Friday, March 26, 2010

Day off

Saturday is my sole "day off" this week.  What should I do?
Unfortunately, Jared is working all day :(  I am working all day today, which is his sole day off.

Options for day off:

A) NOTHING.  This seems to be the one I'm leaning towards, but I have soooo much I need to do.

B) Go shopping. I have no real money (all my Outback money goes to wedding) but I need some new pants, pronto! They are all are too big! :)

C) Go to Gym.  Hmmm.. maybe if I get up early *snort*

D) Clean.  Ha!

E) Go to Mom's house.   She invited me down for girls' night with my nieces (Elora and Madelyn) and her friend Janet.  I haven't been down there since Christmas Eve, maybe I need to be doing this.. but..

F) Hang out with Carmen, if she's home. I miss Carmen, having not been able to go to trivia for two weeks now due to working.  Maybe I can convince her to go with me to my Mom's house for a few hours Saturday night. 

P.S. I created a pseudo-finished wedding website here: HERE!!


Joan said...

My suggestion: sleep in then go to the gym then hang out with Carmen.

Carmen said...

Glad we did get to hang out!!