Monday, April 26, 2010

Goings on

Hey everybody! It's my birthday Friday! I'm going to be a stinkin' 28 years old.  That's a little too close to 30 for  my taste, but I can't change it, so oh well.  Jared is taking me to the Merlefest on Sunday for my birthday so I can see the Avett Brothers!! Whee! It's been forever since I've seen them live and I'm just dying for the chance.  I just looked back and i haven't seen them since September 2006!  Good gravy.  That's way too long.

Also, one of my favorite bloggers who lives in San Francisco just did a music blog and included them in her list.  Sweet.

Since Friday is my birthday, I'm taking the day off from work (sleep! yay!) and Jared and I are going for our wedding cake tasting.  One of my coworker's has a sister-in-law who does wedding cakes and she seems really nice.  That will be my birthday cake, unless Jared feels like making one, no pressure.  Then, I'm going down to my momma's house for dinner.

This past Saturday was my niece Elora's birthday party.  She is nine now and that blows my mind.

When did this precious little angel get so big?

I saw every member of my immediate family on Saturday and I have to say, it was nice.  Crazy how that can happen sometimes!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Great, so another factor of getting older: Allergies.  I've never in my life had allergies like I've had this year.  Actually, I've maybe only even noticed an allergy issue maybe once before.

Starting about a week ago, I was getting regular sinus headaches.  I took advil, they subsided, I figured it was over.  Then over the weekend my nose started running and I got sneezy. Whee!! Yesterday it got to the point where I went home sick.  I think I'm on the mend today, and I took some Claritin, which Carmen was nice enough to give me.   I guess I'll survive.

Last night I went to another bridal show. It was a really really small show at the spa in Hickory.  There was only one vendor of each type (one caterer, one photographer, etc.).  I pretty much only went because I knew it'd be small and it was free.  Carmen and Jon were the sole photographer booth, so that was another reason I went.  Really it was ok, but I think the best benefit I got was talking to Cafe Gouda, who has pretty good catering prices.  Oh, and I got a cupcake (bad Allison!).

Nine months!!

Friday, April 09, 2010

stardate: 4/9/10

So, I added a wedding ticker to the old bloggage.  NINE months left!  I still have soo much to do.. I'll get there. I guess.  I can't wait though.  I am looking forward to the wedding, the honeymoon, etc, but I'm also looking forward to going back to having ONE job.

Pretty sad how quickly I've gotten sick of having 2 jobs.  It's just shitty having to leave work and go to work.  And not having weekends free. But I'm 1/7 of the way to my goal of saving.  As soon as I hit it, I'm going to quit.   I think.   It would be nice to save up extra and pay off some bills, etc.  But... No.  

For example today I feel like I'm coming down with a cold.  But I'm at the office.  I can't call in sick to restaurant    job due to I'm closing, and I need the money.  I can't call in sick to day job cause that just wouldn't be right (not working real job but going to other job).  So here I am. Whee!!

But, I've said it before and I'll say it again.  Working at Outback is exponentially better than when I worked at the Brush.  SOOOO much easier and better.