Friday, May 13, 2005


i think i'm just gonna give up on boys. i mean i like em and all, but they suck. does anyone out there play spades? i need a new spades partner. my old one is startin really piss me off. he doesn't know how to cover a nil, he doesn't know how to bust a nil.. "i didn't think you'd go nil with only two clubs, one being a 10!!" well, i didn't think you'd try to cover my nil by laying a nine instead of the KING you had in your hand!
see, the thing is i really could care less, i play spades to have fun.
i can't help it when my partner gets pissed off.
congrats to carmen and satterpunk for kickin our asses for the third time in a row!
i hate you guys.
no i don't.


Katie said...

Boys are fun- don't give up. You gotta kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince, and that's too much fun to give up!

Allison said...

yea. i guess. i'm just sick of the stupid ones that seem all great at first then turn out to suck!