Monday, December 29, 2008

Good things that have happened to me in the past weekish.

A: I am finally being promoted at my job! Booyah! Now I will be going from being a GIS Technician to a GIS Analyst and you still won't understand what I do. Hopefully in the coming year I will get my professional certification thinggy.

B: I got some really awesome Christmas presents: comfy Bamboo sheets, some nice shirts, earrings, The Dark Knight, Chronicles of Narnia, a ceiling fan, an itrip, an ipod arm band for working out, and lots and lots of fun socks! I love fun socks.

C: Jared is moving out on New Years Day. This is really only positive because now I can thouroughly clean my spare bedroom. And move my desk in there.

D: I've been able to see almost all of my good friends over the past two weeks. My friends rule and have helped me get over my sadness for the most part (alcohol did the rest!)

E: Last night I went with Katie and got a pedicure, the first one since 2000, when I went to prom:

F: My step sister had a baby on Sunday, the first boy born into the family. Of course, she's still a baby herself, but that's besides the point.

G: After four long years of ups and downs and ins and outs, I finally won my office's fantasy football league. Yes, you can call me the supreme fantasy football goddess. With my $150ish winnings, I plan to purchase some nice Gortex boots, so that when I GPS my feet won't get all cold.

I'd like to thank my team, the Stormtroopers, including Jay Cutler, Adrian Peterson, Andre Johnson, Antonio Bryant, and Cadillac Williams. Thanks for caring, guys!


Katie Bonk said...

Your toes look FAB-O-LOUS. Thanks again for coming with me and keeping me company. :)

Carmen said...

Had lots of fun with the fire and you yesterday!

And, I can think of at least 1 more good thing...probably a couple if I tried.

Allison said...

yes, the fire was good too! And the other thing that you are thinking of would be good if it didn't make me sick! but it was still good.

Anonymous said...

Im so glad you got promoted! yay! nice feet there lady!

Stacey said...

the feets look beautiful! and congrats on your promotion!!

Joan said...

I've been thinking about you. David - who will wear a story into the ground loved telling the belt story to his brother when he was visiting this weekend. You were described among other things as "a good looking girl with a great personality who knows her truckstops".

Lovey said...

congrats on the promotion! Luckily(?), I do know what you do. :) And you MUST get your toes done more often than once every 8 years... it's too much fun!

Scott said...

I finished 6-7-1 in my football pool regular season, but won the championship in the playfoffs. I have Philip Rivers and a boat load of luck to thank for that. Alas, there was no cash in it for me. Not that you know me and thus could give a rats ass, but that never before stopped me from commenting on a blog. ;-)

Allison said...

ha, well thanks for the comment Scott.. I've been in other leagues before where I didn't win money either. But since this was on office thing, we decided to throw in some cash on it.