Thursday, September 14, 2006

Gettin my Avett On

"Well you send my life a whirling
darling when you're twirling
on the floor

Who cares about tomorrow
What more is tomorrow
than another day

When you swept me away
Yeah you swept me away"

Today is a great day! I found out yesterday that The Avett Brothers, my favoritest band, are going to be playing in Boone at Legends tonight! And since I'm not working, I can go! I haven't seen them play in so long. I honestly believe I haven't seen them perform since maybe 2002, if not earlier. When I did see them, I had barely heard of them and did not know any of their songs. Tonight, I will know 90% of their songs! I will be able to sing along! I will be so close! I am going to have a grande olde time! I'm making Stephen the Fox go with me, since he's the only person I know who could actually appreciate them, other than my brother. I may try to convince Katie to go. She doesn't know their music, but since it's in Boone, you never know.

Seth and Scott and Bob are so fine

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Katie said...

hey- that guy in the black and white pic is hot...

Allison said...

yea.. that's scott avett... he's PURTY..

Sam said...

YAY! I would've gone to see them with you here if you wanted me to, but I doubt I would've been able to appreciate it, haha. ;)