Wednesday, September 07, 2005

pretty damn good weekend

well what can i say, i live a pretty lucky life.. granted, i have to work 2 jobs to stay afloat, but hey, i have great friends, and i'm happy with my life.. friday night was pretty awesome.. work kinda sucked a little cause one of my tables stiffed me on a tip. but that happens. some people just suck for no reason whatsoever.

doesn't matter cause after work i went to play poker with carmen and sattercrunk, brian, and dustin. i lost of course, but this due to the fact that i didn't want to be up all night and at a certain point i just gave up and decided to go all in with a king and seven. i would have won too, since another seven came up, but then a six came up (on the river of course) which made carmen's pocket six's a nice 3 of a kind. whore. at least she gave me five dolla back. that rocked. and then i went home...... and eventually went to sleep.

saturday i got 2 wow cards at work because i fucking rock.. wow cards are given to employees at the brush who show extra enthusiasm and are awesome.. yep. and then after work i went to el paso with daniel and katie and drank a big ass beer.

which led to a kick ass day on sunday, when katie, daniel, and i drove up to boone for the day. we went hiking on the parkway, took some pictures. then to howard's knob to see the lovely boone from up high. and to mellow mushroom again, where i had the greatest sandwich in the world AGAIN. except they fucked up and put mushrooms on it the first time. ew. so i told them i was allergic and they made me a new one. kick ass.

beer, and good times always happen with the bugs. went back down the mountain after picking up some free milkshakes from arby's (i have connections). and to the bug house for MORE BEER!

good times. and then monday it was back to the grind.. partly anyways.. the brush...
which was fine until i got FIVE tables at the same time. I am new. this is a lot for a girl to handle when she is new.. i even messed up and forgot to put in an appetizer order until after i'd already put in their food order. the manager had to give it to them for free. but apparently i impressed tim, since i stayed calm or something, because he gave ANOTHER wow card. i kick ass.
finished the fifth harry potter book and am 1/3 of the way through the sixth. she better publish the seventh one in the next week or i'm gonna be PISSED. ha.


Anonymous said...

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Katie said...

Hey- lookey there- you got some spam... "Great site!" What a dork.

It was an AWESOME weekend. Perfect weather too. We'll definitely go back to Boone again very soon! I blogged your buttafly pic too- it's my favorite!