Monday, February 23, 2009

People, Places, Things.

Last week was a LONG, stressful week for me. I worked like regular Monday and Tuesday. Then, Tuesday after work, I headed to McLeansville with Katiebonk where we stayed with Jeff and Tracy. Wednesday morning my coworker Tom picked us up (30 minutes late) and I had to haul ass in a rented Kia in the rain so we could get to pre-conference workshop in Raleigh on time at 9 am. We made it, with several seconds to spare.

Yes, it's conference time again. Usually, work conference are regarded more as "fun" than "work". Not so this time. Usually, I'm free to go to whatever sessions I want and do what I like in my free time. Not so here.

At my office we just got a new big contract, which is good. But as per usual, we are putting things together kind of last minute. And rushed. And disorganized. Which means, my boss made me actually do "Work" at our conference. I had to skip a session so we could "call" people, and I almost got in trouble for skipping another one so I could nap. I'm only one person people! I still managed to have some fun though. I ate at a couple of really delicious restaurants (The Oxford, The Big Easy) and went to an awesome bar (The Flying Saucer) where they had a whooooole lotta beer on tap. Katie and I played in the hot tub, even though it was treacherously hot. I got to hang out with and see a few of my college friends, which is always good. I made a few new friends. I got to see Stephen play Rock Band with some ESRI salesmen. And I ate some delicious food. Okay, for the most part it was fun. But my boss has a bad habit of getting me stressed out over stupid things.

We got back from the conference on Friday night and on Saturday I headed BACk to Durham to see Brad and go to an mc chris concert. That kicked ass, as usual. mc chris is very funny and does a great one-man show. I was standing front and center and he saw me with my phone out and he said "Are you texting!?" into the microphone. I said "NOOOO!" (even though I was). His reply was "Oh, you're twittering? That's ok then". Fun times.

Now it's back to work as usual.

Oh and one more thing. Jared and I are back together, and yes, I'm making the right decision.

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Anonymous said...

I wish you the best sweetie in the love department.. Follow your heart and use a bit of logic from your head. hugs!