Thursday, October 30, 2008

Not a Good Read.

This blog post is not entertaining, it's more for my benefit, so I can remember what I did... Sorry

My trip to Florida:

Wednesday: Drove to K-town, visited Mommy. She's looking good, she's had lap-band surgery and it's really working out for her.
Drove to Enochville to stay at brother Alan's house.

Thursday: Got up at 7:00 and left for Florida with Alan and niece Elora. Had yummy sausage balls and Chex Mix. We stopped at Chic-Fil-A for lunch, and made it to Sarasota (Florida) around 6:30 ish.
We were supposed to stay with our cousin Eric that night, since Dad wasn't coming down til the next day, and he had hotel rooms reserved for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, not Thursday. Unfortunately, cousin Eric decided to be a punk-ass and not return our phone calls. We got a room at the hotel.
Dinner at Sonny's BBQ (blech).

Friday: We went to the South Florida Museum (which is a favorite thing in Bradenton). We go to see my lovely Aunt Dale and Uncle Rob, and then to see Grandpa Suggs. Grandpa looks as good as he can be.
Cousin Alicia came to Aunt Dale's with her chubby little son Micheal (my second cousin?).
Then we headed back to the hotel to wait for Dad, Brother Scott, and niece Madelyn to arrive. They finally got to the hotel around 8 and we headed over to Bradenton to eat at Wings & Things, where we had the best wings in the entire world. The six of us were joined by Uncle Rob & Aunt Dale, Alicia and Micheal, my Aunt Darinda and Uncle Mark, and my two other cousins, Kristina and Joey. What an... interesting dinner that was.
Thank god for Corn Nuggets.

Saturday: Alan, Scott, Madelyn, Elora and I headed to Port Charlotte to see our other grandpa, Grandpa Muhlberg. He's very German, and very uncaring of what he says. We had fun though, and we sat and watched him tell stories and play the accordion. He drove us around on the golf cart and we saw a wild hawk.
Then we all went to Myakka River State Park, where we saw deer, squirrels, vultures, alligators, and a wild boar. And my lovely niece Madelyn cried literally every five minutes. My brother Scott babied her, and I finally had enough and put her in time out myself.
Back at the hotel, Dad, Alan, Scott and I drank a bottle of rum and called Italian delivery, and my Dad knew the driver.
Also, this is the day I didn't speak to Alan for an hour because he's a jerk sometimes. I'm the black sheep of the family because I vote Democrat.

Sunday: We all headed over to see Grandpa Suggs again, and then Aunt Dale, and we had a pretty pleasant visit with each. We tried to find a bar with NFL Sunday ticket, but all we saw was Hooters, and that doesn't work with 2 little girls, so we had lunch real quick at Hops Restaurant and watched football in the hotel room. Tampa Bay lost :(. Dad, Scott, and I took the girls to the beach in Longboat Key, and then back to the hotel room, where we got ready and all went the the Crab Trap, some seafood place they all love.

Monday: We got up Butt-Ass early at 4:15 and headed home to NC. The drive was mostly pleasant with the exception of the last 2 hours when Alan was listening very loudly to Rush Limbaugh. I almost went deaf from having my ipod turned up so loud.

I got home around 6 and hugged Jared for a very long time.

So anyways, to sum up: it was hot (85 degrees!) and fun-ish. At least it wasn't June or July (like both Florida trips last year).

Now I need to catch up on a lot of sleep, but it's not going to happen this weekend (App football, party in Greensboro) or the next weekend (Atlanta with the Bonks).

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