Monday, February 06, 2006

no more football :(

well i had another pretty darn good weekend. friday sucked as always at the brush, and then i lost madly at poker, but i had wine so i had fun anyways. don't worry though, i was okay driving home. dustin followed me home friday night to make sure i made a safe return. he's nice like that. we've been getting along really well. :)

saturday i went to lunch with the roomie to el paso! i love el paso. and then we went to barnes and noble where i got a magazine which had a five page article about the avett brothers! the best part is that the magazine included a sampler cd with one of the brand new avett brothers' songs on it! and it is a KICK ass song. their new cd comes out tomorrow. i will be buying it for sure.

and of course work saturday night was BUSY AS HELL. but my brother was in town when i got off, so he and me and the phaups and others went to O Charlie's for some drinks.

and we went skiing yesterday!! if my brother ever emails me the pictures, i will put them on my flickr. i took a couple later:
i'm so slick
but none while skiing. anywho it was awesome. cold, wet, tiresome, and awesome. i love skiing. too bad i suck at it. i go sooo slow. and i stay on the midlevel courses, but damn i have fun at it. i only fell twice. alan (my brother) fell a lot more than me. ha. it's always nice to be better at something than my brother. of course then he had to upstage me by going on the next higher level course. but i'm not an idiot and i don't want a broken limb. i'm a better mapmaker than him, so at least i've got that.

i was extremely tired by the time we got back yesterday afternoon. and i was planning on skipping ace's super bowl party. but then we (the phaups, brian, and i) felt bad about it so we decided to go. i would have liked to have driven seperately because i knew i would want to stay longer than them, but i ended up driving everyone. which would have been fine, but brian got pissed off at this jerk that was there, so they forced me to leave early. *sigh* i was having a good time flirting with dustin:
best. picture. ever.

oh well. they're my friends. it's ok though because i was so bloody tired i needed to go to bed early... which i didn't really because then when i got home i talked to my ex online til midnight.. i'm so bad. but i have so much fun talking to him now. the plan is that next sunday (in 6 days!) he is coming up to play spades with us! woohoo! this is especially funny because when we were dating we had a nickname for when we wanted to fool around, we called it playing spades. good times.

we'll see what tomorrow brings. :)


Katie said...

But there is more football! The Pro Bowl is this weekend!

Allison said...

the pro bowl is BORING

phaupster said...

alright woman. you said that since you were tired, you'd want to leave early. we drove to your house...we could have driven seperately. and you said you wanted to leave at 10. we left at 9:47, so i do apologize deeply for the 13 minute discrepency.

Allison said...

by the way :P