Friday, April 17, 2009


So, who, dear readers, uses Embarq and searches for my blog with the google words "allison's blog hickory, nc"??? Just curious :) I know you're out there, whoever you are.

So Tuesday was my brother's big "going away ceremony" at Ft. Bragg in Fayetteville, NC.

Here's why the army sucks: If you are planning a big going away ceremony with 4,000 soldiers, wouldn't you expect there to be at least several people PER soldier at the farewell cememony?

Apparently the army figures that since these guys are in the reserves, they aren't as loved and won't have as many spectators there for them.

We drove all the way to Fayetteville on Tuesday to be at the ceremony to see my brother off to Kuwait/Iraq. We got there around 11:30, the ceremony was to start at 2:00. My brother wanted to go out for lunch. So we all went to lunch and then got back to the Coliseum around 1:30. My sister-in-law dropped my brother off at the door and we all went to find parking. A minute later my sister-in-law calls from her car to my mom and tells us that when Alan got to the entrance of the coliseum, the security guards were turning people away. All civilians. Apparently, the coliseum was at capacity and they had to turn away thousands of people. yay! So instead, my brother chose not to participate in the ceremony. We all drove to Starbucks and hung out for a while and had our own, private goodbye. My dad had driven all the way from West Jefferson, which is like a 6 hour drive. *sigh*

We still managed to have a good time. It's just.. we could have gone to Starbucks in Kannapolis. Which is where my familly lives. It's only an hour from me.

Stupid army.

Pics here:
elora ugly face


Sam said...

Wow, the US army sucks (not the troops, the institution.)

Anonymous said...

Wishing your brother back and that he comes home safe! And everyone else!

Anonymous said...

I am in Iraq now and I was at that ceromony. I will only say that I have been in this circus for about 12 years now but it was not the Arm'y fault. It was the
30th "Bragrade"! If you notice how I spelled Brigade, well the is how our commanding Bev Purdue said it along with every other polatition there said it with all of there pre-campaign speaches that made me sick. This was soppose too be for the soldier not the biography of a governor. It made me sick so I did'nt care and just walked out in the middle of it. I met with my wife and 4 kids that were locked outside and one of those 4 was an infant. If this is how well they treat our families then just imagine how they treat the soldier over seas. I am living it now and I am glad these clown's are not fighting someone like North Korea. Soldiers are honestly more stessed out over here from the command that is out for themselves than they are the enemy. I am getting out for those reasons. I am a Senior NCO with almost 12 years in and I am willing to throw that away for my family witch is what the Army use to say they put first and if the 30th "Bragrade" say's that thene they are not being truthful.