Monday, November 09, 2009

The Wad Update

So, you know what's amazing? The incredible difference a new veterinarian makes. Meatwad has gone to the same vet since I brought him home 3.5 years ago. Things seemed to be okay, but I got a strange instinct that maybe it was time to switch to somewhere else. I mean, he went the three times since July with the same problem (not being able to pee, kidney sand). Each time he went, he was there for almost a week, and when I brought him home it took several weeks before he seemed to be back to normal. I just figured that's how it is. But I decided if he got sick again, I'd try a new Vet, just for kicks. Plus, my vet has a HUGE sign that says "ABSOLUTELY NO CREDIT". And, since Meatwad's three previous vet visits had pretty much wiped out my savings and maxed out my credit card, I knew I would need to find a vet with credit anyways.

So of course, last week, Meatwad got sick again. There is nothing worse than seeing your child in pain (and yes, I know he's a cat, I can't imagine how much worse it will be it is my actual child). On Wednesday I called a new vet which offers care through the CareCredit program. So, I took Meatwad in.

And just two days later, on Friday, I got to bring him home. Sure, this new vet cost a little bit more, but they let me pay it in payments, not all at once. And they gave me some free food. As soon as they brought him out, I stuck my finger in the cat-carrier door to rub him and he was ALL OVER my finger. So loving, which is unlike him. And all Friday night? Sweet, kind, loving. Of course, that could be the kitty Valium.

The point is, he seems to be okay, and back to normal. This is huge to me! I mean, I hope I'm not jinxing anything by writing this, but I think this time he might actually be good for a while! I hope. Anywho I guess I'll find out.

Look at this sweet boy:
my first born.


Carmen said...

Yay for credit! Yay for new vets! That last vet pretty much told me she didn't like Meatwad, so I'm thinking a change of scenery is good. Miss you, lovey dove!

Alisa said...

So glad to hear it! Poor Meatywad. Hope this time he's better for good.

DOOMer77 said...

Hooray for kitty feeling better! -B

Marie said...

Did the new vet do anything differently or diagnose him differently. I'm so happy. He is a handsome Meatwad.

Allison said...

Carmen- that was part of the reason I wanted to switch.

Marie- I didn't think so when she showed me the bill but I guess something must have been different.

Lovey said...

I hope he's on the mend! Did the new vet give you any options or advice to take care of the problem permanently?

Allison said...

Yes, the new vet (and the old one) said I could get surgery for him that would basically change him into a female. But that's not cheap. not at all.