Wednesday, August 29, 2007

beefcake is a bad boy.

This morning as I was putting in my contacts, Beefcake jumped up on the bathroom counter. I already had Rightie in and was picking Leftie up out of the solution. That is when Beefcake decided to get in my face and say "WHERE IS MY FOOD HO!?" I shooed him away and as he turned, his tail caught Leftie and sent it flying off into oblivion.

After searching and scouring (with one good eye) for a good 10 minutes (I was already late) I gave up and got a new Leftie out of the box. Unfortunately, this is my last Leftie.

My contacts are Torric for Astigmatism and cost $250.00 for a year's supply. That's 4 each of Leftie and Rightie. I got these in March. That means that this Leftie is going to have to last for 7 months. Yikes. I guess that's what happens when you tear one, then you decide you'll throw away a pair because they're "kind of blurry", and then you have a bad kitty that gets in your face.

I have 3 Righties left including the one I'm using currently. Why is it always the Leftie?

No bueno.

Getting Ready...

Preparing to leave for Michigan Friday morning...

The road ahead is long (10.5 hours).
The destination is a place that would terrify some people (the big house, the Wolverine stadium).
The benefits will be minimal (we're hoping to at least score on Michigan.)

Will it be worth it? Hell yes.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Another Classic, From Stuffonmycat.

My only wish is to one day see Meatwad and/or Beefcake on my favorite website.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

NEXT weekend...

When bored in a GIS environment, one finds themselves looking at Watauga County's ArcIMS website (it's like a county-wide GoogleMaps).

I found this lovely aerial image of ASU's Kidd Brewer Stadium (where I have spent a lot of time):

Then I thought, I should look at Michigan's Stadium, to see what it looks like, since I'll be there NEXT weekend.

Wow. What a difference a Top Ten School makes. Feeling very small going into this..

Monday, August 20, 2007

Love & Hate

5 things I hate about myself:
1. My eyesight. This includes my astigmatism, which is the reason I'm not supposed to get Lasik.
2. My inherited soft teeth. My smile may look pretty but I have more cavities than a cave.
3. My metabolism. It's a bitch.
4. My lack of motivation to actually DO anything I want to do. I would love to redecorate my home, to learn to paint, to get better at photography, to save up and go on an extravagant vacation...
5. My lack of motivation to stay in touch with people. I'm really bad about keeping up with my friends. I will never email my friends first, or call them first. Half the time I don't call people back. I hate to lose friends, but I also hate talking on the phone.

5 things I like about myself:
1. My hair, which now that I've figured out I don't have to blowdry, really makes me feel like I have something.
2. My eyes. I'm blessed with my mom's awesome brown eyes.
3. My luck. I know I seem to be down a lot on here, but actually I'm pretty lucky in life. I may be poor, but I survive and things often seem to work out for me (somehow).
4. My skin. So far, (I'm 25 years old) I have never had an acne problem. And I rarely ever wash my face at night. It could be attributed to the fact that I've rarely ever worn face makeup (other than eye stuff). Either way, I feel lucky in that sense.
5. My ability to pick out good friends. You know who you are.

What about ya'll?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I need another vacation.

-Left work early, feeling sick in the head.
-Slept for hours.
-Woke up and went to grocery store so I could eat something.
-Realized I left my debit card in the ATM on Tuesday night.
-Paid for groceries with check. Will be 5-7 business days until I get a new card.
-Watched some tv and ate dinner.
-Jared got home and we had a discussion about the Brush that made me cry again.
-Went to bed with wicked awful headache.

-Don't feel any better, although the headache itself is gone.
-Have to work with both jobs. I can't justify not working at my real job and then going into the Brush (which I HAVE TO do)

-Working both jobs.

I'm off Saturday, when I'll be going to a coworker's 30th birthday party. This is the only thing I'm looking forward to about this weekend. It'll hopefully be enough to return me to my normal self.

