Friday, May 01, 2009

7 things

1. I was just bored, and wondering.. Did Jesus have a last name? Or was "Christ" his last name? I mean, isn't that kind of a weird last name? Especially back in the old days? This question may have been answered in the bible, but since I was raised agnostic, I don't know much about that.

2. My birthday was wicked awesome. Jared made me a cake, and Carmen made me a cake. I went to a Crawdads game and had lots of beer! Sure I'm hungover today, but who cares? I got lots of good presents too!

3. My Dad called me last night and I was rather drunk when I talked to him. And I volunteered to drive to see him on Sunday (his birthday) which will suck because it's so far away. But it is his birthday. SO what the hell.

4. My friend Stephen is trying to kill himself by eating a lot of bad things. Hand sanitizer, kitty litter, and vaginal cream are only a small portion of what he's going to maybe eat.

5. American Idol has ceased to suck me in as much as usual this year. Perhaps it's because I was so entranced by Jason Castro last year, that this year nothing compares. Espcially not that screamer Adam Lambert. :P I'm pulling for Kris and Allison.

6. Last weekend I went to Boone with Katie, Daniel, and one of our new employees, Chris. It was great until I got a migrane. Then I fell asleep because I took four advil. So our friend Max (who lives in Boone) decided to be a butt and drew on my arm. All was funny til someone posted a video of it online. A very very very unflattering video.

7. I've been living in Hickory long enough that anywhere I go, it seems, I run into or see someone I know or recognize. I like that feeling. When I was a senior at App, I would see someone I knew EVERY time I went to Wal-Mart. EVERYTIME.


Anonymous said...

Im glad I am not the only one who feels the same way about "Adam" from American Idol. Im kinda over it too.

Carmen said...
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Carmen said...

I had fun with you in Boone.