Monday, May 02, 2005


What a great birthday weekend i had. Friday night i drove to durham where me and 7 of my friends went to see the premiere of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Pretty good Special Effects, ok movie. Then i drank. Then Saturday we went to Adventure Landing in Raliegh where I kicked everyone's Ass at Lazer Tag, cheated at putt-putt and lost horribly at go karts. I was never any good at go karts. Then we went to Macaroni Grill for dinner (i'm going there every year on my bday from now on), where a hot guy sang happy birthday in italian to me, and i drank. Then we went bowling and i drank. then we went to b's house and i drank and we had an awesome water balloon fight. Thanks to B, Eric, Maksim, Naveen, Amber, Sam, Cynthia, Colin, April, Mike and Jody for a kick ass birthday.
The following people are awesome for calling me on my bday: Andrea, Katie (sweet song ;)), Carmen, Satterfield, and Dustin, Sean (the Fry Master of all that is meat), My mom, Mark Taylor, and Chrisexy.

you guys rock.

Tonight: SPADES!!!!!!

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Katie said...

It sounds like your birthday was a complete success! Glad you had a good one, and I'm glad you liked our song. cha cha cha!