Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Great, so another factor of getting older: Allergies.  I've never in my life had allergies like I've had this year.  Actually, I've maybe only even noticed an allergy issue maybe once before.

Starting about a week ago, I was getting regular sinus headaches.  I took advil, they subsided, I figured it was over.  Then over the weekend my nose started running and I got sneezy. Whee!! Yesterday it got to the point where I went home sick.  I think I'm on the mend today, and I took some Claritin, which Carmen was nice enough to give me.   I guess I'll survive.

Last night I went to another bridal show. It was a really really small show at the spa in Hickory.  There was only one vendor of each type (one caterer, one photographer, etc.).  I pretty much only went because I knew it'd be small and it was free.  Carmen and Jon were the sole photographer booth, so that was another reason I went.  Really it was ok, but I think the best benefit I got was talking to Cafe Gouda, who has pretty good catering prices.  Oh, and I got a cupcake (bad Allison!).

Nine months!!


Sam said...

Mine were really bad for the first time ever last year and I started taking claritin everyday. This year I had one bad spell that lasted for about 3 days, but I've been good since then.

I don't know how true this is, but someone once told me your body is on a 7 year cycle with allergies. Like, they get worse every 7 years. That would make sense in this case since I was 28 last year and you're 28 this year.

Carmen said...

Too small for my taste...we didn't get a single call after spending $200. I think we only talked to 5 people or so, and none were our "type". Glad the Claritan helped.

Carmen said...

Ooh...I'm 28 this year, and my allergies stepped up for sure.