Tuesday, September 20, 2005

digital digital get down

so here's a big surprise: the brush is starting to seriously blow. haha. friday two people were fired, including my favorite flirt buddy at the brush.. but now he's gone so the brush is boring as shit. saturday another server was fired. so of course i was asked to work all day on sunday. on football day. this seriously blows. as if that wasn't enough, today (tuesday) my first day off in forever, the manager called to ask if i could come in tonight and work, since they now only had 2 people to work. Crikey. i told her i would think about it and call her back. but honestly, i already feel like dying. so that's gonna be a no.
well, one good thing is that dustin (who has decided to wait until january to go to the army (YAY!!!)) is possibly coming back to work at sagebrush. at least that would be great cause i'd actually get to see the boy once in a blue moon. woohoo!
i'm ready to go back to sleep now. i'm already getting burnt out on the brush.. is that bad?
fuck it.

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Katie said...

Nope- it's not bad, it's obvious. We knew that was going to happen to you. Do you REALLY need an extra job? We missed you soooo much last Sunday! I'm glad you told them NO yesterday. Hang in there.