Wednesday, February 22, 2006

sorry i'm so lazy

sometimes blogging requires too much work for me to think about it. this week at the real job i've actually been busy! since i'll be in florida all next week, i've been getting a lot of things finished up so they're not waiting for me when i get back. usually this would be no problem, since half the time i have nothing to do anyways. but as murphy's law would have it, everyone's been coming to me this week giving me stuff to do. but i'm a pro, i can handle it.

i can't wait to go to florida. it'll be so good to go a week with little worries. of course, it won't be all fun and games. the whole purpose of the trip to visit my grandpa. he is about to turn 80, and alzheimer's has taken ahold of him. bad. isn't it strange that the sweetest man on the planet has to be succombed to this? and my other grandfather, one of the biggest jackasses to ever live, is around 85 and super sharp. granted, he has to be on dialisys, but at least he knows it. i haven't spent much time around my favorite grandpa in the last few years. since i started college in 2000, i saw him about 4 times. the last time was at my college graduation. he was having a good day that day. he remembered my name pretty much all day. thank god grandma was there to keep him in line. but that's the reason i haven't been to see them much. it's depressing to love someone so much who can't even remember your name. i feel so bad for grandma. but she's put up with it for a LONG time. and recently, she finally decided it was time to put him in an old people home. not a nursing home, but a specialty home for alzheimer's patients. this is why we're going down there. because who knows if i'll get another chance to see him before he leaves us.

ok enough depressing stuff.. we're also going to DISNEYworld. yay! i haven't been since i was 4. i'm excited. just like a kid. of course, what i really want to see, pirates of the caribbean, is being closed down the day we're going. they're going to add in jack sparrow and the cast of the movie before the premiere of POTC 2. it'd be SO cool to see the ride, but i guess it wasn't meant to be. i bet i'll like the haunted mansion though! and space mountain! i hope elora realizes she's going to have to ride that with us.

i hope to come back with a ZILLION pictures.

what else is going on.. i'm definitely going to be in my condo by april 1st!
i'm still talking to the ex almost every night. it's SO nice to reminisce with him about the good times.
last weekend was BORING. except that i gave some guy at sagebrush (a customer) my phone number! ha! and he even called later that night. and then his phone died and he never called back. oh well.

and so it is.


Katie said...

Sorry about your grandpa. My grandmother has memory problems also (she'll be 96 next month); we found out that if she gets some fresh outside air, it makes a world of difference. Don't know if it would help with your grandpa, but I do know that at those places, they don't take them outside as much as I think they should. Maybe they do in Florida...
YAY DISNEY WORLD!!! I can't wait to see your pictures! I am bummed that I won't have my email buddy for an ENTIRE week!!! Whatever will I do? Work?!

Allison said...

ah.. woe is katie with no "yea"s, "ok"s, and "haha"s
from allison :) you'll be ok i guess..

phaupster said...

i miss emailing you constantly. Not as much, though, as I'm gonna miss your silly ass next week. We could never survive living in different cities ever again. i don't even want to think about it.

i'm sorry it's the good grandpa that's sick. any one that could have been married to nana must have been a mean old devil, and much more deserving of this crap than your nice grandpa. nana scared me.