Friday, January 22, 2010


Tonight I'm going to see Jason Castro live in Charlotte! Whee!!  Too bad I'm totally lacking in the energy.   I'm hoping he goes on first so that I can get home fairly early.  I could really use the sleep.

Tomorrow Katie and Daniel and I are going to Boone to see Appalachian play against Western Carolina in basketball.  Should be a good time, especially since we're going to eat the deliciousness at Boone Saloon.

Sunday Carmen and I are going to my first ever Bridal show in Hickory!!  I'm super super excited about this because I get to really get into being a bride!!  It'll also be good to try out some wedding cake samples.  And maybe win a prize? Probably not since I have el terrible luck with that sort of thing, but maybe Carmen's luckier than me.

Here's hoping I still end up getting some rest this weekend!

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