Monday, October 20, 2008

What Have I Been Up To?

Last week was the usual sputter when the exception that I had to GPS three days instead of the usual two. And it just happened to be the hottest week in October. *yay* But I survived somehow and even managed to score a first place trivia win on Wednesday night thanks to Jared, Stephen, Tyson and his cousin Kevin. I freakin’ love trivia, I’ve decided. Too bad I’m not smart enough to go on Jeopardy…. Yet…

I had a darn gravy weekend since Appalachian squeaked a sweet win over Georgia Southern (who we lost to last year). And last night my Buccaneers beat the pants off of Seattle, which was also quite sweet. Only thing that sucked was my fantasy team. My only chance for winning is if Jay Cutler throws for 5 touchdowns tonight. Which could happen, you never know.

This weekend I’ll be in Florida visiting my Grandpas. I only have the 2 grandparents left, except for a step-grandmother. My brother Alan might be going to Iraq in the next few months (*yay*) so he wants to go see our grandfathers again, just in case. My Grandpa Suggs is in a nursing home in Sarasota, and is apparently not doing so well. Alzheimer’s is .. well.. awful.

It will be a pleasant trip though, hopefully. I’ll be there with my dad, my two brothers, and two of my nieces, Elora and Madelyn. I hope to have lots of pictures to show you when I get back!

*****EDITED TO INCLUDE*** Yesterday I also had a freaking awesome time in Boone with Katie. We went shoe shopping, and then to Macado's for a yummy lunch and then to the Library (bar, not books) to watch the Panthers game with Marie!


Katie Bonk said...

Boone was a lot of fun too!!

Joan said...

I can relate. My granny will be 100 October 28. We will miss you Saturday.

Sam said...

You should totally come play trivia here sometime. Of course, it's on wednesday nights, so that might be kind of hard logistically, hahaha.

It seems like me and my friends always show up late, yet still end up in the top 3. If we showed up on time and played every round, I'm sure we'd win pretty often.

How is it that when we first met, neither of us were into trivia or karaoke, yet here we are like 4 years later and both of us are doing both things? ahahaha.

Sometimes I think we were seperated at birth... of course, ignoring the fact that we look nothing alike. =P