Monday, March 01, 2010

Guess What Comes Out Friday!!!

Johnny Depp in 3D!!  Or, in other words, Alice in Wonderland!  Who's excited? Me.  
In other news, I got a part time job.  At Outback.  I am super excited.  I've always loved their food.  In college, it was a special treat to make the drive to Blowing Rock for Outback once in a while.  It was a tradition for Carmen and I.  Anytime our parents came to town, we said "take us to Outback!".  My family even took me there for my graduation dinner.   And now? I get to work there.  And eat with a discount (there AND Carraba's).   This is a good thing people!  Now, if I can just save up enough to have the lavish, extravagant wedding I dream of.


Stephen said...

Whoa whoa whoa. Hold up.
Discount at Carrabas? Daaaammmnnnn.

Zellenradschleusen said...


cant wait to watch the film!! love tim burtons films i think everyone is a litt artwork.