Wednesday, February 17, 2010

stuff v 18.0

Not feeling like anything is blog worthy lately.

I've been watching American Idol this season and not really connecting with anyone.  I guess that's okay since it's a pseudo reality show.  And we all know reality shows are the devil. 

Meatwad has calmed down since Super Bowl Sunday, except when it's feeding time.  At feeding time he FREAKS THE F*CK OUT and his tail gets really really thick (HOW is that possible?) and he practically screams at me.  I have to hold him back while I put the food dish on the floor else he gets so excited he knocks it out of my hands and it goes all over the place.  And that prescription food isn't cheap (in other words, you're licking it up off the floor, A-hole).   And Beefcake, ah, Beefcake.  Bcake has been his usual happy-go-lucky self lately, but I fear he may just go crazy one day due to Meatwad's incessant whining.  We shall see.

I have a potential wedding venue, but it's in Motown (25 minutes from here) and it's going to be work getting it pretty.  But I think I like it.  Just have to get Jared to decide.  I am, however, going to keep looking.  I have a crazy idea which would involve a lot of help from Carmen, and I haven't even run it by her yet.  Methinks trivia tonight is a perfect opportunity to bring that up. 

Jared got moved back to the Brush in Lenoir (only 30 minutes away instead of the hour commute he did have).  I thought this was going to be great for him and I'd see him more. WRONG.  He is working so hard and constantly on his feet.  He doesn't get the opportunity to eat most days, and he is staying late every time he works.  Yesterday he was there for 15 hours.  *GRRR*   

Life moves from one crappy deal to the next it seems.  I just have to keep our heads above water. :)

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Carmen said...

Well, sounds like I have work heading my way, but at least you'll be at trivia tonight. :)