Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Stomach Flu

No, not me, just everyone else in the blogging world.  I keep reading about people getting the bug and their whole families.  I know there's horribleness going on in Haiti, but I am also concerned for my friends who have the bug.  I am trying to be super super super careful at the gym with washing my hands and making sure I don't touch my face.   Of course, I don't get sick very often anyways (my body is failing me in other ways- teeth, toes, etc.). 

In other news, both my work phone and personal phone were replaced last week.  The work phone was intentional.   The Blackberry 8330 that I was originally given was a certified POS.   I finally got around to going to Verizon and they sent me a replacement, which seems to be a million times better. 

On Friday, Jared and I had date night.  I remember having my personal phone right before I got in the shower, and then not having it by the time I was sitting in the restaurant.  I figured, hey, I left it at home.  We went on with our night and went to the movies (Avatar 3D).   When we finally got home around 11:15, I started looking for my phone.  And looking, and looking.  I called it, and called it, and called it.  Then I walked around listening for the beep that means I missed a call.  Then I tore my whole house apart looking for it.  Then I called the restaurant where we ate, and they said I'd be better off calling in the morning (they don't close til 2 am).  Then I drove back to the restaurant to look around the parking lot, which was difficult since the lot was still full.  I drove to the movie theater, looked around the lot, and then went in looking in the theater and all under the seats.  No Dice.  I gave up and went home.

The next morning I looked around the house some more, then called back to the restaurant again and finally, they said they have my phone! Rejoice!  Except, when I got there, the screen wasn't working.   Apparently, I didn't do a thorough enough job looking in the parking lot because it appeared to have been run over by a car. *sigh*.

So, I went to Verizon just in case..  And guess what?! Apparently, I bought an extended warranty on this phone! I NEVER do that (too cheap).  But good call on my part because they replaced it right then and there for free!  Of course, I didn't exactly say "someone ran over it".  I merely stated that "the screen stopped working".   The real downside is my microSD card broke, so I lost all of my pictures and videos.  But hey, live and learn. 

Bonus for the weekend: Got to see my Dad, who came down to see me on Saturday, and got to hang out with a bunch of my friends on Sunday to "watch" football- well, more like talk wedding stuff with Katie!!

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