crush. after seeing alive i was in L.O.V.E. with that boy. but after a few years i grew out of it which is okay. because seriously, how does one go from this prettiness:

and this hottness:

to this?:

thank goodness i've moved on to johnny, who hasn't failed me yet in the hott department.

Friday, November 17, 2006

like this and like that and like this and up

i bought a video camera and i am muy excited!
i've never had one before. expect me to be posting lots of stuff on youtube.
examples of stuff of you may see:
-me, talking to myself.
-jared, telling me to stop recording him.
-football (mainly a.s.u.)
-drunk people
-drunk people
-drunk people
-my cat
-and maybe just maybe i'll be cool and make a "movie" (no, not that kind of movie, you perv!)

anywho i can't wait to record SOMETHING and put it up so you can watch it. i just have to wait until i find something interesting enough to record.

i wish i had had it monday night at the bucs game. not that there was anything that interesting.. but you know, it would have been more fun than just plain old pictures.

on that note, here is a picture of my buccaneers coming back in for the second half and about to severely disappoint me. :(
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

they're still my team, but damn, they suck. next year. next year.
(yes, this is very similar to my myspace blog, but get over it)

p.s. i need to come up with an idea of something to tell jared to get me for xmas. any suggestions? (not a ring!)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

pictures of Pigeon Forge

i've finally uploaded all the pics from my trip!
click on jared!
wild, weird, cute

Monday, November 13, 2006

pigeon forge!

well can i just say i had a really really really fantabulous weekend with jared?
some highlights:

-jared is sweet :)

-king sized bed!

-top floor room and you had to use the key card to go to that floor off the elevator

-i beat jared by 1 stroke playing minigolf (he got mad and tore up the scorecard, but i still have it)

-he beat me on the go-karts (:P)

-won a bunch of tickets in the arcade! i love skeeball. really.

-jared is sweet.

-fell asleep at 11:30 on friday and 12:00 on saturday. just because we could. (that's early!!)

-the aquarium in gatlinburg FRIGGIN RULES! i have never ever been that close to sharks. most people that know me know how afraid i am of sharks. honestly, they're most of the reason i don't get into water. (except my hot tub)
i really reallly really liked the aquarium and took a bunch of pictures which i will be posting on flickr tomorrow night.. maybe. if i ever get the time.

-i got MOST of my christmas shopping done. which is a huge relief because i hate that part of the holidays. christmas depresses me sometimes just because of all the pressure. of course, i still have yet to get jared a present yet.

-it rained pretty much all day saturday, but it was ok, except when the power went out in 1/2 the town! including stoplights (which made the already horrendous traffic even more so) and also our hotel (which delayed my after-rain-hair showering and caused us to eat dinner at 4:30!)

-we went to ripley's believe it or not, which wasn't all i thought it would be. at least not for the 30 bucks i spent to get us in.

-jared is sweet.

-then we went to this really cool bar called hogs & honeys in gatlinburg. it's great because people dance on the bar! not just the people that work there either. i didn't dance anywhere except on the floor next to jared, even though i got a little drunk! it took me 2 hours to convince him to dance with me,

-some whore in the long ass line in the bathroom at the bar told me she felt bad because she should let me pee first because of my "condition". apparently my fave shirt makes me look pregnant. then she told me i should burn it since that's the impression it gives off. whore.

-then i got all emotional because i was drunk.

-jared is sweet and came up with a new nickname for me: ally berry. hahaha

-sunday we shopped a little more then left. on the way home we stopped in canton to see his family.

-his mom gave me a hug goodbye :)

-we had lunch/early dinner at the sagebrush in canton. ha.

then, after a looooong weekend we were finally home and i did some laundry and went to bed.

i really love that boy. it says something that we survived a weekend all alone together and never wanted to kill each other

Thursday, November 09, 2006

well it's about darn time.

only took me 2.5 days. this game is REALLY hard.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


for the past couple of months, the I.T. guy at my office and others have been going bandwidth crazy and being super internet nazis going so far as to block any sites they deem "innapropriate". this i understand. but when they go so far as to accuse me of looking at po*n on my work computer, i get upset. who in their right mind would be dumb enough to look at po*n on their work computer? it really really pissed me off. i'm sure some website i looked at must have had a link to some bad website or something. and who knows? i could have clicked on something accidentally without realizing what it was. and i'm sure if i did, i closed it immediately when i realized what it was. but obviously that's not the point. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

so anywho, now i'm really paranoid that THE MAN is tracking every single thing i look at on the web. which is why i've been so inactive on here and other websites the past few days. yes, i have internet at home. but i'm so rarely home that when i do go home, all i want to do is veg, not sit at the computer. my coworker daniel says i should just lay low for a couple months and that then all of this crap will blow over, and that it's not just me. still, i'm pissed off. when i get bored? i want to look at internet. now i'm stuck playing spider solitare and minesweeper (which is friggin impossible to beat!!).

rant over.

so yea.
and my hottub works!! yay!! i've been in it a couple of times already. it rules. except i think we put too much chlorine in it.. hopefully after a little bit that will subside.. we'll see.

2 more days til me and jared go to pigeon forge!! i'm sooooooooooooooooo excited.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

guess what?

guess who has a working hot tub now?
:) :) :)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

well, there ya go.

i don't eat seafood. not at all.

people think i'm weird.

now i can say i'm just preparing for the future.

google (couldn't think of anything else as a title)

have you ever noticed how sometimes movies really stick with you? tuesday night carmen and i watched wicker park. i still can't decide whether i hated it or loved it. it is an amazingly grabbing movie. i couldn't get up from it. and ever since then i've still been feeling very emotional, mostly about jared. i think i just live my life in a fairy tale or something. of course then last night i was in a seriously sad funk. for no reason. i was just sad and had absolutely no reason to be so. i don't usually get that way. so then i went over to jared's. and then we went to see employee of the month, and it made me feel all better. what an underrated movie. i loved it. i laughed a lot harder at that then i did at talladega nights. but maybe that's just my brand of humor. plus, dane cook is seriously fine.

i had an awesome halloween weekend. check out my pics from the not-that-cold appstate game, and from b's 3rd annual costume party. i had a great time, except for the 3 hour AWFUL drive from boone to durham. grah. i never want to drive again.

katie and allison. super close friends.

anywho. 8 more days til jared and i leave for pigeon forge. :)