Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Wiggin Out

Things I'm looking forward to:
1. July 14th, The State (a great sketch comedy show from the 1990's) comes out on DVD.
2. July 15th, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (my favorite Potter book) comes out in theaters.
3. July 25th, my friend Brad is having a big pool party / cookout in Durham.
4. August 1st, Jeff's Bday party.
5. August 22nd, Appalachian's Fanfest.
6. September 5, ASU vs. ECU (the battle of the beards).
7. September 18, Savannah
8. September 25, Las Vegas.

Things I am not looking forward to:
1. Sometime next week I have to go to Florida, to bury my Grandpa Muhlberg. We weren't close (ever) but he was still Grandpa. More to come on him. P.S. What is with the summertime in Florida thing? 2 years ago Grandma died in July. The funeral was in Florida.
2. On July 22nd, I have to have one of teeth removed. See, I inherited God-awful soft teeth from my Mom. Even though I brush twice a day and floss everyday, I still have terrible teeth. The tooth in question had a root canal several years ago, but before I could go back for the crown, I graduated college and my Dad's insurance wouldn't cover me anymore. Needless to say, it died.
3. On July 23rd, I have a temporary bridge put in where the tooth was and six weeks later a permanent one will be put in.
4. Oh, and I also need 3 more crowns. And like, 9 fillings.

Okay, I may be approaching boo-face status. But I'm trying here. It helps having Jared around to hug. And 2 big fat kitties. Just trying to keep in mind the things I'm looking forward to.


Joan said...

I'm afraid I'll have to have a root canal. I've never had one before. I go to the dentist in an hour.

deals said...

That is fact you have a terrible teeth.

Sam said...

Have you seen the commercials for the show Michael and Michael Have Issues?

It's Michael Showalter and Michael Ian Black and based on the stuff I've seen, it looks very State-like. It's on comedy central and I have no idea when it starts, but it's sometime soon.

I can't wait for the State DVD either!