Then I'm working again on Sunday night, and both jobs on Monday. Favoritism, my ass. Dating the manager leads to working extra so that he's not severely understaffed. :(

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

beefcake in my chair.

beefcake in my chair.
Originally uploaded by allygirl520
As of yesterday, officially unable to reproduce. Poor little guy :)

Monday, August 13, 2007


Warning: This post is about Football.

Even though I had a pretty God awful week with "As the Brush Turns" (as Joan calls it) (which I am getting over now, I think..), I had something to smile about on Friday night.

Football season is back, and my beloved Buccaneers won their first preseason game against the New Egland Patriots. Yesss! This year is going to be a bit different since a) my favorite player is definitely (well 99%) sure he won't be playing ever again due to neck injury number 5,4039u4093. And b) they fired one of their best defensive players and he's NOT happy about it.

My beloved Buccaneers won the Superbowl in 2002, and since then they have yeilded nada. They barely made it into the playoffs once since then, but it was mostly technicality. I say it every year, but this will be the year they come back!

If only they could pull things off like the Mountaineers! Two Championships in a row, and this year looks just as good for them. Why? Because they have pretty much the same lineup of fantastic players.

Why is it when the Bucs won their superbowl, they traded half their good players? The team that WON them the championship is now all but gone as only 3 of the great ones are left, and one is on neck injury number 5,23980980.

I love football season. I have 2 fantasty football teams (which will be drafting next week), one awesome college football team to watch (Appalachian) and one mediocre pro football team to watch.

And I love it all!!!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

I'm too nice?

Sometimes I wonder if I'm too nice. I wonder if I'm a pushover who will do anything to make other people happy. I know that's not totally true because sometimes I tell my friends "no" to stuff I don't want to or can't do. But today my coworkers and I were talking about arguing with their boyfriends and how they argue. I started thinking about how I argue and I realized I have no idea. Why? Because I don't ever argue with people. Ever. It's not that I'm never mean or anything (I've yelled at strangers before... while I'm driving... once...) but I just don't remember the last time I argued with anybody.

Jared and I don't argue, we have deep discussions. I realize that this may change sometime in the future, but for now it is how we are. I never argue with my friends because usually if I don't agree with them about something, I mull it over until I decide it isn't worth arguing over. And usually it isn't. There just isn't much in this world that I find is worth arguing over. I guess maybe I'm just a big ole pacifist. What's wrong with that? Nothing.

Once when I was 12 at summer camp, I got into a "fight" with another girl in my cabin. This girl was, well, a 12 year old bitch. She was one of those girls that you just know when she grows up nobody will like her, but they'll all be nice to her out of fear. For some odd reason I decided to stand up to her. Everyone else in the cabin, who felt the same way as me and was supposed to have my back, pretended they didn't know what was going on. Then she hit me. Twice, in the arm. I don't know why, but I didn't hit her back. It didn't hurt, so I shrugged her off. I've always wished I had hit her back, but I didn't and I guess that's how I've always been. I've never hit another person out of anger (except my brothers, and that doesn't count).

Maybe I am a pushover, but I'm happy. I don't have a problem with compromising so that my friends are happy. I thought that generally everybody liked me. I don't mean that to sound snotty or anything, but I can't name anyone who would count me as an "enemy" or who doesn't like me.

At least that's what I thought.

This past weekend, while Jared and I were at the beach, the "mafia" as it is called, at the Brush, decided to start rumors about him and I. See, Jared is the "assistant" manager. We have been dating since way before he ever became a manager. It has never been a problem that he is dating me though. Not until this weekend. See there are 3 girls who work there who have crappy lives. Why? Because they put themselves into stupid situations. Since they are unhappy with life, they resent people who are happy, like me. For the past 3 weeks we have been seriously understaffed at the Brush, and everyone has had to work extra, myself included. Now since I had paid for our beach trip 2 months ago, I wasn't going to back out on it just because the Brush needed people. So we went. Which means pretty much everyone else had to work. The thing is, it was a weekend so everyone has to work anyways. One girl had asked off for Friday night. The reason? Because she had taken off of her day job and just wanted to be off to do nothing. No excuse, just that. So Jared denied her request. And we went to the beach. I guess that made her mad because she and the other two "mafia" members decided to tell our big boss that Jared and I were always playing favorites. And that we were always "making out" in the salad cooler.

