Monday, February 13, 2006

playing spades IS real life

well i have to say, this past weekend, although comparitively uneventful, was my favorite weekend of the year so far. well, sunday was the best part. friday night i sulked because i thought a LOT about the dustin situation and realized that i'm just fooling myself thinking he cares about me in any way. that put a real damper on my mood friday night. saturday night was dead at the brush because everyone in hickory freaked out at the thought of snow and/or sleet. i would have rather stabbed myself in the eyeball with a fork than gone anywhere near a grocery store friday or saturday. why do people feel the need to go buy bread, milk, toilet paper and kitty litter when they think it's gonna snow? amateurs.

then i got my drink on at the phaups later that night. it was good to just sit around drinking for no reason. no poker. just t.v. and friends. good times. sunday i did ABSOLUTELY nothing until 5.30 pm. i sat around in my p.j.'s most of the day watching t.v. with carmen. then i took a shower and at 5.30 adam got here! we drove to the tap room, and sat around and talked for a while, then we went back to the phaups. carmen and brian beat the crap out of me and adam at spades. but you know, it's ok. i wasn't even paying that much attention to the game. is it weird that i have a crush on my ex? but we get along SO well now, now that we've grown up some. we never fought before, so it's not that different i guess, but it IS different. we're different. i'm no longer a demanding sensitive clingy 18 year old, and he's no longer a redneck (hard core) republican 19 year old.

hmm... i wonder....
oh, and before anyone starts making any assumptions, NO i did not kiss him yesterday. there were 3 very long hugs when i walked him to his car, but that was the extent of it. I kissed him first 5.5 years ago. it's his turn.


phaupster said...

I like him too. And I liked not playing poker. And wearing pajamas all day. It was a very fun weekend...and look! Here comes another! Yay!

Allison said...

yay!!! on everything you said.. yay!!