Tuesday, March 03, 2009

“Things I sometimes imagine against my will.”

As copied from Maggie/Mighty Girl,

Here are the things I accidentally imagine or dream:

1. T-Rex is back, and he's after me.

2. I lost my job.

3. I am stuck in a small place, like a kiddie tunnel at a fast food playground.

4. Zombies.. that is all.

5. There is a demon in my home (from watching too much Paranormal State).

6. Being buried alive. With spiders.

7. I am swimming in the ocean, and a shark rubs against me (or dead body).

8. Someone sees me naked. And I'm not even drunk.

9. I am back in college, and I can't make it to class until exam day.

10. All of my teeth have fallen out.


Sam said...

I interpret this to mean that you have a fear of things with teeth. =P

Joan said...

I can't even recall how many times I've had dream #9.

Carmen said...

Does T Rex ever catch you?