Thursday, September 01, 2005


ok i'll get it out of the way, hickory is going to run out of gas.. i'm not just saying that...they really are. but you know what, i'm not gonna panic. i filled up last night. it'll last me about a week if i don't go anywhere. i'm not gonna panic. i'm not gonna let it get me down. even if we do run out, we'll have more in a week. and if we don't? i guess i won't be going to work... nobody else will be there either, so no harm no foul. i'm not afraid of paying high gas prices.. nothing to be done about that..
i donated 20 bucks to the american red cross this morning... i know it's not much, but i figure if a whole lot of people donate 20 bucks, that's at least something.

in other news: NORTH CAROLINA IS GETTING A LOTTERY!!! this makes allison muy happy as i'm tired of having to wait for oppurtunities to go to south carolina to get a powerball ticket. they have taken a lot of my money. i know that the lottery is really a waste of time, and i won't win. but hey, it contributes to the public education system, doesn't it? so ha! all yall skeptics out there who won't be gettin any of my winnings. ha!

first thing i'm gonna buy with my winnings? EDUCATION. (pay off my student loans). therefore, this lottery is a great thing. Easley is the shit. i don't care what anyone says.

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Katie said...

Yeah, that whole gas thing has me a little worried. I'm trying to talk Daniel out of our trip to Saluda, SC this weekend. I hope that he will realize the severity of the situation.
Yay Lottery!!! I thought of you when I heard that it passed the other day. Hopefully all of the money will go towards education.
Who's the picture of?

Allison said...
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Allison said...

dustin. he came over the other night and we went out to "El Tapatio", which is actually a pretty damn good mexican restaurant on 127. Not quite as good as "El Paso", but it'll do nicely as a backup. anyways i'm not really sure if he even knew i was taking his picture with my phone :).
oh yea and you should definitely go to saluda. don't let this "crisis" get in the way of your life.. and if you run out of gas and there's nowhere to go. at least you'll have each other.