Thursday, March 31, 2005

first blog ever!

i'll probably forget i even have this.. but what the hell, why not have my very own blog..
i'm allison.. there are a few things which define me as a person, i'll list them below:
-Movies.. i love movies... i love quoting movies, watching movies, going to the movies.. anything made after 1970 and i just love it.. there are even some made before 1970 that i enjoy...
BEST MOVIE EVER: Pirates of the Caribbean.. can't go wrong with Johnny AND Pirates.
-which brings me to Johnny. i love the johnny. i own at least 25 johnny movies.. and the 1st season of 21 jump street.. but don't worry i'm not obsessed or anything. it's not like i go around with his name tattoed on my ass or anything...... (yet). but my tastes change every few years, so i'll probably end up changing my mind about him one day.. BUT I DOUBT IT.
-Pirates. YAy pirates.
-that includes the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Especially Mike Alstott(yay Alstott).
Right now i'm a little bit peeved at the Bucs, since they let my FAVORITE player, JOE JUREVICIUS go to the Seahawks... but i'll get over it..
-um.. stars.. i love stars, have one tattoed on my left inside forearm. it's cool. you know you're jealous
-let's see... uh.. MAPS! that's it. MAps! i make them.. that's what i do.. i'm actually a "GIS Technician" but it's easier just to say i make maps..
-Mountains.. Went to school in Boone, NC at Appalachian State University (go mountaineers) and therefore have a softspot for those darn mountains
-my car .. 2003 Saturn Ion quad coupe.. it has Suicide doors.. it kicks ass. i named it "the black pearl" because i'm a dork..
-oh yea DUH! Star wars.. Im the biggest star wars geek i know.. no, i don't go to conventions or anything (too far to drive). but i love the wars. i've seen them many times and can not wait til may 19 for the final star wars movie.. i even have a sticker on my kick ass car that says "join the dark side"..
don't make fun.. i'm still cooler than.. um..... um..... screech! yes, i'm cooler than screech, and milhouse and any other tv geek you can think of...
well i'm tired of typing. i will enter more as i feel the love.

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Katie said...

hee hee, are you sure it doesn't say "Join the Dork Side". Sorry, couldn't help myself!!!
Yay Boone! Go Mountaineers! You need to tell me how you got the Flickr Ziegliwjetsej thingy on there, because I couldn't get mine to work...