Wednesday, May 18, 2005

put me out of my misery

ok so now i have this RAgin cold. katie swears i didn't get it from her. but i refuse to believe that. being outside all day yesterday didn't help... allergies on top of cold = sick allison. what really sucks is that star wars opens tonight, and i've got a ticket, but i know i'm gonna be coughin through the whole thing... pooey.


Katie said...

It wasn't me!!! I had a fever over 100 degrees for 5 days!

Allison said...

ok, you might be right.. man.. right now i feel so drugged up... i don't know why, i took sinus medicine last night at like 830 then today at 9.. but it's supposed to be non-drowsy.. i don't know. idjsojfoksdmnflp