Monday, December 15, 2008

Football again...

Don't worry, this will probably be my last blog about football until next season. Since my Apps are off until next fall, I've switched gears to the Buccaneers, my NFL team. I was thinking they could go all the way again. They were playing so well for like 10 straight games. And then? At Monday Night Football last week (which I was at) they decided to suck.

And then yesterday they lost to Atlanta Falcons. Thanks, guys! They do this to me every year. They start out ok, do amazing mid to late season, but in the last few games they crap out and suck. I'll be amazed if they get into the playoffs. It might not even be possible at this point. But, hey, at least they've won one Super Bowl before.. unlike some other local team.. This just isn't their year to repeat.

At least my fantasy team is doing okay for now. It is the first week of the playoffs for my fantasy football team. Jared was in the lead out of the whole league, but is probably going to lose tonight. In the first round. To the worst team in the playoffs. I, however, and most likely going to win. yay!

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