I can count the number of times we have "made out" in the salad cooler on less than one finger. I guess to the unknowing eye it might look like he plays favorites with me. But he doesn't. See, Jared doesn't let me get away with ANYTHING. If I was to slack on something, he wouldn't hesitate to tell me. Also, when we are short handed and he needs me to work an extra night or two, he always begs me to work. And I usually do. We have mutual respect for each other in that way. I don't get away with anything, but I don't try to get away with anything.

Also, I'm nice to everyone there. I have never done a mean or spiteful thing to anyone who works with me. That's why I don't understand hateful people.

Luckily, our head boss didn't really believe the rumors. She did ask a couple people about it, who she knew wouldn't lie, and they both told her the truth (which is that nothing goes on).

Now I know that most people are going to tell me to quit. But that would just be giving up. We were both pretty pissed about these rumors. Rather than succomb to these rumors and try to act like we are not dating even though everyone knows we are, we're going to act like nothing happened at all. In fact we were thinking of making it blantantly obvious that we couldn't care less. That's what I'm trying to do. I'm going to be as bitchy to them as I can, while still being overly sweet and not caring about stupid stuff.

We'll see what happens this weekend.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Um, so when did going to the beach become more about the touristy stuff than the actual beach? It's like that because it's too freaking hot to actually spend that much time on the beach. Our hotel room was right across the street from the beach, which was nice. Only problem was the bugs. There was this strange purple bug with white legs that kept crawling around in our room. The guy at the hotel claims there is nothing to be done about them because it's the beach, but that they won't hurt us. I still don't like it. I somehow manage to get a little sleep all three nights, even though I'm constantly worried I'll find one crawling on me in my sleep. I didn't. On the way Jared confessed he woke up 2 times with them crawling on him in the bed. Grr.

But other then that bit of South Carolina-ness, our trip was great. We did the usual touristy stuff:
-Went to Hard Rock Cafe
-walked around the "strip" in south myrtle
-went the awesome Ripley's Aquarium (with the walk through shark tank)
-walked around Broadway at the Beach (shopped)
-walked around Barefoot Landing (shopped)
-went to Dick's Last Resort and were insulted
(they made me a hat that said "It's true what they say about Redheads)
(Jared's hat said "She has my balls in her purse" hehehe)
-had our picture taken with a baby tiger (all proceeds supposedly go to T.I.G.E.R.S. tiger habitat)
-hung out on the beach

And we did one really cool non-touristy thing, we went to a Myrtle Beach Pelicans game. This was especially cool because it was Friday night, they won, and they had great fireworks afterwards.

The best part was of course being with the Jared. We didn't get annoyed with each other, snippy, or emotional (I'm a cryer), the whole time! Just happy. :)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Four Days In South Carolina

Anyone who knows me knows I am not a fan of the state of South Carolina. I know this is awful, because it's a state, and it's part of the US, but let's not forget that SC didn't always want to be a part of the US. And also, They just wish they were North Carolina. Can't even get their own football team. Sheesh.

I know that some poor people are unfortunate enough to be born in South Carolina. While I feel for these people, I also don't understand why they don't move away as soon as they are old enough. And people who move there? What is that? Okay, I can understand moving there for important (and temporary) reasons, like law school. But moving there for any other reason? Why?

The last experience I had in SC was in Charleston where got rained on all day, then got stuck in an hours-long traffic jam on the way home. I am going to SC tomorrow to go to the beach. I know that SC will probably treat me bad, but I am giving it a chance.